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yunz - it is a from of 'you all', used mostly in Western Pennsylvania with the word 'guys' following in

e.g., Hey, yunz guys, what are you doin'?

submitted by brooke

yuotype - A form of typographical error, made when the left hand and right hand type their letters in the wrong order. Named for the common yuotype of "you," "yuo."

e.g., When computers become so prominent that language is based around them, all words will be replaced by their yuotype forms.

submitted by Phil - (www)

yup - A large quantity, several, many--but no actual amount specified.

e.g., In reply to an enquiry as to how many components you require, one would say "Just give me a yup."

submitted by KAREN

yuppie food stamp - Twenty dollar bill.

e.g., Let me go to the ATM and get a few yuppie food stamps.

submitted by Lee B.

yuppie gunfight - When two or more people reach for their cell phone when one rings. See cellphonic appraisal.

e.g., When Ron, Justin, and Mike heard a cell phone ring, it was a yuppie gunfight to see who could grab his phone first.

submitted by ryan - (www)

yuppie puppy - Children of Young Urban Professionals.

e.g., The couple next door has one Yuppie puppy.

submitted by Donna Carlton

yupster - A combination of a hipster's cultural aesthetic and style crossed with the more upwardly-mobile, individualist inclinations of a yuppie. A good example of a yupster might be someone who works as a paralegal by day, and moonlights attending indie music concerts while ironically sporting a trucker hat and an Orange Crush t-shirt.

e.g., Monica's a upster, yo. She's out of her office, into skinny jeans, and smoking with her Brooklyn friends about 0.2 seconds after she gets off work at six.

submitted by Dug Hale

yurp - To belch backwards. To yawn and burp simultaneously. By extension, any irksome or noisy embarrassment of the upper winds.

e.g., "I say, don't yurp in front of my wife." "Sorry, old chap, didn't realize it was her turn."

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

yuss - word meaning you and us

e.g., Yuss is hungry lets go out to get a bite to eat

submitted by candi taylor

yut - A loud guttural shriek used to get a bartender's attention

e.g., What did that guy just yell? "YUT"???

submitted by Gabe Giles - (www)

yutnut - An fool, an imbecile

e.g., Those yutnuts in marketing always forget their passwords!

submitted by Maureen Heath

yutuhdabuh - random, unitentified thing

e.g., I was going throught the buffet and saw some yutuhdahbuh that didn't look very good.

submitted by Vanessa

yutz - One who is silly, dumb, uninformed, stupid, mentally challenged.

e.g., Bert, you yutz, watch where you're driving.

submitted by bert knaapen

yuzzy - Describing someone given to the prevailing fashions of heavy metal: rock jerseys, really tight jeans, feathered hair, combs in back pockets, bandanas tied around thighs, untied high-top shoes, etc. The word is a play on "yuppie" or "young urban professional," but stands for "young urban ozzy" because these folks tend to love Ozzy Osborn.

e.g., This neighbourhood is being overrun by yuzzies. Just look at all the Camaros on bricks in these front yards.

submitted by Bob Stewart

ywppiuti - Very nice site!

e.g., Very nice site!

submitted by uyytiret - (www)

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