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varia - "Miscellaneous items, especially a miscellany of literary works."

e.g., I should update my will to make sure my heirs don't squabble over my varia.

submitted by Evita Varia - (www)

varicator - One who lies after the fact.

e.g., Despite having been caught prevaricating, he continued to varicate.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

variegate - Vagary.

e.g., "Given the variegates of the law and of other aspects of life, is it possible that since her [Elizabeth Warren] GGG Grandfather did in fact persecute her GGG Grandmother’s people before those two ancestors married, and that she’s in fact the product of an abusive relationship going back many years, which is only now being completely understood?"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

vark - An anteater that runs away from fights. v. To run from trouble.

e.g., This big grasshopper arrived and he just varked.

submitted by alis

vash-hole - Used to describe the rude and illbegotten behavior of some of the residents of Vashon Island (Seattle Area island) by other patrons, not of Vashon, on the ferry boat.

e.g., How can you live on an island and not know how the ferry system works? What a Vash-hole.

submitted by UranusHertz

vaspiracyuserptation - The act of pirates taking over a casino in Las Vegas.

e.g., Vaspiracyuserptation is punishable by only one thing in Las Vegas: death.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

vati-can - Outdoor port-a-potty, especially ones found at outdoor Catholic services, rallies, masses, etc.

e.g., The vati-cans are over there on the edge of the park.

submitted by J. Field

vaticam - A camera set up specifically to watch for the Pope.

e.g., Now let's set up the vaticam and wait for the Pope to come out.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

vbaddicism - One who is addicted to the programming language Visual Basic.

e.g., John has VBAddicism. He lost his job from being overly active in Visual Basic.

submitted by ^Syke^ - (www)

vc streetwalker - A private company that shamelessly solicits venture capital backing.

e.g., Tech comapnies are all VC streetwalkers--until they go public.

submitted by Joel Parker

vealboy, vealgirl - A derisive title given to the gullible or easily picked on.

e.g., Vealboy still wears his pants backwards like he's an early-90's kid rapper. Didn't the wedgie teach him anything?

submitted by Ike

vearly - A conjunction of very and early, describing something that's earlier than something that's early, on-time, or worse yet -- LATE!

e.g., Usually, my son's late. But, to buy tickets for a concert by his favorite musical artist? For THAT he's VEARLY!

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

vector away - To change direction.

e.g., Unless we vector away from where we're headed, we're going to have a Democrat as President mid-day January 20, 2009.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

vectorism - The study and doctrine of the vektoriat, from a collective established in the year 2001 in Germany, Sachsenhausen.

e.g., In order to join the vektoriat, he had to read and understand the laws and regulations of vectorism.

submitted by kimberly - (www)

vedicious - Has no meaning. A made-up word that sounds both real (and intelligent) but is used only to win an argument.

e.g., Jake said, "Well, perhaps that's true, but I just think it's a very vedicious point of view. Don't you think?" Stuggy (thinking to himself, "Oh man, what does 'vedicious' mean?"), "Umm . . . yeah, perhaps."

submitted by natmac

veeish - Constant striving for perfection, resulting in chronic indecision.

e.g., Bob: The weatherman said there is a 50% chance of rain today. I guess I should wear my rain coat just in case it rains... Well actually it seems rather sunny so maybe I should just bring it along, or would that be too much to keep up with?" Larry (five minutes later): Bob, stop being so veeish.

submitted by Michael Vindiola

veen - Either he or she as said by someone who is not sure of the gender.

e.g., Look at that cat... veen is very quick across the road.

submitted by Greg Holp

veep - Washington DC expression, the Vice-President.

e.g., Since 9-11 no really knows where the Veep is at any given time.

submitted by Stephen Mize

veg - "to relax, to chill out"

e.g., i'm going to veg out for the afternoon...

submitted by spike

vegatarious - The landscape that is green, alive and wealthy with green growth.

e.g., In late spring the forest seems vegatarious.

submitted by sarah

vegeble - Used by people too lazy to say "vegetable."

e.g., What kind of vegebles do you put in your sandwiches?

submitted by Dan Dubinsky

vegedairians - Those vegetarians who permit all sorts of vegetables (and fruits) as well as milk and all milk products. Eggs and egg products are optional.

e.g., I lived among vegedairians for several hungry years and yearned longingly for red raw meat lovingly roasted, broasted, and toasted, but alas, there was none. Till just a few days ago the temple cook whipped up a batch of something new, pinto bean burgers, which tasted remarkably like fresh hot McDougall's beef burgers. I ate dozens and our vegedairians did as well. At last, an end to starvation.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

vegemeatarian - Somebody who claims to be vegetarian but eats chicken and fish.

e.g., "You know that girl you work with?" "Sally the vegetarian?" "She eats fish and chicken though -- she's a proper vegemeatarian."

submitted by Richard Taylor

vegequarian - A vegetarian who eats fish. Also vegaquarian.

e.g., Natalie's a vegequarian since she hates red meat, but likes fish very much.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

vegeteenager - An adolescent professing vegetarian dietary restrictions -- unless said adolescent gets hungry enough.

e.g., Those kids dropping by the soup kitchen were just vegeteenagers. They ate the bean-with-bacon soup even after asking me what was in it.

submitted by Kelly Hogaboom - (www)

vegetophobous - Irrational fear of eating vegetables.

e.g., Just because the doctor said you are vegetophobous does not mean you should not eat a balanced diet. Now eat your peas.

submitted by Jazzbel - (www)

vegetorial - Of a vegetarian who judges you for eating meat or incessantly tells you why meat is bad for you.

e.g., I don't want to invite her. She too vegetorial. She'll look at me funny if I order the steak.

submitted by Goliath - (www)

veggietables - What you find at a vegetarian buffet or smorgasbord, nothing but many long tables laden with all kinds of vegetables, and seeds, and fruits, and nuts . . . to you.

e.g., The veggietables were loaded with all kinds of good stuff to eat, even turnips and parsnips and tofu, and hummus bi tahini. (Bite a heinie?)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

vegie - An annoying thirteen-year old, especially those in grade 8.

e.g., These damn vegies are everywhere. Its impossible to move.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

vehemenent - The comparative (or even superlative) form of the adjective vehement, accented on the second syllable. Used as an intensifier, often in especially eloquent barroom discussions after several rounds.

e.g., Calm down. I didn't mean anything by it. You don't have to get all vehemenent about it.

submitted by Lunch

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