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ugly tree - Fictional tree causing disgusting appearance, most often by person falling from the tree and hitting every branch.

e.g., She's so ugly because she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

submitted by Michael

uglyte - It is the light that when switched on in the morning (generally following heavy drinking) reveals an extremely unattractive member of the opposite gender in one's bed

e.g., As he fought against the alcohol pounding in his brain, he switched on the uglyte next to his bed to light his way to the lavatory. He glanced to his left and froze at the sight of the mountain troll snoring in the bed beside him. As horror cleared his mind, it all came back to him. …

submitted by Dogil

ugmo - A very ugly person, often with an ugly attitude and ugly personality.

e.g., Mimi (The Drew Carey Show) is an ugmo. So are Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano, and Elena Kagan. There's just something about those liberal Democrat women, isn't there?

submitted by Oscar Barzilay-Lamers - (www)

uh proximately - A response to a quantifying question when one is not quite sure, or has absolutely no inkling, of the answer. Also known as "Kentucky windage."

e.g., Joe: So do you know how high Mt. Everest is? Mo: Sure! It's uh proximately 1,100 feet!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

uhffect - Wildcard word to be used in place of "effect" or "affect" whenever the writer is unsure which one to use. Always be correct by using uhffect; also uhffective, uhffected, uhffecting.

e.g., The uhffect of the surgery was stunning.

submitted by Dave Violette

ui - Military slang for "unidentifiable." To be clueless.

e.g., The sergeant is UI when it comes to good books.

submitted by David

ukabonger - A beer that is left unfinished.

e.g., Bill was teased relentlessly by his friends for being the only one to leave a ukabonger at the party last night.

submitted by Matt Gilfillan

ukase - "u·kase [yoo-keys, -keyz, yoo-keys, -keyz] 1. (in czarist Russia) an edict or order of the czar having the force of law. 2. any order or proclamation by an absolute or arbitrary authority." Synonyms: edict, directive, ruling, decree, fiat.

e.g., By his own words, obama has left virtually no doubt that he will rule by ukase if he's re-elected.

submitted by HD Fowler

uknock - When knocking on a door, a singular knock of the knocker or knucles.

e.g., At some people's homes I use a uknock to inform the household of my presence.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ulkipitus - That thing associated with common sense some folks have which makes them alter their course or change their mind in some way to avert a bad outcome. Not with the hocus pocus of having a "feeling" or some premonition. The act of making such a change.

e.g., I've decided on an ulkipitus: co-signing a loan of that size just doesn't sound too genius when Chris is the primary.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ultimascholian - The person who graduates from a school with the lowest GPA, in last place. The opposite of a valedictorian. Derivation: Latin ultimus (last, final) + Latin schola (school) + ian suffix to indicate a person. Pronounced: ULL-tim-ah-SKOH-lee-in. (ED. For United States military academies, the person who finishes last in the class but still graduates is called "the goat." … Not like medical schools where the person who finishes last in the class is called doctor.)

e.g., The ultimascholian had a 1.0 GPA, a 670 SAT score, and never studied. No wonder she finished last.

submitted by Matt

ultimate reality - That which is real beyond all beliefs or concepts or ideas or error or omission. The last and final word in reality, that which is and or has been actually, accuracy to the nth degree.

e.g., The scientist is undoubtedly the foremost seeker after various sorts of ultimate reality, and he is largely successful, which speaks well of Science and the Scientific Method. Look once how mankind has benefited from Science, and the search for ultimate reality.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ultimecia - 1. What one envisions as unadulterated, absolute beauty in every aspect, manifested in one of the opposite sex. 2. The perfect companion, the elusive "soulmate." (Warning: Not a word to be used lightly. Handle with care.)

e.g., I've only met this girl once but I can already feel that she is my ultimecia.

submitted by Ma$eP

ultra hippotigrem - (UL-tra-hip-po-TEE-grum; adv.) 1. further along theoretical lines than a particular system has progressed; 2. beyond the traditional end of a given linear scale; 3. of or pertaining to a new outlook or approach 'outside the box.' [Latin _ultra_ 'beyond,' 'above' + _hippotigrem_ 'zebra' (literally, 'tiger[striped] horse'). This, in turn comes from Dr. Seuss's _On Beyond Zebra_.]

e.g., "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, how well do you think Jones performed in the finals?" "About ... eleven." "Okay, very nice---but I'm not looking for ultra hippotigrem flattery: stick to the scale I game you. Please?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ultra virgin - Someone who has never run an ultramarathon.

e.g., This will be my first time. After the race I'll no longer be an ultra virgin, I'll be an ultra runner.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ultra-bitch - Any seating arrangement that is used only when a car would otherwise be considered full: four+ people in the back, three+ in the front, or any number in the trunk.

e.g., I was the designated driver, so there were three ultra-bitch seats in my car that night.

submitted by ditnis

ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic - Okay, here's what it actually means: Showing extreme erratic false opposition to the giving of funds towards a church or government building. Well, this was made up by me one day when I was trying to see how far I could build on the old favourite antidisestablishmentarianism. This was about as far as I got before it stopped making sense.

e.g., Chris is being a little ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic, don't you think?

submitted by Arch Angel Azrael

ultramaroon - Mild insult. Alternative word for "moron." Used by Bugs Bunny.

e.g., That guy just stuck a fork in a toaster. He's an ultramaroon.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

ultranger effect - Ultra+anger. Being so angry you just snap and feel absolute calmness.

e.g., Dan was so mad he could spit, and then the ultranger effect set in and he just walked away.

submitted by ryan

ultraviolence - Extreme, brutal violence, usually sadistic in nature.

e.g., A Clockwork Orange: "getting ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence."

submitted by Dave

uluru - (n. figurative & not capitalized) 1. the center of one's world, 2. a place one can go (literally or in one's mind) to find inner peace or harmony. (from the name of Australia's famous inselberg in the Anangu language).

e.g., "Wow, this place is great: so peaceful, so ... I don't know, forgotten." "Yeah, it's my uluru. Yours too, now."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

um ... no - Hesitated NO for sarcastic effect.

e.g., Girl: "Are you going to wash my car?" Guy: "Um ... no."

submitted by charles

um, er, tube - A phrase used as a substitute for the name of any of the pornographic YouTube spin-offs.

e.g., Well, those guys were probably on um, er, Tube all night. If they were, I'm gonna call their parents.

submitted by star651

um-ver - Exclamatory, meaning "Shame on you," with an implication of "I'm going to tell on you."

e.g., Um-ver, you're not supposed to be watching TV now.

submitted by Brad

umbelican - A momma's boy, still tied to his mama's apron strings.

e.g., He's a handsome and rich umbelican; they live by the bay with a pelican.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

umbililint - The correct term for the ball of fluff that collects in your belly button, navel fluff.

e.g., Nurse Nightingale washed the unconscious patient thoroughly, ensuring he was clean behind the ears and that she had removed all traces of umbililint from his navel.

submitted by Ricky Gellissen

umbleh! - "Unbelievable"--"bleh" part rhymes with "look."

e.g., That chick was umbleh!

submitted by jazztumbao - (www)

umbrellatin - Literally, the frame of an umbrella, but more particularly, an umbrella that is well past its prime.

e.g., Its raining out, do you have an unbrella I can use? No--all I have is that lousy umbrellatin over there.

submitted by Bob

umbrellical cord - The short strap attached to the handle of an umbrella.

e.g., Having lost one too many umbrellas to the wind, Melanie now makes sure that the umbrellical cord is around her wrist in gusty weather.

submitted by James Trick

umbrellical gourd - A very bright person with a wide and often rather comprehensive knowledge about things, who people respect and admire.

e.g., Some people have an empty gourd, others with just seeds that rattle around, but the umbrellical gourd is a wonder to behold, a fountain of data and valuable information.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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