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waive - Not the same as "wave."

e.g., "I am just thankful to God that we had a man, George W. Bush, with unwaivering faith in our God to lead our country during those dark days."

submitted by Miss Speller

wajabofu - We Are Just A Bunch Of Fuckups.

e.g., We printed the wrong phone number on 200,000 business cards? WAJABOFU.

submitted by someone - (www)

wake 'n shake - "Self-gratification," performed mainly by men, as the first act of the day.

e.g., They say you're not at your best without a good breakfast, but nothing beats a good wake 'n shake.

submitted by captainminus

wakkie - The little bit of liquid left at the bottom of a drink.

e.g., Oh, my God, she left a wakkie.

submitted by Jenny Snyders

wal-mortification - The slow death of a town's economy due to the appearance of big box stores.

e.g., As a small business owner, I fear Wal-mortification will destroy my business.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

wala3ofee - Wala3ofee is the term used to describe a frequent condition among Lebanese people, characterized by spontaneous and impulsive excitement, unexpected enthusiastic reactions, and "losing oneself's" momentarily.

e.g., When Wassim goes fishing, his Wala3ofee kicks in, and he always ends up jumping after the fish out of impatience.

submitted by OhLaLaLaTempĂȘte - (www)

waldo - A being that should have been a Greek god.

e.g., That waldo is huge.

submitted by dave peek

walken - A disquietingly creepy person or situation. From Christopher Walken characters.

e.g., There's Franco over by the bar. He sure can walkenize a room.

submitted by Beer

walkie-hogging - Overlong retention of a walkie-talkie used by others in a company.

e.g., Q: All right, where's the walkie-talkie? A: Chris has been walkie-hogging for the last hour.

submitted by Jeffrey C. Apparius - (www)

walking school bus - (n.) 1. A group of young (i.e., elementary-school-aged) children walking together under the supervision of an adult (or several adults); 2. such a group of young children walking together to or from school under adult supervision; 3. a group of school children walking to a given location (such as a mall or the zoo) under adult supervision. [A very recent coinage, I'm told, appearing on the internet in a number of newspages and blogs.]

e.g., The walking school bus approach is healthier, happier, and better at ensuring attendance than the mechanical school bus. Perhaps we should try it in more elementary school districts.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

walking wires - (n., also Latin 'ambulaviere') 1. Earphone wires, connected to a digital music player; 2. By extension, the digital music player itself (accompanied by the wires, of course).

e.g., "Are you coming with? or not?" "Yeah, yeah. I just gotta find my walkin' wires .... Aha! got 'em! Okay, let's go."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

walkman syndrome - A condition in which you have to listen to music all of the time by plugging two earphones into your ears, thereby missing such necessities as listening to outside sounds or other people. Common in the 1980's with the Sony Walkman and today with more music machines such as MP3, iPod, etc.

e.g., Vanna would have heard the nice young man ask her out if it wasn't for her Walkman Syndrome.

submitted by SilverCoyote

wall - A circle of people meant to keep someone out.

e.g., Our group made a wall because Pasty was coming.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

wall fly - When a group excludes one unliked member by forming a tight circle and the person doesn't get the idea and leave.

e.g., Look at Pasty, he's nothing but a wall fly.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

wall jumper - An unwanted person who breaks into a group's conversation.

e.g., Pasty is bugging us again, the wall jumper. No wonder no one ever wants to talk to him.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

walla walla food - Commonly mistaken for the humble jelly bean, Walla Walla food is distinguished in that it never is licorice-flavored and is more fun to say.

e.g., President Reagan was famous for the large jar of Walla Walla food he kept on his desk in the Oval Office.

submitted by sam - (www)

wallaby - Someone aspiring to be a kangaroo.

e.g., The man in the costume with the huge feet and the pouch was a wallaby.

submitted by Robin Armstrong

wallace and grommit - To vomit.

e.g., Where's Pete? He's out back having a good Wallace and Grommit.

submitted by Swad

walldering - That lateral movement of overweight people as they swing their thighs around each other and make it impossible to pass around them without making three right angles.

e.g., He was trapped, trying to exit the mall but blocked by the walldering bulk of the middle-aged man in front of him.

submitted by Obis

waller buddy - A southern slurring of the word "wallow" to create a term that describes a person with whom one shares no relationship beyond an intimate physical encounter.

e.g., I'm not trying to get my MRS degree; I just want a waller buddy right now.

submitted by Michaela Rose

wallet-screw - The situation of reassuring a customer of the value of his or her purchase by charging as much for it as possible. The customers are filled with a warm afterglow and are sure it must be good because it was expensive. Mutually rewarding in different ways for all parties.

e.g., Rather than shop for a bargain, Chris would go to one of the big stores and get a good wallet-screw.

submitted by mike_capriman - (www)

wallop - To devour ravenously.

e.g., The duck rice at Four Seasons is really great. I walloped about three plates of it, much to the horror and consternation of my friends.

submitted by nyarlahotep

wallungunder - ('wall-uhn-'gun-dr (rhymes with 'mall-un-'thun-der); n.) The supermassive black hole in the center of the milky way, around which the galaxy spins, and which keeps it rotating. [From the chief deity of the Australian aboriginal wandjina---said to be the creators of the world during the dreamtime.] See ginnunga.

e.g., I have dubbed the supermassive black hole "wallungunder," afer the leader of the Australian wandjina, who, according to aboriginal belief, came down from the Milky Way to form the world in the dreamtime. Of course, I also call it "Charybdis" sometimes and "Kolob" when I'm feeling serious (although that's just speculation on my part). But I think "wallungunder" is a fun name that might actually catch on (especially if you pronounce it in the original strine: 'wael-in-'gen-da (with a hard "g"; to rhyme with pal-in-ben-duh)).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wally - Stupid, clumsy, with perhaps a hint of naivete. From the Leave it to Beaver character. | Michael Quinion: "Relatively recent English slang term for a silly or inept person." {ED. Have been unable to confirm the origin as being the American situation comedy.}

e.g., What a wally -- he poured iced tea in the radiator.

submitted by m. level - (www)

wally martinez - South Texas-Rio Grande Valley for Wal-Mart.

e.g., I'm headin' to the Wally Martinez, need anything?

submitted by M Cruse

wally period, the - Period of seven days after you're handed an assignment. Never do actual work on it during this time -- most problems usually solve or sort themselves out in a week, and with better results than if you meddle or care. (Dilbert)

e.g., PHB: We've just been served notice of a $100M lawsuit. Should I call our attorney? TOG: Nah, just apply the Wally Period. (Result: Chapter 11.)

submitted by the_other_giuliani

wally shakespeare - An adult who is overenthusiastic and naive, stuck in a room full of teenagers. First used to describe a substitute teacher who changed his name to William and who looks and acts like Shakespeare.

e.g., You actually did some work? Why didn't you just sign the attendance sheet, wave bye to Wally Shakespeare and then eat Quaaludes with us?

submitted by Nicholas - (www)

wally stringer - A 33-cent stringer you can find at Wal-Mart that holds fish very badly.

e.g., Wally Stringer let my 5 trout go! (Throws 33-cent piece of crap on the ground.)

submitted by G-Dogg

wally world - Well-known discount department store development by Sam Walton.

e.g., I'm going to Wally World to get some stuff, What anything?

submitted by pat

wallybobber - A wallybobber is a fishing rig (large bobber, hook and large minnow) used for catching Northern Pike and Muskie.

e.g., John caught a nice pike using a rig he calls his wallybobber.

submitted by John Harschutz

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