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wafer wars - A term used to refer to the "debate" as to whether or not Catholics who take issue with fundamental tenets of Catholicism (especially unwavering opposition to abortion) should partake of communion. Some Catholics object to the term. See communion police.

e.g., "[Wafer wars] is an offensive term to anyone who believes that a consecrated communion host is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ our Lord." | Democrats seem determined to keep putting up pro-abortion Catholics for the highest political offices in the land. Every time they do that, they restart the wafer wars. | One thing I've come to count on every quadrennial election year is a resurrection of the wafer wars.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

waffle - To hit with a car and leave the waffled imprint of your tire on the animal

e.g., Oops, I really waffled that squirrel back there.

submitted by James

waffleisation - A waffleisation is an extreme exaggeration or unlikely flight of fantasy.

e.g., I think it was a waffleisation when he said he was late for work due to his train being delayed by aardvarks on the line.

submitted by DAVID FLETT

waffy - Used to describe fanfiction that has has a abundance of "warm and fuzzy feeling" scenes. Especially when the source material is the opposite in nature.

e.g., That Street Fighter story was way to waffy for me.

submitted by Shona_SoF - (www)

wafi - Wind Assisted Fucking Idiots -- nautical term used by skippers of motor boats to describe sailors.

e.g., We would have been here sooner but some WAFI had to be rescued.

submitted by Fiona - (www)

wafish - Way-fish. To look as if withering away, losing weight or decreasing in size, usually in reference to a person. Not dissimilar to waifish.

e.g., Andrew was beginning to look wafish after a few weeks of eating only noodles.

submitted by nine fish

wafro - A white girl Afro or an unmanageable head of curly hair on a Caucasian.

e.g., Aww . . . look. Heidi's wafro is mad out of control today.| C'mon, son, you better pic your wafro. It's flat on one side.

submitted by heidi groth

waftilicious - An olfactory treat, such as might come from living downwind from a gourmet bakery. The down-side of living down-wind, of course, is that the seductive aromas inevitably win and pull you over to the bakery.

e.g., hurry and shut the window! The waftilicious aroma of fresh bear claws is about to pull me out the door. Look at me already! If you don't keep that window shut, I'm going to like Mr. Goodyear Blimp!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

wag - Wise-Ass Geezer. Not that dissimilar to WAG for Wild-Ass Guess or SWAG for Scientific Wild-Ass Guess. Also not far removed from the definition given for "wag" in Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006: "a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humor; wit."

e.g., Me to Robin, the customer service clerk: Are you in a better mood than you were yesterday. Robin: I wasn't here yesterday. Me: Neither was I. Robin: Then why did you ask me that? Me: I was just being a wag.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wag - To wag (like a puppy) at something good, special. or worth getting excited about. The expression may or may not be accompanied by physically wagging ones body.

e.g., I'm wagging for that new dress I bought. |Did you see our neighbour's new car? It wags. |I didn't know you were going to cook tonight. You wagger. | Complain at me if you will that Torrie gets more attention from me than you do, but if you greeted me at the door wagging your tail thew ay she does, you might be suprised at how attentive I'd be.

submitted by Tabby

wagbulance - a amublance that is a station wagon.

e.g., The wagbulance transported the injured person to the hospital.

submitted by Michael Ericksen

wagfurters - Sausage manufactured from the tails of boxer puppies.

e.g., "What a nice litter of puppies!" she exclaimed while examining the litter of boxers. "There'll be wagfurters for dinner in a few days."

submitted by Ty Evans

waggler - A tee shot in golf made from the men's box that stops short of the ladies tee box. Requires presentation of one's manhood to prove masculinity.

e.g., Walt: "How was golf yesterday?" Skip: "Great, except Gally had a waggler on a par 3."

submitted by ScottG

waggot - A waggot is the name given to someone who really annoys you.

e.g., Maurice, you are a complete waggot.

submitted by David Hamilton - (www)

wagnerbabe - A woman prone to dramatic expressions.

e.g., Whats with the hoolabaloo ? Oh, the wagnerbabe broke her pen.

submitted by A Bergman

wah kazoo - The playing of a kazoo through a wah-wah pedal.

e.g., Hey, Mike, dig that krazy wah kazoo sound.

submitted by hugo - (www)

wah! - Same as "What the hell?" for polite company. To ask a question in an exclamatory way.

e.g., John said, "Wah!" when he saw his new gas bill was double that of last month.

submitted by Mack

wahbam - Sound of hitting something really hard--also used to make a point or express your superiority.

e.g., I was -- like, "Shut up or I'll beat your face in. Wahbam."

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

wahey - Exclamation.

e.g., Wahey! We're winning the game!

submitted by Sarah

wahhhhhhhmbulance - Taken from a Bruce Willis' movie, _The Kid_. To be used when someone is whining obnoxiously and profusely.

e.g., Wahhhhh, wahhhh, wahhhhh. if you don't shut up, I'm gonna have to call a wahhhhhmbulance.

submitted by Lisa O

wahmbulance - A comeback word used when an adult or child is throwing a fit, crying, bawling, etc. very loudly, when they are upset.

e.g., A child is bawling loudly in the car. "Somebody call the wahmbulance!" Taken from Disney's movie _The Kid_.

submitted by Stormy

wahoo! - To show extreme excitement.

e.g., I just won a million dollars. Wahoo!

submitted by Aaron - (www)

wahoop - To laugh uncontrollably while simultaneously cackling hysterically.

e.g., When I read Chris's definition of re-booking anomaly, I was could not stop wahooping.

submitted by Colin Taffel

wail - To attack physically or verbally. (ED. There may be some confusion between "wale" and "wail.")

e.g., You should have seen how those two guys were wailing on each other.

submitted by Jennifer H.

wailer - Siren. Not original.

e.g., Hit the wailer, partner, and let's stop that sucker. He must be going 90.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

waist disposal - Elimination of excess fat on the midriff -- the love handles -- and other body parts.

e.g., In order for waist disposal to work, sometimes you've got to cut out all the garbage.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

waist management - Cutting another hole in your belt.

e.g., Waist management is a less drastic form of tummy tuck. A far simpler method is a well-known exercise: simply pushing away from the table.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wait-a-minute moment - (n.) 1. The sudden realization that something you hadn't really noticed before is the answer to some question you never thought to ask; 2. The brief lull, still and silent, before the cry of "Eureka!" 3. The post-event statement that you suddenly realize you haven't really bettered anything after all. (cf. "rellama.") [From the fact that, as someone put it, great moments of discovery are never heralded by someone yelling "eureka!"; they are normally preceded by quiet, brow-furrowing murmurs of 'that's funny,' 'okay, what just happened?,' and, of course, 'wait a minute...']

e.g., "So, I've got this hidden door---see it there on the plans?---and I've managed to disguise the hinges, but I can't seem to figure out how to disguise the door knob." "Does the door have a key?" "Yes, a key and a keyhole. Both are cleverly concealed." "Well, then, why do you need a doorknob?" "Why do I need a doorknob?! ... I have to have a way to---... wait: Do I really even need a doorknob?" "Well, a perfect wait-a-minute moment." "What?" "Nothing. You were saying?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

waitcher - Someone who hangs around, expecting a coming event. Often used to describe a person in futile anticipation, when everyone else knows it's not going to happen. Another idiom of the quaint patois of Eugene, Oregon.

e.g., There were half a dozen waitchers at the bus stop, all expecting they'd get to work on time.

submitted by Steve McDonald

waitron - A gender-neutral term for a waiter or waitress. Usually used ironically to poke fun at PC-speak.

e.g., Where the hell is the waitron? I want my egg salad sandwich now!

submitted by nanokermit

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