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ziing - Zing with an extra letter added to give it extra "zing."

e.g., Animations may give your site ziing, but they can be a pain in the ass, too.

submitted by Steven Olsen

zikrun - (zick-ROON; n.) The things worth fighting (and dying) to defend. (From the Hebrew_zikrun_"memory.") [This word comes from a story in the Book of Mormon, about a general facing a tyrant turncoat who seeks to overthrow his former nation. The general, a man named Moroni, tears his coat (an ancient Hebrew custom betokening grief or calamity) and writes on it a list of the things he has sworn to God to protect: "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, our peace, our wives, and our children." He then fastens the torn coat to a pole and uses it as a banner in the inevitable war. One rabbi translated the passage "Zikru(n) et Eloheynu v'et toratnu v'et hufshatnu v'et shlomenu v'et nasheynu v'et vaneynu." The Hebrew verb Zikru is the masculine plural imperative "remember!"]

e.g., The zikrun---God, freedom of religion, peace, and family---are what give our lives meaning. It is worth fighting and dying to protect. This is what the greatest generation fought for in WWII, and what, sadly, many Americans today have forgotten or even abandoned.

submitted by scott ellsworth

zilch - not a damn thing

e.g., 1) Whats up? 2) Zilch

submitted by zilch

zilla - Suffix that denotes the biggest, baddest version of a thing.

e.g., My new Hummer is car-zilla.

submitted by Gene | [K. Fuller]

zima queen - Cheesy girls who often look as if they stepped out of a Friends episode. Prefer the taste of Zima. Often belong to a sorority.

e.g., Look, Chaz, here come the Zima Queens.

submitted by David Willems

zimpf - 1. That metaphysical property of elastic which, when depleted, causes your underwear to fall down. 2. More generally, a quality of mind containing vast quantities of expansive energy for imagination, curiosity and tolerance for ambiguity, persistence and problem solving.

e.g., 1. Once Florence found herself repeatedly tugging at the uncomfortable, downward, slithering ripple of pantyhose that once pleasantly reassured her waist and hips with its gravity-defying snugness, she knew the garment had lost its zimpf. 2.While Arnold was diligent and persevered for years in his quest to prove that endless amounts of carbon-free energy could be released and captured by placing a 32 degree Bud-Lite covered with L.A Looks Activity Proof Power Gel in a microwave on full power for 10-15 minutes at the bottom of an abandoned Minuteman silo packed with depleted Duracell AA batteries, he made little progress, lacking the genuine zimpf of the giants on whose shoulders he thought he was standing.

submitted by Kittlybender

zinc - The sink.

e.g., Just throw the dirty dishes in the zinc.

submitted by taylorpup

zing - A good verbal shot or insult, or retort to a stupid remark. | Zing is what makes something better than it was before the zing was added. Zing is what spice is to a meatball -- it just makes it that little bit better.

e.g., Don't worry about Chris. Not a chance that he'll zing you. Of course, he may hit you or have you beat up. You do realize that a lot of his cronies are out there. | Well, actually, I was looking someone with zing.

submitted by Mike | Mark - (www)

zing zang zoom - 1. Immediate conversion of potential energy. 2. Instant hope for sexual connection. 3. Follow-through on 2 -- the best romance ever. (I don't know how you separate meanings and entries.)

e.g., 1. They made the decision to move -- and zing zang zoom, "Goodbye Chicago." 2. She looked over and he felt the zing zang zoom from across the room. 3. Yeah, but my first boyfriend ... that was zing zang zoom.

submitted by Susan Beyer - (www)

zip plus four - Berserk to the extreme. Since 1986 or so when a postal worker went berserk in Enid, OK, "postal" has meant "berserk." Zip plus four is an escalation. Hyperbole for "postal." If you use "postal" to mean "berserk" around USPS workers, you may get an intense reaction.

e.g., Chris went zip plus four on us. Had to put him down with a tranquilizer dart.

submitted by HD Fowler

zip-zero - Nothing = reward you can get for hard labor and loyalty.

e.g., After 25 years of successfully supporting all, his reward was zip-zero and many libels and slanders.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

zipped - Said of someone who won't give information about a particular subject.

e.g., She's zipped about the secret.

submitted by Tram-Anh

zipperhead - An ignorant, close-minded person.

e.g., That zipperhead still thinks the earth is flat, women shouldn't vote -- and heck, he still thinks Clinton was a great President. (As with life in general, timing is everything. Clinton was the beneficiary of dramatic increases in productivity that occurred during his Presidency . . . and with which he had nothing to do.)

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

zippy - 1. Okay or perfect. 2. Quick or fast.

e.g., 1. You say, "Hey guys!" They say, "Sup man┬┐" You be like, "Nothin' much, everything's zippy." 2. You say, "Yeah, my Viper's in the shop. Once it gets out it should be more zippy."

submitted by Kevin Student

zirc - (n.) 1. a cubic zirconium. often used as a replacement for a diamond; 2. fake (though not fake-looking) jewelry; 3. a really good copy, facsimile, or forgery; 4. false beauty; 5. the pretense of having feelings for someone(aka string [someone] along, play with [someone's] heart, and so forth). (v.) 6. to offer something false as real; 7. to offer or to give [someone] a discount; 8. to make a [really good] copy.

e.g., "Wow! Is that a real emerald?" "Yes, that one is. It belonged to Helen Hayes. These others are just zirc." | "What's her problem?" "Well, Jack zircked her along for, what, two years? And then dumped her. She's too good for him by miles." | "$7000?! That's way too much." "Okay, look, I can zirc it down some: how does $5500 sound?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zircon - A girl that's pretty enough to date but you can't get serious about, as in worthy of a cubic zirconia but not a diamond.

e.g., Cheri's sweet, but that hyena laugh makes her a zircon.

submitted by Gucky - (www)

zirkle - Weird, unique, different, in a good way. Opposite: zorkle.

e.g., That's surely a zirkle outfit you're wearing.

submitted by chak Pawsin

zitgeist - A blemish, such as a pimple, that erupts on the skin within a day or so of a much-anticipated party or first date. Believed related to "poltergeist."

e.g., Dear diary: 6.30 a.m. Tonight's the big one. Vanessa *finally* agreed to go out with me. Naturally, I have a zitgeist the size of Mt. St. Helens. This will be my last entry. Goodbye, old friend.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

zithel - To mess around with people, to trick, to confuse.

e.g., Jenna planned to zithel with Meghan's head when she placed boxers on the side of her bed.

submitted by Chrystal

zither - An instrument used by dermatologists in the treatment of acne.

e.g., Jane's blemishes were pretty bad, and her skin doctor had to use his zither on her.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

zitizens - Teenage citizens.

e.g., Is the jury still out on whether or not it was a good idea to extend the right to vote to zitizens? What a concept -- major political officeholders determined by pimple-faced teenagers. God help US.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zizz - N. A short sleep attack. V. to take a nap without going to bed.

e.g., Go take a zizz--you're not making sense. I was up all night so I zizzed at the monitor at work.

submitted by Jace

zizzy ballooba - Extremely disorienting alcoholic drink.

e.g., I have a terrible hangover. Had too many Zizzy Balloobas last night.

submitted by The Icon

zlandaloids - The little lines of flesh on your upper lip under your nose.

e.g., The snot running from his nose was directed into his mouth by his zlandaloids.

submitted by Ken

zoa - (rhymes with 'boa'; n.) 1. Animal angels. (v.) 2. To invite someone to "come and see" something. [from the angelic beasts in the Revelation of John, called in Greek 'zoas' (technically 'zoai').]

e.g., When I saw that seagull---it had to be a zoa---I knew I'd found land.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zofwiur - Pronounced "zofwiur." My friend Mike and I concocted this word as we played Scrabble at 4 am. We had 7 letters, so we put them down and made "zofwiur." Zofwiur is yet another word for good, cool, sweet, and even dude. Zofwiur means something's really awesome, and it's an expression of surprise, happiness, or when you like something.

e.g., Zofwiur, where's my car?

submitted by Matt Cupps

zoggie - An unemployed person who frequents Cafe Zog in Providence, RI. Typical behaviors include begging for spare change and cigarettes, drinking expensive coffee or Popov vodka, and singing loudly.

e.g., Shut up, zoggies! I've had enough of your singing for one day.

submitted by Allan Hazlett

zoidberging - 1. To have no knowledge of the human anatomy. 2. Having the sudden impulse to eat the last of the anchovies in existence.

e.g., Hide the anchovies. He's zoidberging again.

submitted by Barry - (www)

zoilism - Existing, but uncommon word: hypercriticism: "From Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License: n. nagging or carping criticism." | "From the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English: n. Resemblance to Zoilus in style or manner; carping criticism; detraction. | "From The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: n. Criticism like that of Zoilus; illiberal or carping criticism; unjust censure."

e.g., You're welcome to be critical of the PseudoDictionary and its lexicon entries -- as long as you're reasonable in your criticism. Zoilism is not appropriate for an effort that amounts to a lark. Capisce? (Bear in mind, too, what the estimable Michael Quinion wrote in his newsletter, "[B]itter and carping criticism by envious hacks has not yet vanished from the world.") | Biologist Joseph Dalton Hooker (?), quoted in Michael Quinion's Newsletter: "If I were to do more than hint at their hydrophobic habits, their pulicidal, pulicivorous, and even phtheirophagous propensities, I should call down, not undeservedly, the Zoilism of our correspondents."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zoinks - Universal sound of surprise, as popularized by Shaggy.

e.g., Zoinks! It's the one-legged zombie again!

submitted by Sin - (www)

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