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ubta - Unprovable (or Unproven) But True Anyway. This is the case with many things. With the passage of time, various things pass from this category to provable (or proved) and known (pak).

e.g., At one time that the sun was the center of our solar system was ubta. But eventually this simple fact became quite pak.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ucerpt - Usurp.

e.g., "But Bob Corker and the swamp flipped that on its head, ucerpting the law|constitution."

submitted by Miss Speller

uchronia - uchronia, n. (Gr. ou, not + Gr. khronos, time; literally "no time"; cf. utopia, "no place) – a historical period when "nothing happens," a time of stagnation.

e.g., As soon as utopia finds its fulfilment in history, it turns into uchronia, a disruption of history itself.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

udaman - A phrase to express supreme delight in a job well done; praise; recognition; attaboy; kudos. Usually given with great apropos and delight (at times coupled with high-fives and hoots/hollers).

e.g., Great job, Bruce! UDAMAN!

submitted by Bryan - (www)

ufb - Acronym for WAY beyond unbelievable -- all the way to unfuckinbelievable.

e.g., The 2000 Florida Presidential Election was ufb. Idiots.

submitted by Bob Timon - (www)

ufc - Unregistered Fat Chick. A bitchy overweight girl. Any nice fat girl would have her Registered Fat Chick license.

e.g., Chris is a real UFC.

submitted by David Mershon

uff da - This is another Norwegian word used in ND, and I think it's used in Minnesota too. It's just an exclamation, like '"wow," for surprise, shock, awe, etc.

e.g., A 10,000 lb. pancake? (whistles) Uff da.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

uffle dust - The fluff you find after emptying your pants pockets.

e.g., Turn pockets inside out before washing pants to avoid uffle dust.

submitted by Harry A. Mize

ufidgepoo - For a name or word that is on the tip of the tounge.

e.g., What was that guy's name again? We'll just say ufidgepoo.

submitted by Andy

ufiliated - to be associated with or having a tie to

e.g., the doctor didn't tell me he was ufiliated with the local hospital

submitted by August Busso

ufo - Acronym used in real estate terminology for "You fucking own it," an unwanted item that will not void the deal already made because the deal is done. Especially applicable to dubious used car sales.

e.g., Buyer: I don't want it; take it back. Seller: I can't take it back. It's a UFO situation.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

ufoers - People who cannot argue a rational conspiracy case without evoking UFOs into the bargain and ruining their credibility.

e.g., A genuine example of UFOers: I saw a programme about a group of people who believe Princess Diana had been assasinated and had some fairly convincing arguments to back it up. However, they soon ruined it by claiming Prince Charles is directly descended from Christ and that there was a UFO landing connecting the whole affair.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ufoxid - A very rare chemical subtance or element whose structure and apparition can be explained through scientific methods of investigation.

e.g., An ufoxid was found near Stonehenge.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

ug - The relationship between two bullies or tough people. E.g., they elbow each other in the shoulder, give each other playful (but hard)punches, etc.

e.g., Chris and Shawn are ug. They're always pushing each other around, yet they're inseperable. Been doin' it since they were kids... and they still do it. Even though they'll soon be 40.

submitted by Anton Jurisevic

ugful - An amalgam of ugly and awful, coined by my nine-year-old upon smelling her father's morning breath.

e.g., What did you eat, Daddy? Your breath is ugful.

submitted by snicky

uggies - Redneck abbreviation for "Ugg Boots," sheepskin footwear at the forefront of fashion in the unemployment office. Often worn in combination with skintight black jeans, or track pants (for the less formal occassion).

e.g., Narelle, I ripped my Uggies when I caught them on the door of the Torana. What will I wear to the pub tonight? Knee high cowboy boots don't go with acid-wash jeans!

submitted by Aaron

uggo - Someone who's ugly.

e.g., From Scrubs, "Dude, I don't wanna ask her out yet, she might be an uggo."

submitted by Banana Jim

uggy - Cute but ugly (insult). Can be used in front of parents who don't want you to say anything mean to your siblings. Variation: uggy bug.

e.g., Orsola, your word is definitely uggy.

submitted by Orsola

uglet - The ugly grey patch that appears when aJjava applet is loading.

e.g., Aaargh, I crashed on that damn uglet.

submitted by prolific - (www)

uglet - Someone who is sexually unattactive to both sexes.

e.g., Pat, from SNL, is the perfect example of an uglet.

submitted by Spirit and Drea

uglies - A group of monsters, or anything else considered ugly or gruesome. From _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_.

e.g., OK, let's get our weapons ready and wait for the uglies to come out.

submitted by Rom Zamora - (www)

uglified - The process of becoming uglier over time.

e.g., Susie used to be hot, but now she's uglified.

submitted by Travis Krick

uglify - To take something that is or was not ugly and make it ugly. The key to usage here is that the word is not used for people.

e.g., I wrote a pretty good example, but the PD editor uglified it.

submitted by creilly

uglistic - As in "hit with an ugly stick," to describe a person bereft of beauty.

e.g., The elephant man, uglistic even on a good day, was....

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

uglorable - Ugly and adorable.

e.g., "This is actually a Pygmy hippo, so it’s not only uglorable in the hippo way. . . ."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ugly bulldozer - Completely and thorough ugliness such that it causes great pain. It's a phrase used to describe someone unfortunate enough to have been born so ugly.

e.g., Forget the ugly stick. This girl got run over by the ugly bulldozer.

submitted by Arik9

ugly lights - The lights they turn on in the nightclub when it's about to close--to get everyone to go home.

e.g., I'd been dancing with this guy all night--and then they turned the ugly lights on. Omigod!

submitted by Duggy

ugly love - A relationship between two unattractive or homely people.

e.g., See that woman with the beard holding hands with that man in the stained sweatsuit? That is one bad case of ugly love.

submitted by Milly Claassen

ugly redhead - When things could have gone so well, but turn into a complete disaster. From the theory that redheads are either drop-dead gorgeous or double-dog ugly.

e.g., It's a great plan on paper but it could turn into an ugly redhead quickly.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

ugly rock - A figurative rock that is referenced as a reason for an individual's uncomely appearance, particularly a male.

e.g., It looks like someone really beat Chris with the ugly rock.

submitted by Chris

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