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v - Visitor, tourist. Made popular by the 80s sci-fi mini-series by the same name.

e.g., To the person driving slowly ahead of you, "Come on, V, quit sight-seeing and drive."

submitted by cade collister

völkischer beobachter - Loosely, "people's observer." The Völkischer Beobachter was a German weekly newspaper bought by Adolph Hitler in 1923 to churn out propaganda for the Nazi Party. Lowercased, the term has come to mean newpapers (and other media) as propaganda. (Used by Tony Blankley in The Washington Times, September 24, 2008: "[T]he National Journal's respected correspondent Stuart Taylor has written that 'the media can no longer be trusted to provide accurate and fair campaign reporting and analysis.'")

e.g., It's getting harder and hard to find a magazine, newspaper, or TV station that's not völkischer beobachter. I used to think CNN was bad, but MSNBC is so far in the tank for Barack Obama it's absurd. But you get what you pay for, don't you -- and I'm not paying anything for the "news" I get.

submitted by HD Fowler

v-card - Someone who is still a virgin still has her v-card.

e.g., Does Kelsey still have his v-card?

submitted by kelsey

v-r helmet - Virtual reality Helmet. A lot of speculation surrounding the entire mileu of the virtual reality experience seemed to be in vogue around 1994-1995,when it was thought that by the early 2000s we'd all have these helmets, and a plethora of ways to experience alternative realities. Hmm, seems almost quaint now.

e.g., I'm going to get the first V-R Helmet that comes out, and program it for one of the moons of Jupiter. Won't that be a kick?

submitted by Paul

v-style - Like a virgin.

e.g., I'm 45 and still rocking it v-style.

submitted by Casey Lee

vaasid - Waaaay too serious. Usually a derogatory term.

e.g., It's spring break, Geraldine. Stop studying -- you're being vaasid.

submitted by Lauren and Jennah

vac-scene - Any preparation (found to be offensive to moral principles and/or repugnant) that is used as an inoculation to stimulate antibody production, and to provide immunity against a specific disease, usually using a form of the bacteria or virus that has been weakened or killed.

e.g., Today, many parents, fearing for their children'' well-being, are saying, "'NO!' to Vac-scenes!"

submitted by Mitchel - (www)

vaccum salesman - A person who trys to start a bandwagon; one who tries to "'suck in" people into thinking her way.

e.g., Chris has become a vacuum salesman lately with his continual remonstrations about banning guns.

submitted by Ricky Mannings Jr

vaccuullous - Pertaining to that which sucks. Possibly construed as a backhanded compliment.

e.g., At the cafe after the movie, Mike tried his best to give an intellectual review of the film. Wendy responded with "Yeah, I thought the director's vision was vaccuullous, a true Hollywood up-n-comer."

submitted by ashsimmonds

vache - Sitting around doing nothing much in particular, kinda like chewing your cud.

e.g., "What are you doing tonight?" "Eh, I'm going home to vache."

submitted by sugar

vaclempt - To appear extremely distraught. Expressing anguish over a particular situation.

e.g., Sarah failed her psychology exam and she looks pretty vaclempt.

submitted by melaina

vaco - (Rhymes with “taco.”) (n.) 1. A male in a predominantly female profession, activity, gathering, or whatever; 2. (disparaging) a man who refuses to do “women"s work” 3. that remarkable shoe-on-the-other-foot feeling a man gets when he realizes that women really do most of the everyday work in the world but are often rewarded with condescension, discrimination, cruelty, and abuse. (From the Spanish word vaca “cow,” but with the masculine -o suffix. The male bovine, of course, is a toro in Spanish, but very few people keep herds of bulls; we all call them “cows,” regardless of gender. Calling a toro a vaco, by the way, usually occasions quite a bit of good-natured hilarity among native Spanish speakers, but they will agree [when they finish laughing] that you see a lot more vacas than toros.)

e.g., “Elizabethtown, The Princess Diaries, and You’ve Got Mail?!” “Yep, some of my favorite films. Hey, good art is good art -- it doesn't matter to me that I'm the lone vaco at the theater.” | “So you"re a male nurse, huh? Good for you! That's a very ... vaco sort of profession.” | “I’m sorry: there’s been a misunderstanding. You see, I"m the secretary. Ms. Bell is my boss, not the other way around... Sir? Are you all right?” “What?, Oh, yes! Yes, I’m fine. And I’m sorry -- I just had to contemplate the vaco of this situation.” | “That stupid vaco won’t even vacuum the floor! He says it’s "woman’s work" ... it’s like he just thawed out of a glacier or something.”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

vacostrasation - A vacuous feeling; that empty numbing neutrality that comes when one person in the room appears to monopolize all the available emotion.

e.g., Marissa, as always, the "drama queen" of our group, had the entire room entranced, while I crept toward the door, overcome by a sudden feeling of vacostrasation.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

vacourse - A work-related course held outside of the normal work environment that a five-year-old could paraphrase during show and tell. The learning material will not be and is not expected to be applied in any meaningful way. If the course involves travel to a desirable location, it may be refered to as a traincation.

e.g., At my vacourse, we discussed the effect of weather on employee morale, mostly drawing from personal experience.

submitted by shannon fehr - (www)

vacuubeam - The light frequently found at the nose of a vacuum cleaner.

e.g., The vacuubeam helped me see under the bed I was cleaning.

submitted by Alex

vacuucoffophobia - Occurs while vacuuming. Fear of tripping over the cord and hitting your head on the corner of the coffee table.

e.g., Sharon claimed her severe case of vacuucoffophobia accounted for her house looking like a pigsty.

submitted by Mark-man

vacuumous - (adj.) 1. Possessing or characterized by tremendous suction; 2. of or pertaining to a vacuum, particularly to the suction created by such a vacuum, especially very strong suction; 3. pertaining to or describing the titanic gravity of a black hole (or other gravity-heavy celestial object); 4. of or pertaining to the huge, empty voids between galactic filaments and superclusters, as though vacuumed totally empty.

e.g., Wow, this house's centralized vacuum is really ... vacuumous: it nearly sucked a hole through my hand! | If this Wallungunder (q.v.) black hole of yours is so huge, why isn't it more vacuumous? | You know, from our perspective, most of the universe is vacuumously empty.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

vacuums - Synonym for "sucks," but less severe. So, basically its bad, but not THAT bad.

e.g., I hate math, so my math mid-term sucks. History mid-term merely vacuums.

submitted by Melanie

vacuupuff - The state of your cat when it hears the vacuum anywhere near it. The cat proceeds to expand its fur and freak the hell out, generally running and hiding as well.

e.g., Mom: Where's the cat? Me: I was cleaning my room and she vacuupuffed to some hiding place.

submitted by Meredith

vad - To explore off-limits areas of urban civilization. (I.e.: basements, roofs, freight elevators, maintenance crawlways, sewers, storm drains, etc.) (vadded, vadding, vadder)

e.g., I found this awesome storm drain in Harbor Park. Let's go vadding; I brought my flashlight helmet.

submitted by BigAssFries

vad punch - Mixture of potent chemicals used to treat cancer: Vincristine, Adriamycin, Dexamethasone. A mixture of Vincristine, Arethromicin, and Decadron has been referred to as a VAD cocktail. As I was writing about my wife's starting another round of chemotherapy for bone marrow cancer, the word "punch" came to mind. Going full circle: fight cancer --> round of chemotherapy --> "chemo brain" --> punchdrunk --> punch --> fight.

e.g., VAD Punch is the most heavily spiked punch I've ever run across. | VAD Punch packs a wallop. | If I seem a bit addled, it's because I've been VAD punched several times.

submitted by HD Fowler

vaderant - Cruel, heartless, and has no concern for competition or life.

e.g., Bill Gates is a vaderant person. (That's why he gives billions of dollars to charities.)

submitted by Liam Callaghan

vaderist - Someone who embodies the beliefs of Darth Vader of Star Wars.

e.g., The kid down the road is a Vaderist.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

vag-rock - Vadge-rawk. Any overpoweringly unmasculine male musicians.

e.g., She likes James Blunt and John Mayer. She's really into the vag-rock.

submitted by Jason Brandenburg

vagarea - The general area of a woman's reproductive organs.

e.g., My boyfriend I started kissing and, without warning, he totally went straight for my crotch. I smacked him and said "Get away from my vagarea."

submitted by Julia

vagenda - The catalogue of expectations a woman has of a man.

e.g., Bob would have liked to have watched the football game on Thanksgiving Day but that was not on Chrissy's vagenda.

submitted by david bell - (www)

vaguery - A collection of vague, unimportant or, unconnected social events. This term especially refers to obligatory or nonsense conversations and other interactions.

e.g., I downloaded a 4mb virus fix for him on a 1kb/sec connection (split between 15 office staff) and other vaguery.

submitted by boxen - (www)

vaguity - Vagueness.

e.g., So, how much vaguity will the editors at PseudoDictionary accept in word descriptions?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

vah - Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, nik, sappa.)

e.g., Get me the vah. No, the other one--over there in the corner.

submitted by evel e

val policella - A generic term for any drunken policewoman. Valpolicella is the only alcoholic beverage containing the word "police."

e.g., Hello, is that the 999 police operator? Have you had a police car stolen, or have you let a val policella loose at the wheel again?

submitted by Colin Taffel

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