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yayth - A thing imbued with super-awesomeness can also be said to have been "taken to the yayth degree."

e.g., "Well, happy children, to what degree has this pseudodictionary entry taken us? Hm?" "Why, to the yayth degree, Uncle Sandy!"

submitted by Sandy - (www)

Übercrombie - A brand of clothing worn by popular but incredibly stupid faeries. Can also be applied to equally stupid humans.

e.g., Übercrombie makes lots of money.

submitted by The ghost of Jam Master Jay

übersmüth - Something very smooth in a German kinda way.

e.g., Your leiderhosen complement your übersmüth Heineken.

submitted by jett - (www)

yduady - (ee-doo-WA-dee or eed-WA-dee, pejorative comb. of interjection and tag question.) 1. "Nobody's following me, huh?" "You don't get it, do you?" 2. "How can you be so stupid?!" 3. "Himalayan yak dung has a better grasp of this than you have." (Acronym of the phrase 'You Don't Understand Anything, Do You?')

e.g., "Now, what does it say at the top of the screen?" "It doesn't say anything, just 'file,' 'edit,' 'view,' 'hist--'" "No, above that." "There IS nothing above that, just a little logo and . . . oh, the file name. I guess I just didn't get what you meant by the 'top of the screen.'" "Yduady." "What?" "Nothing, glad I could help."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ye gods - Used when you want to call upon multiple deities to express your shock and displeasure at someone's blatant stupidity. Is used regardless of one's personal religious beliefs.

e.g., Ye gods, what was she thinking?

submitted by keyla

yea'no - short for "Yeah I Know"

e.g., Bob:Did you know that your computer is broken? Jack: Yea'no

submitted by Bubba

yeah, no - No. Useful for delivering unpleasant news.

e.g., "Have you finished that report?" "Yeah, no. I haven't."

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

yeah-no - Used when you want to give someone a split second of hope then dash them upon the rocks. The yeah should be said quickly.

e.g., John: "Will you go to the dance with me, Sally"? Sally: "Yeah-no."

submitted by David Craig

yeahnah - Said when either "Yes" or "No" is the appropriate answer. It is up to the listener to determine the meaning from context.

e.g., "Gee, that's bad news." "Yeahnah, its not that bad." OR "Gee, that's bad news." "Yeahnah, it really freaks me out."

submitted by Jason de Nys

yeahness - Anything you look at and say "yeah." Used dismissively, usually of people.

e.g., Then I was stuck on the train with this complete yeahness.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

yeahzactly - A combination of the words "yeah" and "exactly."

e.g., John: Wow? Why did she do that? That was so mean. Em: Yeahzactly, that's why I'm mad at her.

submitted by EmRobin

yeak - Meaningless word used as an acknowledgement when you have nothing further to add, but you want the other person to know you received her message. Useful in e-mail.

e.g., Eddie. I don't feel good today. Teddy. Yeak.

submitted by Uberfragger

yealous - A higher form of jealousy

e.g., I was yealous that he had something that I didnt.

submitted by Tmiller

year twelve - A person or action involving little or no morality or conscience. A generally scummy person.

e.g., Mugging an old lady for boiled sweets? Oh, that is so year twelve.

submitted by Ben Ife

yearog - The layer of yeast found at the bottom of a bottle of home-brewed beer. From the combination of yeast + grog.

e.g., Be careful how you pour that, or you'll get all that yearog in your beer.

submitted by Stefczo!

yeasterday - The day prior to the clearing up of a yeast infection.

e.g., Yeasterday I couldn't be intimate with John, but fortunately today I can.

submitted by Goliath - (www)

yeckh - Onomatopoeia. No, the "h" is not silent. Signifies a feeling of extreme pity toward another--another way of saying, "I'm glad that I'm not in your shoes (unless they're Pumas, freshest shoe ever)." For some reason it appeared out of context in a Batman episode.

e.g., "Yeckh," I said, to indicate my pity for the people who paid to see the movie _Pearl Harbor_. or "YECKH!" (Batman hits the Riddler)

submitted by Jeffrey K

yeff or neff - Yes or no, what is your choice, do you want to or not, would you like some, etc.?

e.g., In the dialect used on the far side of the Moon we say yeff or neff, which means yes or no, of course. Yeff, some people like to live there, and neff, many people like to be able to see Earth in the dark sky.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yeg'm - Or lleg'm. Used to express passive acceptance of imminent danger.

e.g., "Lleg'm," he said, seeing the speed bump that he was approaching, but not slowing down for.

submitted by matthew salernonononono

yeh - Pronounced how it looks. Means the same as "yeah," but is used when you're too lazy or too preoccupied to say the whole word.

e.g., Chris: You ready? Krista (writing): Yeh.

submitted by Krista Jaeger

yeller-belly - One from Lincolnshire, England.

e.g., Of course we talk funny; we're all Yeller-Bellies around 'ere.

submitted by Adam Leslie

yellish - 1. Kind of like a yell only much softer. 2. Hellishly yellow (the most irritating color).

e.g., Don't know how those people can stand it, but I painted them walls yellish anyway.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yello - Used ultimately when answering a phone, or when greeting somebody. First syllable is stressed.

e.g., When Joe and Drew passed each other in the hall they said, "Yello."

submitted by Joe Pizzo (Earl Siebold)

yellochar - The unsightly yellowed stain often found on the fingers of smokers.

e.g., I fear that I'll have to shake his hand. He is riddled with yellochar.

submitted by Scott Bond

yellophone - Telephone.

e.g., I called Nooge on the "yellophone."

submitted by Joe Pizzo (Nooge)

yellow fat - Any class of yellow emulsion commonly spread on bread or toast.

e.g., Please pass the yellow fat, Mother.

submitted by Amara Valde

yellow sugar - In South Africa, this is what we call "light brown sugar."

e.g., Yellow sugar has a distinctive appearance and taste all its own, great in cooking and on cereal.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yellow triangle - Yellow triangle icons can be clicked on some forums to call a post to the attention of a moderator.

e.g., Are you sure you don’t want to yellow triangle this post to flag it for the moderators?

submitted by HD Fowler

yellow triangles - Happy little juxtaposed objects found in strange ways or places. Note: these must not be purchased.

e.g., I found this yellow triangle beneath a bench in front of the mall. Strange finding a cactus plant there.

submitted by Colleen Thompson

yellow-fever - A term used by Asian women for European or other Western men who exclusively pursue Asian women. Frequently used as a warning to other Asian women.

e.g., I don't think he cares about you personally at all; it's just a case of yellow-fever.

submitted by Stephen Mize

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