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valedoctorian - The valedictorian of a medical school class.

e.g., "You know what they call the graduate who's at the bottom of a military academy class, but still graduates, don't you?" "Sure, the goat." "What do they call the medical school student who graduates at the bottom of her class?" "Don't know." "Doctor. You know what they call the top graduate at a medical school?" "This one I know: the valedoctorian."

submitted by Miss Speller

valentine - (Pronounced to rhyme with AL-n-dean, not -dine; adj.) Shaped or resembling the classical 'heart'-shape (a cusped cardioid, point downward), an ideogram used in Western culture since the 1400s as a symbol of romantic love and devotion. One equation for one version of the shape (in formal mathematics) is (x2 + y2 − 1)3 − x2y3 = 0. The shape resembles the actual, anatomical heart about as much as a comb resembles moose antlers.

e.g., I used to live in the Poconos, a place full of trees, ski slopes, and honeymoon hotels. Back in the 70s, when I lived there, their ads all touted these valentine bathtubs.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

valet bank - a very high income level, possibly the highest tax bracket before "filthy fuckin' rich." it originated when i learned how much valets can make working four days a week in las vegas -- which is way more than what most people i know make working five days a week.

e.g., dude, if i made valet bank i could play at the high roller blackjack tables every night.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

valhallian - Used when words such as "enormous" and "incredible" are insufficient. The ultimate (valhallian) description of something or someone.

e.g., Let me tell you, Greta's beauty is pure valhallian. The guy who won the lottery had a valhallian luck.

submitted by A Bergman

valid - Cool.

e.g., That movie was valid.

submitted by sacha the great

valleycide - The killing off of the San Fernando Valley secession movement by Los Angeles power structure

e.g., Mayor Hahn has raised $5 million for valleycide.

submitted by Michael Cohen

valmax - The quality or state of possessing the maximum value added.

e.g., His thirty-seven years in production development all over the globe made Andy the obvious choice to take the new product to valmax status before its release. Ubervalmax: The ultimate state of valmax.

submitted by Dave Violette

valor - To be "served" by Valor Telecommunications, surely one of the sorriest telephone service suppliers in the country.

e.g., Don't move to Broken Arrow, OK. If you do, you'll get valored.

submitted by HD Fowler

value engineering - The arbitrary reduction of project cost applied with reckless abandon and with regard to neither value nor engineering.

e.g., This project is over budget. We will have to apply some value engineering to it.

submitted by greg williamson

valuejet - 1. To miserably fail. 2. A state of total disaster that ends in miserable failure.

e.g., Before I came to work here, I worked for an internet company that did a valuejet.

submitted by Rawson Stovall

valved - A verb, more or less the valve equivalent of piped.

e.g., With new construction, to avoid freezing, toilets can be valved to feed in hot water under no-electricity circumstances, and each toilet thereby becomes a radiator by turning off one valve and turning on another. Extra flushing is no doubt needed to achieve this end.

submitted by Wendell Wilson

vampangel - Half vampire and half angel.

e.g., Did you see the vampangel fly over that car accident and heal everybody?

submitted by melissa - (www)

vamptastic - A combination of the word "vampire" and "fantastic," it originates from an article about Twilight, but spread (with much help from the YouTuber NoMoreMarbles) from there to be used as a word describing anything cool and having something to do (however distantly) with vampires. Originally used as a mostly sarcastic or joking term, it has since been used enough to transform into an actual word describing something fantastic.

e.g., OME, these pictures are totally vamptastic. The vampires look completely dangerous and beautiful in them.

submitted by Laura Wellbaum

van dammtastic - Fantastic + Van Damme. An incredibly spectacular film in which Jean-Claude Van Damme appears, or anything else he does -- such as charity appearances or television spots that are awesome.

e.g., Ted: Did you see Universal Soldier Part Two? Ed: Yeah, the film was Van Dammtastic.

submitted by ditnis

vandalice - To vandalice: to spray bags of ice with water. When I tried to complete my purchase of a bag of ice last night, I had trouble separating the bags. It appeared that the ice had probably thawed, moisture had condensed on the bags, and the ice had re-frozen -- sort of gluing the bags together. Occurred to me that someone could come in with a spray bottle filled with water and cause a bit of a headache for Quick Trip.

e.g., If the clerk at QT had said another word about me being a bald-headed geezer, I might have gone ahead and vandaliced the unit containing the bags of ice.

submitted by Erle W Machiavellean - (www)

vanderwahled - The position of a chair not being pushed in under a table.

e.g., The cafeteria was a mess, the kindergartners had left all of their chairs vanderwahled. We had to go back and push them back in.

submitted by Jonah Manning - (www)

vanibirth - Electronic user names using a combination of your nickname and your birthdate.

e.g., Gary had vanibirths all over the web. He couldn't hide if he wanted to.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

vanilla - Plain, boring, lacking excitement.

e.g., Bert: How was your date last night? Ernie: Vanilla. I was home by 9:30.

submitted by Cherie Chelst

vanilla child - A child who is the opposite of a child prodigy: a child lacking talent.

e.g., Chris, you have no sport, art, music, acting skills and you aren't smart or sensitive. It seems you'll always be a vanilla child.

submitted by Ian Faynik

vanity sitcom - As with vanity publishing, a comedic television series starring an actor whose fame is on the wane. The actor and character she plays will have similar names and the show will be named after her. Shows with multiple main characters are not vanity sitcoms. Geena and Bette are vanity sitcoms, Seinfeld is not.

e.g., After Winona Ryder's latest escapades, there's nothing left for her but a vanity sitcom on the Fox network in 2003.

submitted by Paul Agapow - (www)

vanity, a - To "post a vanity" is to post information about oneself. From vanity site. In German, it might be "ein wanity." Vanity site: A vanity site is a website that is run by an individual or small group (such as a family) purely for their own amusement. That is, the site is not trying to sell anything, but may try to promote some cause or idea, though not necessarily. . . .

e.g., Quote: "I had posted a vanity and an article about the Patriot Act. I neither spoke off topic nor disrespected the rights of other users. Yet I have been banned from this site by the Fascist Administrator(s). . . ." The editors here at the PseudoDictionary have also been called Fascists or Nazis. Usually in a phrase such as "hardass word Nazis."

submitted by HD Fowler

vanor - One who drives a van.

e.g., That stupid vanor is weaving so badly he almost forced me off the road.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

vant - "Vant" is usually used in movies, books, or shows about vampires. It means "to want," but with an accent.

e.g., "I vant to drink your apple-juice." "No . . . it's MINE. I vant to drink it myself." "You suck." "Thanks."

submitted by Kaylee* - (www)

vantastically annoying - Beyond all realms of being annoying, super or uber annoying

e.g., Our cashier today was vantastically annoying.

submitted by Jeanne Aber

vape - syn. vaporize. Used to imply total destruction of something (often files on a computer).

e.g., Erm, Steve? We -did- make some backups of all that important data, didn't we? I think I just vaped it...

submitted by Al Maw - (www)

vaped - Intoxicated. Like "lit," but using a vaporizer.

e.g., Mark threw together a soldering iron and a flask, to make a vaporizer. Then we all got vaped.

submitted by Leslie - (www)

vaping - The visible vapor given off by a vaporizer without the use of combustion. The act of inhaling water vapor as means for substance distribution such as nicotine instead of smoking.

e.g., Many believe vaping nicotine to be much safer than smoking cigarettes for nicotine addiction.

submitted by Benjamin David

vapomix - For cold sufferers, an easy to eat and digest cereal laced ever so delicately with Vick's.

e.g., This chicken soup isn't helping my cold, honey. Make me some Vapomix.

submitted by Kriss

vapormeme - Something that everyone talks about, but doesn't actually exist. (Cf: Similar to software that seems to never get here: vaporware.)

e.g., The weblog community was abuzz with the notion of writing "weblogger slash fiction," but in the end it was just another vapormeme.

submitted by Asian Bastard - (www)

vaporware - An advertised product that never actually comes into being. Especially in a catalog, under the header "coming soon."

e.g., The catalog showed this amazing new thingy, but it's six months later and there's still no such thingy. Alas, more vaporware from Thingy, Inc.

submitted by Milo

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