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x fascination - The predisposition of certain cultures, backgrounds, or languages to be obsessed with words containing the letter X.

e.g., My X fascination keeps me learning new words all the time, and sometimes I have to make up new ones.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

x to the z ydog - Used to describe a mondo best friend.

e.g., What up my x to the z ydog?

submitted by Matt

x-mas - Christmas-related comedy that is "x-rated," meaning that it contains explicit, graphic sexual language.

e.g., Slicker: I heard that nine years ago, they discontinued an album called Rated X-mas. Lady: Does that x-mas comedy have a clean version? Slicker: No. Lady: Darn it. Darn the socks.

submitted by star651

x-phile - Someone who is obssesed with the X-Files.

e.g., He watches the X-Files everyday? What an X-phile. Me? I'm an ex-X-phile.

submitted by carolyn

x-tan - The tan you get from the bathing suits that make weird shapes on your back.

e.g., Her x-tan was so bad she spent a hundred dollars at a tanning salon.

submitted by Kitty Almasy - (www)

x-treme synchro - Synchronized swimming done to industrial music such as Bloodhound Gang. Includes scantily clad or naked swimmers and blacklights. Judged based on costume design, originality, and overall x-tremeness.

e.g., If we did a routine to Sisters of Mercy, that would be x-treme synchro.

submitted by Dina

x2 - A notation added to the end of a word to denote a double meaning. Note: This is typically a written (as opposed to spoken) expression, and it is usually contained within parentheses.

e.g., Sally: "On Friday I went to the store to pick up something to eat (x2)." In this case, Sally did indeed get something to eat while at the store, but she also had ulterior motives--perhaps she has a thing for one of the cashiers at the store?

submitted by katie

x@ly - Almost exactly.

e.g., 99 percent is no x@ly bad.

submitted by Hercolena

xactight - Pronounced "ex-AK-ti." Also speled "X-actight." A person who is sharp, precise, unyielding; as in a government official who requires ridiculously unimportant information before processing your claim. The etymology of this word is believed to be from the trademarked disposable cutter.

e.g., Standing in the express check-out line, Linda discovered that the woman behind her was an xactight who counted everyone else's items aloud with a running sub-vocalized commentary. "Three over the limit, and the cheap brand of indigestion tablets that don't work so good, either."

submitted by Judith - (www)

xactly - Terrible breath.

e.g., Did you smell his breath? Yeah, it was xactly.

submitted by Dria Jackson

xan - Xan is someone who unknowingly wears jorts (jean shorts) on the golf course

e.g., Look at the Xan on number 10 tee. He needs to be thrown off the course

submitted by minor

xanthopulous - That which pertains to or promotes social armageddon.

e.g., Justin wondered silently to himself if the people's reliance on technology was xanthopulous enough to bring it all crashing down.

submitted by Justin Voorhees

xanthor - The coolest person to walk the earth.

e.g., Check out that xanthor. I wanna be just like him.

submitted by Jo Mama

xantippe - A shrewish wife. From Xantippe, the wife of Socrates, who said "By all means marry. If you get a good wife you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."

e.g., Amazing how fast a new wife turns into a xantippe as soon as the honeymoon is over.

submitted by Joel Parker

xav - Zôv. 1. Interesting. 2. Excellent; satisfactory. 3. Fun; enjoyable. 4. Amazing.

e.g., That's really xav. That was such a xav band. Oh, I see you xav'ed your hair this evening.

submitted by Claudia - (www)

xcore - Times a million.

e.g., I saw Lord of the Rings Friday and it was really lamexcore.

submitted by Sonita Moss

xeep - Sheep -- used used for someone who follows and imitates others.

e.g., Joe keeps doing the same things I do, including buying the same clothes. The xeep is well beyond the point of being just a minor annoyance. He's become a real pain in the ass.

submitted by Jeff

xenacate - To utterly destroy a fictional character so as to prevent anyone, anytime, anywhere, from resurrecting that character in any media.

e.g., I lost my job on the soap-opera because the xenacated my character.

submitted by Kathryn Fullerton

xenariffic - Adj. (zee-nuh-ryff-ik) A woman who is of amazonian stature or prone to wearing tight leather is Xenariffic.

e.g., "Britney Spears is xenariffic in that red suit in her video."

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

xenesthemia - Xenesthemia: experiencing an unknown emotion. Xenesthemic -- noun: someone who experiences an unknown emotion; adjective: pertaining to an unknown emotion. To xenestheme -- to experience or appear to be experiencing an unknown emotion.

e.g., He went to the psychiatrist because he was scared by having a xenesthemia. | The serial killer's confession was totally xenesthemic.

submitted by Gludge - (www)

xeno - Someone who is afraid of meeting new people, especially foreign people.

e.g., Bobby quit being such a xeno and come out here.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

xeno evil - The pereption that terrorist cells exist, consisting of hostile foreigners living, working, and playing undercover as everyday, mild-mannered Americans until called on to wreak havoc at some future time.

e.g., Aunt Tillie is convinced that dozens of terrorists have infiltrated her home town of Duluth, MN. When told that there is absolutely no basis to support that conclusion, she counters with, "Of course. They're out there running around and getting ready while they got the whole community to xeno evil." Does Aunt Tillie speak for America?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

xenocentrism - (n.) 1. belief that every other nation is somehow superior to one's own; 2. belief that the well-being of foreigners is more important than the well-being of one's own compatriots.

e.g., "If you ask me, I think we have entirely too many elected representatives inside the Beltway who are xenocentrists." "Umm, you mean like. . . ." "Yeah, the President. And more than half the Senate."

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

xenocide - The obliteration of an entire foreign species, generally of extraterrestrial origin. One who has committed such an act.

e.g., "That's Ender Wiggin, the xenocide." "How can he live with himself?"

submitted by PMT - (www)

xenophoric - Opposite of xenophobic. Taking pleasure or delight in difference.

e.g., I like the fact that we are all different...I take xenophoric pleasure from it.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

xeroxdict - A person who doesn't write anything down. One who prefers xeroxing than writing things down. See high school cheater.

e.g., Matt sure is a xeroxdict, isn't he? I've never seen his hand touch a pencil.

submitted by Stephen Free - (www)

xeroxhero - A copycat. A design thief or plagarist.

e.g., Eminem is a certified xeroxhero. He's trying to be a white Dre.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

xgs - X-Girlfriend Syndrome. When someone bothers you like a ex-girlfriend would after you break up.

e.g., Jim: Bob called me like 5 times asking where we were going tonight. Jeff: "Does he have XGS or something?

submitted by Quigs

xiao! - Crazy. Used in Singapore.

e.g., "Oh my goodness, what does he think he's doing? XIAO!"

submitted by Becky Farrah

xid - (pronounced eks-eye-dee; n.) 1. a secret identity; 2. an alias; 3. a web identity or pen-name.

e.g., We seem to be fascinated with xids: Clark Kent, Don Diego de la Vega, Diana Prince, Peter Parker . . . George Sand -- you get the idea.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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