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wunch - A collective noun for a group of bank employees.

e.g., This is a spoonerism: They are all a wunch of bankers.

submitted by Peter Fripp

wunny - Combination of the words "weird" and "funny."

e.g., You're so cool and wunny, Kelly. I think I love you.

submitted by Kelly

wuppie - web yuppie

submitted by alice

wurlerp - The sound omitted from a vehicles tires while driving over a cattle guard or warning grooves in the road.

e.g., The wurlerp abruptly awoke me from my daze just in time for me to veer back into my lane.

submitted by Matt Samaritoni

wurr - A soft sound of contentment, sounding like a cross between a purr and a sigh.

e.g., Stephanie wurred dreamily when she found out she could adopt the kitten.

submitted by Rebecca - (www)

wuss - One who freaks out at even the smallest bit of unpleasantness.

e.g., Chris is a complete wuss.

submitted by Sin - (www)

wuss-rock - music that males (mostly "boy-bands") make that's very sappy and cheesy in nature. it's usually listened to by teen-aged girls, who think there are males out there that actually talk like that.

e.g., are you the guy who started the wuss-rock band down the street?

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

wutda - Basically the slurred form of "what the?"

e.g., " . . . and so what do you think?" "Wutda?"

submitted by JegStar

wuttling - Extraction and disposing of the essence and replacing it with something else.

e.g., Another example of wuttling: you know the animutations, where they "interpret" the Japanese words into English? That's wuttling.

submitted by utna

wuz whin - Phonetic spelling of "was when," used to indicate something that is passe.

e.g., Amy: Remember "Hammer Time?" Rick: Wuz whin.

submitted by Paul

wuzzat - A mysterious miniature animal, seen only momentarily (if at all).

e.g., The Wuzzat is believed to have originated as a species of homunculi; nearly extinct a few years ago, Wuzzats now frequent many environments, though they are rarely glimpsed by mortal eyes (from The Five Wits, q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wuzzgoinon - To babble incoherently when you are awakened by an alarm clock or a person calling your name. (From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.)

e.g., After being called down to breakfast while still asleep, I could only wuzzgoinon. I didn't even know where I was.

submitted by Duncan

wuzzle - To mix. From elementary school CAT tests. (See younker.)

e.g., I wuzzled my adjectives and adverbs and failed the test.

submitted by poster nutbag

www - The ideal of being autonomous and being able to make universal connections with those of the same goals or ideals.

e.g., The www is for poets and pickers to flourish although it can consume both their time and energy.

submitted by bard462

wwwristocrats - A class of nobility created by acquiring a title over the Internet.

e.g., Lord Jonathan of Loch Borralan is a real wwwristocrat.

submitted by Alan March-Maddams

wwwzipitdotcom - Shut your mouth.

e.g., Wwwzipitdotcom, G. You are being rude.

submitted by Gordito

wyj - The space on the windsheild not covered by the window wipers. Wij.

e.g., I didn't see the car coming because it was hidden behind the wyj of my windsheild.

submitted by Tyler

wyldewhistlerwish - The feeling of inadequacy when engaged in a battle of wits and every riposte one comes up with has already just been delivered by your nemesis.

e.g., The speed and genius of Alan's repartee could only give Jonty yet another wyldewhistlerwish feeling of inadequacy.

submitted by Alan March - Maddams

wyrm - From the Olde Engish word for serpent or dragon. (See root words of worm in the dictionary) (See Silkwyrm.)

e.g., Any SciFi Fan knows that the words Dragon and Wyrm are synonyms.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

wysawyg - Pronounced why-za-wig. What You See Ain't What You Get! The opposite of WYSIWYG.

e.g., I hate WYSAWYG websites. I like such "user loving" sites such as this one.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

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