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wallydoodle - A name you call someone (especially a child) when it has done something silly.

e.g., Rachel trips over her shoelace. "Oh, Rachel, you're a wallydoodle."

submitted by Rachel Stuart

walmaholic - Anyone addicted to Wal-Mart; has trouble spending less than $25 in a Wal-Mart.

e.g., Mom! You already bought two whole new wardrobes, a 30" TV, six yards of fabric, an extra car battery, and a mini-microwave for everyone in your extended family. You're a walmaholic.

submitted by Abstruse - (www)

walmart - Inexpensive and readily available but often sub-standard.

e.g., I bought that thing last week at three in the morning and it's broken already; it's so walmart.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

walmartian - A person who buys everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from Wal-mart. To this person, there is no other store, and watch out when a Wal-mart Superstore opens nearby. These people live for the day that the "Waldisson" hotel chain opens for business.

e.g., The Walmartian was googly eyed as she said, "I better go to Wal-mart to get a new rubber tree and some celery soda!"

submitted by Larry C.

walrus - A person sho is horrible at something or everything, yet thinks he is great at everything.

e.g., Chris is a right walrus when it comes to dancing.

submitted by JustSomeGuy

walter - Waltered, to walter. To curse, swear, rant or rave in a completely unintelligible manner--as in Walter Matthau.

e.g., You, upon dropping a hammer on your foot: GAB HOOPER! NABBAFRAk-A-BIT! Muzst Carn SHEEBAN-A-FLABBIT! Friend: Just chill out. Stop waltering and get some ice.

submitted by mark

waltoning - To announce that you are leaving, or signing off from a public chat, and then spend time saying goodbye\goodnight to each person and waiting for their reply. From the end sequence of "The Waltons", whereby each member would say good night to the other. {ED. Nice to see you back after all thiis time.}

e.g., She said she had to leave to catch a bus, but spent so much time waltoning, she missed it.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

waltonville - Any small, rural town in which the downtown has been eviscerated by the presence of a nearby big-box store such as Wal-Mart. Named for the late Sam Walton, founder of said chain.

e.g., As we drove through the Waltonvilles of Eastern Washington, I wondered what they'd been like when people actually lived, shopped, and ate there.

submitted by Hal Colombo

waltzy - Lacking coordination, clumsy.

e.g., He looks waltzy just walking down the street.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

wambly - Sort of all-purpose word. developed in my high school theatre class some 20 years ago. Something that is unstable or difficult; something that isn't quite right; something that shows signs of tipping over and whacking you on the head, or that might nail your shoe to the floor, either physically or metaphorically.

e.g., That shelf is all wambly.

submitted by Sherri - (www)

wambulance - An ambilance for whiners.

e.g., Mr. Sites told Nikki to wait one second, he was going to call the wambulance.

submitted by Kayan

wamp - To take all of someone's money at a gambling casino run by native Americans.

e.g., The cowboy looked stricken as he left the gaming table. "Thank you, Earth Mother," the American Indian said under his breath, "The white man may have taken our land, but now we wamp 'um."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

wampeter - An object around which the lives of of otherwise unrelated people may revolve.

e.g., The hordes of questing disparate crusaders were brought together in their quest for the wampeter of their times, the Holy Grail. -- Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

wandy - A drink, like a shandy but using red wine and coke.

e.g., I've been awake for three days--someone give me a wandy.

submitted by Tova

wang - To hit or smash something, as a body part, into a wall or door.

e.g., I wanged my head on the doorframe getting out of your car.

submitted by jeff

wang, wangy - Objectionable taste in food or drink.

e.g., I think this tea is old. It's got a wang to it.

submitted by Ben Morehead

wang-chung - Acting wild, acting wild at a party. From Wang-Chung's song "Everybody Wang-Chung Tonight."

e.g., Murlin wang-chunged at Connie's party.

submitted by murlin - (www)

wanger - Anything that you can't put a name to at the moment.

e.g., Jason, hand me that wanger over there.

submitted by tommy

wangosev - Do you want to go to 7-11 (the store)?

e.g., Wangosev?

submitted by tman and chow chow

wangster - A white person who is trying to act black, but cannot pull it off.

e.g., All wangsters need re-educating.

submitted by Cody

wangulate - To make the sound of an object oscillating back and forth at an accelerating pace until it stops.

e.g., The pan you just placed on the counter is wangulating.

submitted by Donald Clink

wanker - Australian: A person who has no idea. An idiot.

e.g., Don't listen to that wanker.

submitted by mick

wanklore - Damn, that sucks.

e.g., I wrecked my car. Wanklore.

submitted by Littlej

wanksta - Someone who tries very hard to look like or act like a "gangsta," but fails miserably.

e.g., Look at Chris with his Avirex hoodie. Definitely a wanksta. Truth is though, he really is a Dixie Mafia gangster. Odd, isn't it.

submitted by rick

wanktastic - something that purports to be good, but is in fact worthless.

e.g., Everything Bungle suggested was wanktastic.

submitted by Raymondo

wanky - Crazy, odd, unique, and interesting female

e.g., Vanessa, you are wanky.

submitted by Chris

wanna - A simple way of saying "want to."

e.g., I wanna go to the movies on Friday.

submitted by Heather:)

wanna hump that - To like something immensely.

e.g., Ooohh, that car's hot. I wanna hump that.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

wanna-f - This resembles the more common "wannabe," but refers to someone who enjoys things like watching football, going fishing, ordering fries, fresh kisses, and the like.

e.g., My boyfriend is a devoted wanna-f; I can hardly get anything else in edgewise.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wannapreneur - A wanna-be who has never found the courage to actually "entre" the market.

e.g., I am teaching a business course for a bunch of wannapreneurs who don't have a clue.

submitted by Brau

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