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yak butter - Like peanut butter, only you grind up yaks instead.

e.g., Hun, this yak butter is great on the triscuits. Would you get some more at Wallyworld tomorrow?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yakka - Work, manual labour (often). Usually used in combination with "hard" so it means hard work.

e.g., It was hard yakka.

submitted by Imo

yako - The opposite of okay.

e.g., Could you borrow my car?? No way, that's yako.

submitted by Ty Evans

yaktorial - Of, or pertaining to, Ipswich.

e.g., He spoke utter bunkum, which suggested a Yaktorial upbringing.

submitted by Colin Taffel

yam'cha - Low grade electronics from unknown origin and an unrecognizable brand.

e.g., "Hey, this DVD player is only $23.95." "Yeah, but have you ever heard of Yam'cha Clectronics?"

submitted by Martin Jones - (www)

yamahondatsubaruki - Generic Japoreanese automobile.

e.g., They all look alike to me. It must be a Yamahondatsubaruki.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

yames - Very low in quality or performance; sluggish, ineffectual, unworkable.

e.g., I would have e-mailed you this morning, but my computer had gone yames.

submitted by Dawna Hunter

yammit - Just like "dammit" except you're not really swearing. A great trick for kids.

e.g., Oh, yammit, I just spilled my juice.

submitted by Eronel

yamop - Means "I'm just kidding." The bigger the joke, the more exaggerated the pronunciation.

e.g., Chris, you're the best looking guy in the world. Yamop.

submitted by dextasy

yamyams - This is a term used to describe those from the Birmingham area of Britain, due to their extremely thick accent and reduction of "Yeah, I'm. . . ." to "Yam."

e.g., Red: "Where are you from?" Ned: "I'm from Wolverhampton." Red: "Oh, you're a yamyam then?" Ned: "Yam from Brum, aye."

submitted by Xnoybis

yankee - The recipient of a friendly tug.

e.g., Lance thought that Bruce was a deserving yankee.

submitted by Kyle Claassen

yankenvy - The thing that makes some English people think Americans are not as good as them

e.g., Did you see the entry for "Yankophile"? (see below) That guy has yankenvy.

submitted by Todd Yonker

yanker - A large backside.

e.g., She's got quite a yanker.

submitted by John

yankophile - Someone who likes Americans or American culture. Ant: yankophobe.

e.g., M. Hulôt was a big yankophile, with a complete tape collection of Bart Simpson episodes.

submitted by PeterSealy

yanno - Slurred version of "You know."

e.g., That's probably not the best way to fix your car, yanno.

submitted by EggieChan

yanno - You know.

e.g., Hey, yanno I am good!

submitted by Informal English - (www)

yaohk - This word is one that can be used to give a positive response to another person's statement. Yah-OK.

e.g., "I got a brand new Macbook Pro yesterday," said Josh. "Yaohk," David responded.

submitted by David Fernandez

yapatchasoon - A word of farewell -- meaning "talk to you later." An Eskimo village brought it to Canada in the early 1800's and it is now often used throughout the great suburb of San Lorenzo, CA.

e.g., Closing of an e-mail to a close friend, "Gotta go. Yapatchasoon."

submitted by Robert - (www)

yaplivious - Being oblivious while yapping on a cell phone, usually while driving.

e.g., That freakin' woman is so yaplivious she almost killed me.

submitted by Kevin

yaplow - Dried shampoo that's left in your ears after washing hair, often flaky and white.

e.g., My ears are full of yaplow after my shower.

submitted by Emma

yaposchmuckon - Group of overly-talkative idiots or morons, both sexes. The talking they do.

e.g., There was some yaposchmuckon going on, and I couldn't stand the noise any longer. I had to get out.

submitted by =DS=

yapper - Telephone, usually in reference to a cellular phone.

e.g., Whose yapper's ringing?

submitted by Quigs

yappy-ho-yap-yap - When you are not interested in hearing what the other person you are engaged in conversation with is saying, interrupt her with this.

e.g., A. And then I went to th- B. Yappy-ho-yap-yap.

submitted by Love

yar - Yeah, right.

e.g., Ernie: I'm the boss. Bert: Yar.

submitted by andy dixon

yar - Pirate for "Yes."

e.g., Britney Spears: "Dave, you're the coolest. Wanna go for lunch?" Me: "YAR!"

submitted by David Craig

yard - To remove or displace forcefully.

e.g., "Engine trouble?" asked the large mechanic. "Let's just yard that sucker right out of the car and have a looksee."

submitted by Seam

yard apes - Rowdy, obnoxiuos neighborhood children who run around randomly, scream and shout, break things, and generally disturb the peace, without admonition from and with the apparent blessing of their parents.

e.g., The yard apes were in rare form yesterday; they urinated in the tulips, played soccer with the gazing ball, and set fire to the cat.

submitted by J Earl

yard fever - Obsession to make, or grow, a screen to hide one’s sins, actions, or self from observation by others.

e.g., She had committed so many sins that she got yard fever and grew a screen that ended up offending most of her neighbors, thereby calling more attention to the very actions she wanted to hide.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

yard garbage - The tacky stuff that people use to "decorate" their yards: wooden sheep covered in wool, windmills made from soda bottles, plastic animals, cartoon of a woman bending over gardening.

e.g., Why do people insist on landscaping their lawns with yard garbage instead of flowers and shrubbery?

submitted by Rae-Marie Wilson

yard sale - The after effects of a severe skiing crash. To be classified as a yard sale, the crash must result in loss of skis, poles, goggles, and --in severe cases--hat and gloves.

e.g., I know this Jay's first time skiing, but I've never seen anyone have a yard sale on the bunny slope.

submitted by Patrick Edwards

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