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z'it - To wipe clean or re-format a computer's hard drive.

e.g., Jack: My computer's not responding. Jock: Just z'it.

submitted by Steve "Z"

z-monster - Tiredness so excessive you can't keep your eyes open

e.g., That Z-Monster is beatin' me down.

submitted by Charles

za - The proper show for "pizza."

e.g., Martha and I went out and grabbed some za.

submitted by John A.T. Slaughter

za and ga - Pizza and garlic bread.

e.g., "Are you up for some Za n Ga tonight?" "Za rocks my world."

submitted by The Ooze - (www)

zaaa - Wazzaaap. Used when one is very tired.

e.g., Stephen: Hey, Rich. Richard: Zaaa?

submitted by Richard

zack morris phone - A cellular phone whose bulky size and cumbersome appearance makes it archaic and obsolete now. (ED. Does the «now» seem redundant, superfluous? Think it over. There's a chance such phones will become a fad in the future -- everyone will simply have to have a Zoom Phone. Would that mean they were no longer obsolete? Inquiring minds want to know. . . . So, here's the answer: According to more than one meaning of the word «obsolete», yes, they will no longer be obsolete.)

e.g., Elizabeth was embarrassed by her oversized zack morris phone. She never brought it along when she went out.

submitted by patrick edwards - (www)

zackly - Used as a substitute for the word "exactly." It's pronounced the way it's written.

e.g., Works zackly like you said it would.

submitted by James Mohrenberger

zackry - Exactly. (See "Ed Zackry Disease" on a joke site.)

e.g., Whoa. Bob's breath smells zackry like crap.

submitted by whiplash

zacli - In future conservation of space, and time, and effort, will result in shorter more efficient forms, as "zacli" is logical shortening of "exactly," you will agree

e.g., Sumdae we xuod se a simplifikaexin uv Ingglix speliq i wuod thiqk, dho not zacli liek dhis.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

zacrelady - A zacrelady is usually a posh middle-aged woman who owns many acres of land -- and maybe a castle in Scotland. The z comes from the fact that these woman usually wear expensive zebra-pattern clothes.

e.g., Oh, look at Mrs Raven over there. Were you aware that she's a zacrelady?

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

zacthrode - The exact microsecond a new synaptic connection is formed.

e.g., I can feel it everytime a zacthrode occurs in my head.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zag - Expression of alarm, appreciation, or disgust.

e.g., Zag! I never seen so much meat in one place.

submitted by ryan

zagleys, the - Rancidly horrible morning breath or bad breath in general. For times when your mouth smells ex-zagley like your asshole.

e.g., Aww, Joe Bob's got the zagleys goin'. I almost gagged when he talked to me.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

zagonormous - An adjective used to describe the surprisingly great size of something. Greater than ginormous.

e.g., Thanks to my girlfriend, I was furious when I saw the zagonormous dent in the side of my car.

submitted by Daniel Scheu

zaiesque - Reminiscent of the appearance or character of Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

e.g., Her sublime head of red hair was exotically zaiesque.

submitted by Mike Prerau

zam - To record music, movies, and television shows with an electronic device such as a CD writer, tape recorder, or VCR.

e.g., Sammy has a perfect zam of the Kinks on Saturday Night Live from years ago.

submitted by neff

zambonify - (v.) 1. To smooth frosting or filling atop a cake or pie; 2. to smooth anything: bedsheets, crumpled paper, mashed potatoes; 3. to smooth over an argument or disagreement. (From zamboni: the ice-smoothing machine.)

e.g., "Wow, you really zambonified that icing ... looks like you could skate on it." "Yeah, now if I could just zambonify things as well with the boss."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zandar - 1. The fictional planet on which a person is landed during states of extreme intoxication or pleasure. 2. The hypothetical planet on which ludicrous opinions or behaviors are possible and even logical.

e.g., 1. Maggie left me somewhere on Zandar last night. 2. Bob: I think I might get Suzie in the sack tonite. Steve: On Zandar.

submitted by marsh

zaned - To be utterly exhausted.

e.g., I can't continue -- I'm zaned.

submitted by david whittaker

zanzaro - For someone who still can't understand your source code even after reading your excellent comments. Also meaning mosquito in some languages.

e.g., Tony, I can't believe you're being a zanzaro.

submitted by Carlo Mormina - (www)

zanzay - Ugly.

e.g., Anna has a very zanzay attitude.

submitted by Anna

zanzibarian - Bearing a resemblance to the town of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Small and charming, with lots of little cobbled streets between old buildings with huge and ornate doors.

e.g., I loved Damascus; it was so zanzibarian. I spent hours just walking around.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

zapatery - (rhymes with SLAP-uh-dairy; n.) Any living space the floor of which is littered with people's shoes, left lying where they were removed -- e.g., beneath the table, by the back door, hanging on the front door knob, etc. [From the Spanish "zapatería," changed into English pronunciation so as to resemble "cemetery."]

e.g., You don't need roller-skates at the top of staircases to break bones; a good zapatery all over the floor will twist ankles, stumble you into a corner, or crack your skull against a table top.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zapf - To render text meaningless or illegible. Reference to the Zapf Dingbats font found in some word processing software.

e.g., Tom's carefully prepared documents were summarily zapfed by the editorial brilliance of his manager.

submitted by wnpxnff

zapoid - A person, usually a male and often a couch potato, who frequently changes the TV channels by zapping them with the remote control.

e.g., It almost drove Julie crazy when she was listening to a program on the television and her husband, an avid zapoid, would suddenly change the channel in the middle of an interesting story.

submitted by Susanne

zappa-esque - Something that is beyond weird, yet also very witty and satirically biting at the same time. Named after the musician Frank Zappa.

e.g., Have you seen that filmclip by The Ones? It's extremely Zappa-esque.

submitted by Cat Stanley

zappable - To remove a marker from a projector.

e.g., Is this projector zappable?

submitted by Tyler

zaprap - Noise without poise, designed to destroy minds and morals and humanity

e.g., Zaprap is produced and promoted by evil, subversive idiots.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

zarathustra - A complete pile of nonsense, but enunciated so compellingly people will believe it regardless, usually for fear of seeming ignorant.

e.g., Thinking on his feet and following the Microsoft model, John convinced the guys from marketing the bugs in the server code were really "undocumented features." Talk about Zarathustra.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

zarathustration - To feel irritatied or peeved from hearing yet another advertisement use the opening bars of "Thus Spake Zarathustra."

e.g., 2001: A Space Odyssey is more than 30 years old, but ad executives still Zarathusrate us for lack of imagination.

submitted by Paul Hoffman

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