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y'all - Two or more persons. | You-all = you and others. Plural. Sometimes yall; never yawl, which is another word entirely."From the linked page at YourDictionary: "The single most famous feature of Southern United States dialects is the pronoun y'all, sometimes heard in its variant you-all. You-all functions with perfect grammatical regularity as a second person plural pronoun, taking its own possessive you-all's (or less frequently, your-all's, where both parts of the word are inflected for possession): You-all's voices sound alike. Southerners do not, as is sometimes believed, use you-all or y'all for both singular and plural you. A single person may only be addressed as you-all if the speaker implies in the reference other persons not present: Did you-all [you and others] have dinner yet? . . .    "[T]he distinction between singular and plural you is just as useful as that between other singular and plural pronoun forms, such as I and we. In addition to y'all, other forms for plural you include you-uns, youse, and you guys or youse guys. Youse is common in vernacular varieties in the Northeast, particularly in large cities such as New York and Boston, and is also common in Irish English. You-uns is found in western Pennsylvania and in the Appalachians and probably reflects the Scotch-Irish roots of many European settlers to these regions. You guys and youse guys appear to be newer innovations than the other dialectal forms of plural you. See Note at you-uns."    ". . . and so I told them, y’all will just have to do it y’allself."

e.g., How are y'all? | Would y'all like to stay for supper? There's plenty for everyone and we'd be mighty pleased to have your company for a mite longer. | "On an episode of Designing Women, the receptionist asked some classy women, 'Where y'all from?' A classy woman replied, 'Where we're from, we don't end a sentence with a preposition.' To which Charlene replied, 'Where y'all from, asshole?' I still laugh 20 years later!"

submitted by Derna | HD Fowler - (www)

y'allternative - Music known most commonly as "country rock," which is a hybrid of modern alternative rock and country music.

e.g., Have you heard the new Wilco CD? It's y'allternative.

submitted by k8 - (www)

y'heard me - An expression used to reinforce one's point

e.g., That's a really nice pinata. Y'heard me.

submitted by Matt S

y'know - Questioning of one's understanding.

e.g., I bashed my toe and it really hurt, y'know what I mean?

submitted by william

y'unt - Contraction of "Do you want" often followed by "to." Credit probably to Jeff Foxworthy, at least for the popularity of the word.

e.g., Bill: D'ya eat yet? Ted: Nah, d'you? Bill: Nah, y'unt to? Ted: Aight.

submitted by Lothar23 - (www)

y6u - You, as originated by a typeo -- "typeo" being a similar "typo" for "typo."

e.g., How are y6u doing today?

submitted by Kelby

ya boy - Term to describe someone you're tight with.

e.g., Rick, isn't that ya boy over there getting busted?

submitted by Ace

ya hoo - A person who walks around who doesn't have a clue. Usually found mostly in the office environment.

e.g., Hey look at that ya hoo Walt, he's doing it again.

submitted by John

ya sure, ya betcha - In North Dakota, people pronounce the letter "a" in a very round way, and this is a North Dakota Norwegian phrase meaning "yes." The "a" in the first "ya" is very round; the "a" in the second "ya" is not. (I have also heard the two parts separately.)

e.g., Do I have any salt? Ya sure, ya betcha.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

ya ya - "Ya ya" comes from the book The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, a group of female co-workers or friends who have become so enamorated of one another that they tend to shun everyone else around.

e.g., The other day the Ya Yas were sitting around whispering about a barbecue that none of us are invited to next Saturday. I think it's because we're ya yas.

submitted by Peg C. - (www)

ya-huh - Yes, affirmative. I know exactly what I'm saying, so don't push me, Monkey Boy. Used to respond to the negative nuh-uh.

e.g., Art: Did you know the atomic weight of Osmium is 190.2? Bart: Nuh uh. Art: Ya-huh.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

ya-yahr - An abbreviated and obnoxious way to say "Yeah, you are." Most often used in an argument or if you're annoyed at the person you are speaking to.

e.g., Bill: "I'm not a geek, you know. I failed the geek check." Jim: "Ya-yahr."

submitted by Johnny Kitsilano - (www)

yabba - it means the same as yes, but COOLER! | [yab][ba] A collective noun for all online activity on social media platforms -- whether tweeting, posting on Facebook, diving in the stream of Google+, or creating connections on LinkedIn, it’s all about the yabba!

e.g., Are you going out tonight? "Yabba!" | What's the yabba on Mark Zuckerberg?

submitted by Ashlee | Liz Townsend - (www)

yabba-dabba-doodle - To babble incessently about non-important things, from Fred Flintstone's "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

e.g., The meeting was so boring, I just yabba-dabba-doodled for an hour.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

yabbo - Male of any species being stupid

e.g., You let your yabbo dog pee on the floor!

submitted by julie

yabbut - Combination of the words "yeah" and "but." Generally used by itself in response to a request to perform an activity. Can also be referred to as an excuse. | This is the nay-sayers reflexive ejaculation to anything that could be possible but isn't part of the status quo.

e.g., "Yeah, I'm going to need you to pack up your desk and move down to the storage room." "Yabbut . . . that's the last straw." | You can do it, Bob. Yabbut, you don't know how hard it is for me.

submitted by Lisanna | Walt Pickut

yabut - Yes, but.

e.g., B. There is no such word. A. Yabut I heard someone say it.

submitted by jerry

yachtzi - Snobby rich boating types.

e.g., Look at those stupid yachtzis over there with their Nautica jackets and Ray Bans.

submitted by dan

yackwagon - Any disturbing ordeal, usually endured with others, looked back on with some sense of humor and sentimentality.

e.g., Paul: Do you remember that bus ride down to Cancun? Never shoulda drank the water. Greg: Yeah. What a friggin' yackwagon.

submitted by Ike

yacky tory - A talktive British sympathizer during the Revolutionary War.

e.g., Sitting in a patriot's tavern, the yacky Tory, a rare visitor from Japan, lauded George III to the skies and was dragged out, tarred, and feathered for his foolishness.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

yadafier - One who uses "yada" to replace important words in a sentence.

e.g., When she was talking to me about her holiday, I learned that she was a yadafier. She kept saying yada yada yada instead of giving me actual details.

submitted by porty

yaddaism - When using the word "yadda" becomes a way of communication.

e.g., Paul has taken yaddaism to the next level.

submitted by Paul Clough

yag - Simply means, "yes." Use it to freak your friends out.

e.g., "Do you wanna go for dinner?" "Yag." "WHAT?!?" "Yag!" and so on and so forth.

submitted by Jack Diamond - (www)

yaggie - An expression to denote extreme happiness.

e.g., No more math lessons. Yaggie!

submitted by Kahli

yah - Sure, sounds right, that's OK, tell me more, are you putting me on?Is what you have said really true?

e.g., Yah, yah, sounds good.

submitted by pat buckley

yahoodle - To use Yahoo! (as opposed to Google) to search for something.

e.g., I tried yahoodling him, and I only got three hits. But when I googled him, there was a page and a half.

submitted by Eric Tankesley

yahooed - 1. Kind of like googled, but used for the Yahoo! search engine instead. 2. Assaulted by a white trash hick in the South.

e.g., 1. Q: Done with your project? A: Yep, I yahooed it. 2. When I lived in Florida, I got yahooed a lot by idiots.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

yahooted - When you suddenly and for no reason get booted from a Yahoo! chat and have to go through the process of logging in again.

e.g., I'm back now. I just got yahooted.

submitted by jon

yahootie - A clumsy not so bright person.

e.g., That yahootie spilled all the food on the floor.

submitted by Norma G.Hidalgo

yahtzee - Expression of great happiness and achievement over small issues.

e.g., Jack finally found his car keys: "Yahtzee!"

submitted by jeanius

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