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if you know a word you think should be in a dictionary but isn’t, submit it and we’ll add it to ours (maybe). if you know a real word you think would fit in, submit it and see what happens. who knows? submit as many words as you like. just make sure they meet our fuddy-duddy guidelines.  

not only do you have carte blanche to roll your own words, mini-essays or entries that tell a story are welcome. here’s a recent vignette.

all you have to do is fill out the form below and click on «submit a word».


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all words, descriptions, and examples are to meet the following criteria. they can’t be

  • racist, sexist, or hateful.
  • overly graphic or descriptive of sex acts.
  • drug slang, or related to drugs in any way.
  • genital slang or related to bodily (toilet) functions.

since this is primarily a slang site, we’re pretty lax in terms of grammar and spelling; however, if we can’t tell what a word means or how to use it, we won’t add it. (nota bené: we convert submittals to fowler language before they are added.)

show us you can muster the energy to reach the shift key. text in all lowercase is hard for us to read; text in all uppercase will be rejected.

if your invented word doesn't immediately catch on, keep your chin up. remember, "to deliberately invent a new word, without some foregoing suggestion or basis, and get it adopted, is one of the rarest events in the world, even in america, where men are continually attempting it." that's just as true now as it was when it appeared in a dictionary of slang, jargon & cant in 1889.

make us smile. if you do, we relax the guidelines. make us laugh — you’re in.

  • submit only words that are in the public domain.
  • don’t include a url in your description or example.
  • names of your friends or enemies will not be accepted.
  • be creative. you’ll know if a word is worth adding or not.
  • don’t submit words that are “chat room” spellings of existing words.
  • an existing word? cool, if it’s really great. or if you have a special twist.
  • give a clear description of your word. show how to use it in an example.

include your e-mail address with your entry so we can tell you when your word is accepted. except for a request for permission to use a created word, we will not share your e-mail address with any third party unless required to by law.

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