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zenbu - (n.) everything (literally (as in 'the whole of the Cosmos') or figuratively (as in 'how's everything?))

e.g., "Zenbu?" "Yep. This is everything. We're ready to go." | "You know, if you stare up into the stars long enough, you realize there's just too much zenbu."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zeng - Good or excellent. From Wanye's World.

e.g., How was last night? Zeng.

submitted by Bill

zeno's paradox - To draw out something to make it last, as the tale whereby a runner proceeds half a distance infinitely, never reaching his destination.

e.g., The cheesecake was so good that she forced herself to Zeno's Paradox it.

submitted by Ventrithor

zenocrastiphobia - The unbased fear that someone out there is procrastinating better than you.

e.g., I tried to tell my psychologist about my Zenocrastiphobia, but he just told me he'd talk to me later.

submitted by John L Myers

zenophobia - A morbid fear of any kind of ancient oriental relaxation technique.

e.g., Dave was really stressed so he planned a session of sand-garden raking. When he got to the building, he was so terrified he wouldn't go in. Turns out he had Zenophobia.

submitted by L. Gillies

zentropic - The state of someone who has a shallow understanding of Zen, and uses it to excuse the fact that she does absolutely nothing, on the basis that she is in tune with the Tao.

e.g., Jim smokes marijuana every day, and he sits at home "contemplating the universe." He's so zentropic he hasn't left the house in months. | He fixed me with his best "calm pond" look, the zentropic bastard.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

zentropy - A measure of the disorder or randomness of all matter, energy, and thought in the face of intuition or meditation.

e.g., That last moment of waking thought just before falling asleep is a state of pure zentropy.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

zeppeled - To move like a zeppelin.

e.g., Barrison has zeppeled to his shop.

submitted by Matthew Colwell

zeppster - An avid or devout fan of the band Led Zeppelin.

e.g., Wally's a real zeppster.

submitted by Adam Pearson

zerbit - To blow a raspberry with your lips pressed against someone else's skin -- typically her stomach. The intention is to cause ticklish squirming. (Not my word, I believe this one has entered the vernacular but I noticed that it wasn't in your dictionary yet.) (ED. This may be a variation of The Cosby Show's "zerbert" -- pronounced "zrrbrrt.")

e.g., "Her zerbit was so forceful, I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe." "He seemed unusually depressed but a good zerbit cheered him up instantly."

submitted by Amanda Penrose - (www)

zerg rush - To charge your forces at an opposing side in great numbers without any real battle strategy. From the game Starcraft where the Zergs did this.

e.g., We need no tactics ... Zerg Rush.

submitted by Hat-Kun

zerix - High point, middle, peak.

e.g., He was at the zerix of his career, writing one successful book after another.

submitted by Phatman

zerm - A guy who can wiggle into a rugby pile-up and get the ball.

e.g., The two teams were deadlocked over possession until our zerm wiggled in.

submitted by Ty Evans

zero-two-early - Military slang. Refers to an activity scheduled for way too early in the morning.

e.g., We're SPing at zero-two-early tomorrow, so I'll have to get back early.

submitted by KFoo

zerogamous - Single. Celibate. Preferring one's own company to the terrible compromises of relationships.

e.g., "So, are you single?" "Better than that, for the last 5 years I've been happily zerogamous."

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

zeroine - A female anti-hero, or a female loser of heroic proportions.

e.g., When she was kicked out of school for the third time, she became my zeroine.

submitted by Danielle Thys

zerophobia - I have what amounts to zerophobia, a fear of .0 software releases. I try to avoid them. I'm willing to wait a while for a .1 release that corrects the bugs in the initial release, the one that introduced new functionality.

e.g., No, I won't be switching to Windows 10 as soon as it comes out. I have zerophobia. I'll wait until I'm forced to switch. Hold a gun to my head? I'd switch.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zerovelopy - Inspecting a cash envelope that was sent to you at a drive-up bank -- or the third time after you already removed the right amount. Kind of like dropping an envelope in a mail box and double checking that it really, really fell all the way down.

e.g., The jerk in the Yugo held up the bank drive-through lane with zerovelopy.

submitted by Mark C

zervilsmirch - The moment just when you're closing the locked door with the keys on the other side | handing the check to the cashier with your goods already bagged and remembering you forgot to get. . . . | landing in Honolulu realizing you left your dog in the house with no food in Shreveport | and so on.

e.g., It just ticks me off when I get to the job site all Smilin' Steve 'cause it's quicky cash outta town painting and, pulling in the drive 30 minutes from home --zervilsmirch -- I left the customers keys at the house. Ugh.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zetadonic - Something strange, unexplainable -- can also describe a psychical state where fear and confusion are mixed.

e.g., The noise from the graveyard was zetadonic. The prophet had a zetadonic vision of the future events.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

zhavric - "Zhavric" is a slang term, used on the Internet, to refer to a user whp has lost all touch with common sense. Even when faced with simple common sense, a "Zhavric" will ignore the common sense and point out grammar mistakes, syntax errors, semantic arguments, or logical fallacies.

e.g., Tom: God doesn't exist. Anyone who thinks God exists is clearly an idiot. I mean there's no evidence and without evidence, the answer is clearly an indisputable false. Bob: No evidence means "unknown," not "false." Don't be a zhavric.

submitted by Aztune

zhuzhi - Family filler word for any small electronic device -- e.g., calculator or remote.

e.g., Trying to ask for TV remote: "Please hand me the zhuzhi."

submitted by Robert Arvanitis

zibba - A word that is used to describe a hot chick.

e.g., Hey! Check out that zibba.

submitted by Philip Baur

zifflenook - Used to tell someone you caught her checking someone out.

e.g., "Zifflenook," said Tom.

submitted by alex clark

zig - ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. What you say? For Great Justice. Launch all ZIG.

e.g., How are you, gentlemen? All your base are belong to us! You have no chance to survive make your time. MOVE ZIG!

submitted by Spoonboy brown - (www)

zig-sag - The slowing down of reaction time when senses are impaired or as one grows older.

e.g., The automobile accident happened because Milo tried to zig-sag around the opening car door.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

zigg - A cigarette, corruption of the Berman word "zigarette."

e.g., Mike, can can I bum a zigg off you?

submitted by Steve

zigguraggerate - To wildly exaggerate.

e.g., Oh, boy, the Mandelbrot really is God; that's no zigguraggeration.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

zihlavskitis - Mental and social degeneration thru isolatericostudiousity of subject matter irrelevant to anything.

e.g., I think I might have a case of Zihlavskitis.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zihlavskium - An as yet undiscovered proposed element composed only of dark matter.

e.g., Zihlavskium is a key ingredient of axonite (which see), but is more notable for its ability to remain undiscovered.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

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