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yardin - If you have a small garden in the front lawn, that's a yardin. Combined "yard" and "garden."

e.g., Be careful mowing the grass. Don't want you to cut anything in the yardin by mistake.

submitted by A. Huckabee

yardormore - Some that is only attractive from a yard or more away.

e.g., I thought she was hot, but she was only a yardormore.

submitted by ZeroCool

yardrat - Prison inmate. The career choice most high school dropouts make, particularly in Florida. The yardrat is characterized by a crew cut, numerous tattoos, earrings, a positive THC drug test any day of the year, 3 dollars in his pocket, a least one DUI or future DUI, low self-esteem, and a trailer or apartment he shares with other yardrats.

e.g., Did you see that truckload of yardrats drive by?

submitted by Brian McElrath

yardsale - Snow skiing term describing a wipeout.

e.g., To achieve yardsale status you must lose both poles, hat, goggles, both skis, and be in some sort of pain.

submitted by don

yardstick bubblegum - A very dirty male or female.

e.g., Without those huge breasts, she'd definitely be recognized for the yardstick bubblegum she is.

submitted by ap - (www)

yarf - A yawn that suddenly turns into projectile vomiting. Yarfs are almost exclusively associated with infants. The element of suprise with a yarf is such that dumbfounded parents are likely to get splattered in the face and can even be completely splattered if they don't manage to get out of the way.

e.g., My son faked me out last night and yarfed into my shirt pocket.

submitted by Rod Scheck

yargin - The sound made when one sits in a newly a\upholstered leather chair.

e.g., The chair in the showroom made a loud yargin when I sat in it.

submitted by dan zimmerman

yariak - You're absolutely right; I agree completely. Use when the person you're discussing with is stuck on an answer and won't listen to anything you have to say. A dismissal of the discussion. Can also be used in situations of strong agreement.

e.g., Ed: I don't care what they say. No one has ever really landed on the moon. Ted: Yariak. | Art: I'm buying this round. Bart: Yariak.

submitted by Alex Dadant

yark - To talk and talk and talk without end. to babble. | A word of exclamation and approval best used when you see your beautiful new girlfriend in a bikini for the first time. {ED. If your wife is around, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut.}

e.g., That woman over there is just yarking on and on about opera -- it is so annoying. | Yark! You've got what it takes to keep me lookin'.

submitted by mark | Steve McDonald - (www)

yarnhead - Derogatory slang for the now relatively common tendency for goths (mostly female goths, but sometimes effeminate male goths) to wear brightly colored "falls" (fake hair) that looks like massive bundles of yarn. Combined with the overdone makeup and striped leggings or socks, this makes many of them look like clowns.

e.g., That has to be the ugliest, fattest yarnhead I've ever seen. Do you think she makes balloon animals?

submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

yarooh - Yarooh is the opposite of hooray. It is meant for use in depressing or dissapointing situations.

e.g., "I've had a terrible day." "Yarooh, that is sad."

submitted by Elizabeth

yarrrrrr - You, as lifted from the legendary Weebl and Bob cartoons, uttered by Chris, The Ninja Pirate.

e.g., "Did you have a good night out?" "Yarrrrr."

submitted by Xnoybis

yaskme - If you ask me.

e.g., Yaskme, the cult of multiculturism stinks to high heaven. If immigrants don't learn English, how are they going to fully assimilate and become part of the Great American Melting Pot?

submitted by HD Fowler

yat - Yet Another Tome. What I say some of my e-mails become when I get longwinded -- which is often.

e.g., I made a stab at it, then moved on to this e-mail as the easier to reply to -- and it's becoming yet another tome (YAT).

submitted by HD Fowler

yatch - To screw over someone. Named after a former investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers who would only receive work assignments after 6pm. As a noun, a person of a lower class.

e.g., I'm going to yatch my analyst before I leave the office. I got yatched last night by my boss and had to stay late. That guy is my yatch.

submitted by gsb-hitter

yav - "Acronym for Yuppie Assault Vehcile. Used as a derrogatory reference to, or to show extreme dislike towards, an SUV. "

e.g., I can't see the traffic light because there's a huge YAV in my way!

submitted by Adam Pearson

yawfi - Yet Another Word For Idiot.

e.g., Sammi was behaving like a right ... what? I need YAWFI to keep from being repetitious.

submitted by PashionConscious

yawn - Saying the word "yawn" in place of yawning. Used to signify your level of boredness with a situation.

e.g., 1: And now I'll show you my collection of woolen jumpers." 2: "Oh, c'mon! Yawn!"

submitted by James

yawn of sleeplessness - The deep yawns which often come repeatedly when you're lying in bed and, your body is trying to go to sleep but your mind is having none of that. These ordinarily subside once you get back out of bed.

e.g., I just kept still and endured the yawns of sleeplessness for about an hour 'til my brain wound down and, finally, I drifted off.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yawn-arrhea - The cascade effect caused by one person yawning in a crowd, thereby forcing everyone around to yawn in succession.

e.g., Although she knew she shouldn't have, Cheryl yawned during the board meeting, and within 10 minutes yawn-arrhea had set in and everyone had yawned at least once.

submitted by Christo914

yawnable - Not that exciting at all.

e.g., So Bill, . . . that story was rather yawnable, . . . how 'bout sparing me next time?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yawndezvous - A tryst that does not meet expectations.

e.g., After the second yawndezvous with Joe, Nicole decided not to continue the relationship.

submitted by Nonesuch

yawnerific - Of something that makes you yawn. Yawnworthy, yawntastic

e.g., That long drive was so yawnerific. | Egwe had to stay up all night last night and now I'm feeling yawnerific.

submitted by Anna

yawnorama - Filming process blamed for yielding an extremely boring motion picture.

e.g., Tonight's creature feature, Snails and Adventure was filmed in glorious Yawn-o-rama.

submitted by Robert

yawnto - Used when suggesting that you should go and do something.

e.g., Yawnto go on down to the store and grab some grub?

submitted by Joby - (www)

yawp - A battle cry. Used often by certain members of a boarding school in Australia. From Dead Poets Society.

e.g., Eddie: I challenge you to a match. Freddie: Yawp!

submitted by Becky Farrah

yawtonic bomb - Yawn which wipes out anyone within hearing distance, has tendency to leave residual effects, such as prolonged yawning for those in hearing range, as well as secondary yawns by those not in hearing radius of original yawn.

e.g., The party was going great, but then Bill dropped a yawtonic bomb and everyone got tired and went home.

submitted by Charlie

yaya - Used while chatting online to mean yes.

e.g., I was chatting online last night and she asked me if I wanted to go to the movies tomorrow and I responded, "Yaya, I would love to."

submitted by Heather

yayable - An adjective that is used for something that brings joy, happiness, etc.

e.g., When I showed the picture to Ellie and she liked it, I became yayable.

submitted by Marzipan - (www)

yayment - Praising or rejoicing, usually, although not always, involving the word "yay."

e.g., Fred did very well in his exams. Much yayment ensued.

submitted by aideen mc cole - (www)

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