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vurp - A vomit burp combination. When one burps and experiences the sensation of a very very mild acid reflux or regurgitation of food into the back of the throat.

e.g., While walking towards the car after dinner I vurped.

submitted by Paul Taillefer

vus - Very Unsafe Sedan.

e.g., I'm the only one in the neigborhood that still owns a VUS. SUVs are everywhere.

submitted by herman tempelman

vvb - Very, Very Back. The cargo area of a station wagon.

e.g., Car's full. Looks like you're going to have to ride with the dogs in the VVB.

submitted by Theron Warlick

vvvt - Unit of measurement equal to the amount of space remaining when the tips of your thumb and index finger are as close to each other without actually touching.

e.g., That dart missed the bulls-eye by a "vvvt".

submitted by Phil Safkow

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