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w's, the - The Internet. Refers to the www prefix to most Internet addresses. Ws.

e.g., Look up the movie listings on the W's. I think there might be something good showing tonight.

submitted by Jim

w'sup - What's Up?

e.g., W'sup man?

submitted by Michael - (www)

w00t - Common spelling of "woot".

e.g., Thanks, "Mattie."

submitted by Mattie - (www)

wa - (n.) the topic of a conversation, lesson, book, movie, etc. (from Japanese wa the grammatical ‘topic particle’).

e.g., “You’re late, man. You’ve missed the whole beginning of the movie.” “Rats. So what’s the wa?”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

waaaaaaaal - The over use of the same letter in a word.

e.g., Waaaaaaaal.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

wabalaba - A greeting, like hello or aloha.

e.g., Wabalaba.

submitted by Delisa Sexton

wabi-sabi - Finding beauty in the imperfections, an acceptance of the cycle of life and death, in Japanese

e.g., Those on Death Row have the ultimate sense of wabi-sabi in their final days.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

wack - Really sucks.

e.g., They forgot to give me my garlic fries. That is wack.

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

wackadoo - A person who is a step beyond "crazy."

e.g., Watch out for the one with the funny look in her eye, I hear she's a wackadoo.

submitted by Sharkmike - (www)

wackaloon - A person on the brink of a mental breakdown, exhibiting signs of insanity, irrational behavior, foaming of the mouth, and embarrassing facial twitches.

e.g., She turned into a wackaloon after we got married.

submitted by ex husband of wackaloon

wackamolian - Tending to have another problem or compulsion pop up each time one problem or compulsion is seemingly resolved.

e.g., As soon as Max stopped smoking, his wackamolian nature led him right into compulsive shopping.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

wackbasket - Seemingly insane person, or insane idea.

e.g., Did you hear that guy talking about beanbag geckos only being available in Madagascar? He's a wackbasket.

submitted by John Burton - (www)

wackberry - A defective, malfunctioning Blackberry.

e.g., I didn't receive your text message because my wackberry has been powering off all day.

submitted by KJelene Holmes

wacked - Crazy, messed up, stupid, or just doesn't make any sense. Usually when you say "wacked," you are completely shocked by what you have just seen or experienced.

e.g., Did you see that? He just chugged a gallon of eggnog. That is wacked.

submitted by Trey Peiffer - (www)

wacken - A lot of.

e.g., That's a wacken amount of dirt your dog has piled up there. Don't think Mr. Wallaby's gonna be happy.

submitted by Aymster

wacker - This is a person who hacks into a system and wacks at it until it's no longer usable.

e.g., He is no longer just a hacker, he has moved on to the wacking peoples systems to bits.

submitted by Cat - (www)

wackigasted - Wacky and flabbergasted.

e.g., Sshopping for mail-order Russian brides has me completely wackigasted,

submitted by Dylon Whyte

wacko - Someone who is a crazy psycho, or acts like one.

e.g., My brother's a wacko: he wants me to eat spinach.

submitted by Roman Lee - (www)

wacktacular - Something really great or spectacular.

e.g., That Beatles tribute band was wacktacular.

submitted by Layla

wacktastic - Really odd, but nonetheless neat.

e.g., That ghost movie was really wacktastic.

submitted by Chelsea Aceheart

wacktitude - A mental, psychological, or emotional condition that prevents the understanding of that which is obvious.

e.g., Schlackel needed a reason for his institutionalization that didn't imply his wacktitude.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

wactas - Scattered but in a group.

e.g., We went to Northbridge, got wactas then met again later.

submitted by ant

wad - Working As Designed. Used when trying to avoid making code modifications to software when you just don't feel like it.

e.g., A: Is this program meant to overcharge customers 500% per bill? B: Yeah, thats WAD.

submitted by wnpxnff

wadata - What I tell ya.

e.g., Q. You going to the party tonight? A. Wadata.

submitted by jessica

waddage - A cottony formation of saliva in your mouth.

e.g., My mouth is filled with waddage.

submitted by lindsey eller

waddle - To walk with a group of friends

e.g., Kelly said, "Let's waddle."

submitted by Human Nature Freak

waddy - A one-and-a-half inch diameter piece of black polyethyene pipe approximately three-and-a-half feet in length. Used to persuade cattle to move along.

e.g., He won't move, go and get the waddy.

submitted by Joe McQuillan

waddy - A piece of Kleenex, wet and wadded up, thrown at a surface to see if it will stick.

e.g., We spent our lunch hour in school throwing waddies at the ceiling. I scored two out of eight.

submitted by Terry

wadge - A bundle of money.

e.g., I'll just take some cash from my wadge in the cupboard.

submitted by dave

waex - All of the different kinds of wall textures.

e.g., We have the waex called "Knockdown."

submitted by Brooke 7th English

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