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vehicellular - Relating to the use of a cell phone in a car.

e.g., The police ruled it a vehicellular homicide.

submitted by Jay - (www)

vehickle - A vehicle for someone living in the boondocks. A redneck vehicle.

e.g., If a car has been given a name, chances are good that it's a vehickle.

submitted by Miss Speller

vehicular fibrillation - The inability of your windshield wipers to stop wiping a clear windshield without resmearing it.

e.g., Because of vehicular fibrillation you can only see the road half of the time.

submitted by sfrules

vehicularly disinclined - Abhorrence of or for automotive work/repairs.

e.g., Steve is vehicularly disinclined. He throws wrenches in the street while cussing profusely as he changes a tire.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

vein - Of the three sound-alikes vain, vane, & vein, the choice in the first example should have been vain: ineffectual or unsuccessful; futile: vain hopes; a vain effort; a vain war. Other examples will be added for other misuses. It will be left as an exercise for the reader to find out what the correct choice should have been.

e.g., "As I watched those pilots fly those planes and marveled at the Golden Knights parachute team hit their marks on the beach I know that the sacrifice of those men so many years ago did not occur in vein." | "What blood? This one has ice water in her vains!"

submitted by Miss Speller

veja du - The weird feeling that you've never done this before.

e.g., I'm getting a strange sense of veja du.

submitted by simon williams

vekil - What a redneck drives.

e.g., We's goin' to the state fair, so get in the vekil.

submitted by Saint714

vel cet. - "Or otherwise," "or whatever." The "or" form of "etc." (from Latin vel "or" + ceterum "otherwise.")

e.g., "Okay, what are our choices again?" "T-Bone, Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Pork, Salmon, Ham, Hamburger, vel cet....Just pick one."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

velcrodroid - A person who sticks to you constantly, follows you around. Not as bad as a stalker.

e.g., See that guy in the corner? That's Amy's new velcrodroid, but she doesn't know it yet.

submitted by Paul

velgrot - Another word to fill in the blank.

e.g., Yeah, and when my primordial encryption felt so incredulous I couldn't help revealing the endoscopic revelations of the iniquities due to my velgrot of inhibitions, well, I simply just couldn't go any further rupturing the plethora of absolutes I had so precariously sifted thru.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

velocirapture - The senstation in which one is gripped by a swift, prehistoric, and seemingly long-lost lust for life.

e.g., With a fresh pouch of tobacco in the glove box of her new car, Sorcha sped on towards her as yet unknown holiday destination with fierce velocirapture.

submitted by samara

velosophy - Highspeed philosophy, combination of velocity and philosophy.

e.g., Carmen was doing well until she hit that existential wall at full velosophy.

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

velox - newspaper slang for a picture of a picture.

e.g., the frontpage of today's newspaper contains a velox.

submitted by charles

velvatristic - Extremely fond of or submissive to velvatross.

e.g., Nikki seemed awfully velvatristic towards Danny at the concert.

submitted by j to the o to the e

velveeta - One who eats cheese sucks up to superiors for recognition. Also takes credit for someone else's results. Velveitre.

e.g., He's gone Velveeta again, eating more cheese to impress the captain.

submitted by Nikki Sokol

velveeta - Something utterly cheesy and gross.

e.g., I cannot believe you think that guy with the gold chains and platforms is cute. He is so velveeta.

submitted by Lisa O

velvis - Elvis Presley painting done on velvet.

e.g., Love your velvis decorations.

submitted by Klicsu

venal - A real word with two principal meanings: 1) dishonest and ready to do anything in order to get money; and 2) capable of being corrupted. These are words we've come to need more than ever before when it comes to the upper reaches of government in the United States.

e.g., A mere seventy years ago, most people in the United States more or less trusted Washington and expected politicians to do their best to make the United States a good place for all of us to live in. Any expectations along those lines are now in the rearview mirror. Corruption in the federal government has always been something for US to be on the lookout for. Unfortunately, those in power get more venal with each election.

submitted by beelzebub

venchel - Eventually. In a second (minute) or two, soon, when I get around to it, when I'm good and ready.

e.g., They'll call you venchel in the emergency room; just put pressure on it and don't pass out.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

vendage - Eating hot dogs or street meat from a hot dog vendor.

e.g., I'm starving, let's get some vendage.

submitted by Ryan Petch

vendified - Vendified = verified + vindicated.

e.g., I had faith even among many naysayers that my next grandchild would be a boy. I have now been vendified with the announcement: "It is NOT a girl!"

submitted by Richard Goodrich - (www)

venebrations - Repetitive slapping noises made by Venetian blinds in open windows

e.g., The venebrations in my office make it hard for me to use the speaker phone.

submitted by J. Hubbs

venerable - Cool.

e.g., That's venerable.

submitted by Steven K-Brooks - (www)

venerable disease - It taketh away the excess number of humans, decimates the masses and toughens the survivors.

e.g., O venerable disease, though takest away the sinners of the world yet preservest the strong.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

vent your bean - Express yourself, speak up, give your opinion, say what you wish; or, let the gas pass.

e.g., For the sake of understanding progress and success in psychotherapy, it might be advisable to freely vent the bean -- in the good sense, that is.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ventchly - A future reduced form of the word "eventually." Language is always changing, even if only subtly and slowly.

e.g., We've been traveling upward for quite some time now; ventchly we shall have reached the top and consolidated our place in the sun.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ventifact - (VEN-tee-fact; n.) Something made by the wind. [From Latin ventus "wind" + factus (pp of facere "to make").]

e.g., Balancing rocks and the pitted sandstone that make such beautiful photographs are almost always ventifacts, the results of ventifacture.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

venting - To release all your anger or to tell someone all your problems.

e.g., I had to vent my problems at you.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

ventriculocisternostomies - "The surgical formation of an opening between the ventricles of the brain and the cerebellomedullary cistern."    Stumbled across this word in the dictionary.txt file linked to. Words are given by length, which is the primary reason for adding this entry. The final words are the longest words in English, according to the Oxford English Dictionary: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconioses and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, the first being the plural of the second.

e.g., Pediatric Hydrocephalus: "[Ventriculocisternostomies] occur when rupture of the ventricular walls, most often at the level of the lamina terminalis and of the posterior wall of the third ventricle, leads to free communication between the ventricle and subarachnoid space, in some cases leading to spontaneous compensation of hydrocephalus. Less frequently, ventricles may open into the subdural space or even into the frontal sphenoidal sinuses or ethmoidal cells, whose wall[s] have been progressivelly thinned by chronic increased intracranial pressure [17.54], with subsequent rhinoliquorrhea. These events are rare and may follow mild head injury."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

venus - A male with a bushy beard, matching moustache, and large, red fleshy lips that shine with saliva. He has a liking for sandals, short shorts, and shirts with weird, clashing patterns. He is at his best when wrapping his large bearded lips around a sizzling sausage or hotdog.

e.g., Cheryl, did you see the dreamy venus leaning against the lampost down at Dewey's?

submitted by Sarah Walker

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