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umbrelling - Dancing and singing with an umbrella.

e.g., I was umbrelling the other day when I realized that the rain had stopped. I think I was almost as good as Gene Kelly up to that point.

submitted by Bethany

umdeedums - Drivers towing caravans at a slow pace on outback Australian highways.

e.g., The road train driver was late with his delivery because he was caught behind a convoy of umdeedums.

submitted by kimmy

umfriend - Someone you're sleeping with who isn't your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other.

e.g., This is my ... um ... friend.

submitted by Jough Dempsey - (www)

ummer - A person who uses um as a conversation filler. You know, similar to a youknower.

e.g., Have you ever noticed that Barack Obama is a ummer when he's not working from prepared text? . . . No, it has nothing to do with a hummer or with hum jobs, whatever those are -- well, not as far as I know, you know. (I think he may also be a paterist.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

umnum - A plastic device with ten or more buttons, one that does not require batteries. The purpose of this device is simply to distract someone's attention. It has no other actual purpose.

e.g., Her husband examined the umnum while his wife changed the channel to the shopping network.

submitted by Mrs. Pietz - (www)

umpkit - For a person, to emphasise lack of common sense.

e.g., That silly umpkit forgot to do his shoelaces, and so he fell arse over head.

submitted by dean burge

umpler - A breast. To be "umpled" is something most straight men enjoy.

e.g., Fat women seem to always have huge umplers.

submitted by maryc

umpo - In music, taking a song or a part of a song up tempo, or faster. (See Dempo)

e.g., Can you keep up if we take it umpo this time?

submitted by Ben - (www)

umpteen quadrillion ages of olde - forever, figuratively and exaggeratedly speaking.

e.g., It should only take Steve umpteen quadrillion ages of old to find just the right word to express himself accurately.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

umtic - The habit of inserting an "um" every few seconds of speech due to an inability to formulate an entire sentence before speaking it.

e.g., Mr. Glover's umtic makes me irritable and him nearly impossible to follow.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

umungry - Quick and lazy way of saying "I'm hungry."

e.g., God, umungry.

submitted by greg

umyeah - It is like saying "Yeah" but with a sense of uncertainty in agreeing to something.

e.g., "Do you agree that I'm the best?" "Well . . . umyeah."

submitted by Zoe

un convent ional - Things that happen outside the nunnery.

e.g., When Joey elected to go to a co-ed college, he was hoping for some un convent ional experiences.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

un-inside-out - To fix an article of clothing that is inside-out

e.g., You need to un-inside-out that sweater before you put it on.

submitted by Stasi

un-jack - To quit being a Jack Nicholson persona. Apparently from Jack himself.

e.g., EW: A lot of people are commenting on how low-key your performance is in this movie. Nicholson: I sort of un-Jacked myself.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

un-necs - Unnecessaries; items not necesssary for normal life.

e.g., She made his life miserable by demanding un-necs almost every day.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

unabegger - An expression used to describe someone who is in a fog as she is being awakened.

e.g., Get up you unabegger--You're going to miss the bus.

submitted by Palmer

unaccoustic - the opposite accoustic, alike to "plugged"

e.g., kurt cobain (nirvana frontman) played best accoustic, but he wasn't to damn bad with unaccoustic either

submitted by Amy K

unadultered - Untouched. Unadulterated.

e.g., That was plain unadultered beef.

submitted by kenneth

unaimworthy - Of a change: having precisely the opposite effect to its stated intention; spectacularly counter-productive.

e.g., They converted the 68 bus to one-man operation to save cost, but the revenue dropped to such an extent that it subsequently made a far greater loss, so the change was deemed highly unaimworthy.

submitted by Colin Taffel

unanimungous - To win a unanimous vote with huge numbers of voters.

e.g., It was unanimongous.

submitted by

unanymous - The condition of agreement when no one is sure who's voting.

e.g., I don't know how, but it was unanymously decided that I should be the one to squash the cockroach.

submitted by Cori - (www)

unass the ao - Unassemble the area of operation, to leave a particular spot, widely used in the US Army.

e.g., What say we unass the ao and grab some chow?

submitted by Gina

unattainium - 1. Metal alloy sought after by all metalurgists and engineers with properties so superior it can withstand any temperature, stress, or abrasion without wearing, breaking or eroding. This fictitious material often referred to by engineers trying to baffle someone with theirsupposed brilliance.

e.g., Operator: Why do you make that pipe of a metal that is always breaking? Engineer: Ok,OK, we'll specify that it is made out of unattainium.

submitted by scott

unattendance - Lack of presence, absence.

e.g., Nathaniel's unattendance at the company party was disappointing to his co-workers.

submitted by Bill Tibbetts - (www)

unbeglaublich - German "unglaublich" combined with English "unbelievable," both having the same meaning.

e.g., I've submitted a word. For it to get accepted would be unbeglaublich.

submitted by kmb - (www)

unblowuppable - Not capable of being exploded. From The Simpsons DABF02 -- "She Of Little Faith."

e.g., Homer: The word "unblowuppable" is thrown around a lot these days. But I think I can say with confidence that (BANG!) . . . Okay . . . that shows you what could potentially happen.

submitted by john maguire - (www)

unbornded - When a child becomes 18 years old and the parents decide that they no longer will provide food, shelter, laundry services, or outlay of cash for any reason, the child is "unbornded" to them and disassociates herself from any connection to those parents.

e.g., After Amanda graduated from high school, her family threw an unbornded party to celebrate that she was out of the house and her parents no longer had to go broke buying hair dye or fighting over the bathroom.

submitted by Amanda Reis

unbuscrbie - Unsubscribe. You are supposed to stop receiving many e-newsletters if you reply with the word "unsubscribe" in the message. Many tech support workers receive calls from people who say they typed "unsubscribe" and still get the newsletter. It turns out that they accidentally typed something like this. There are many variations: ubsuscribie, unnscribe, etc.

e.g., "I sentt a messge with unbuscrbie in it butt it didnt unnscribe me frum teh newslettr," said a frustrated, illiterate Chris.

submitted by LesserRaven

unbwogable - Used to describe a position taken as a matter of principle. Especially, in the context of any form of intimidation, coercion, bribery, etc. -- where one's opinions or actions cannot be thwarted.

e.g., 1. Even if you were to shoot us, our stand is still unbwogable. 2. Despite the two older and larger boys' belligerent demands on the younger and smaller Alec, Alec was unbwogable when speaking about its being his turn play with the ball.

submitted by Isaac gisore

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