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u - (n.) In traditional logic, a statement some condition applies ONLY if another condition applies.

e.g., Traditional logic used "A" for positive generalizations, "E" for negative generalizations, "I" for positive particulars, and "O" for negative particulars, thus: A: Everyone who was invited came to the party. E: No one who was invited came to the party. I: Some of those who were invited came to the party. O: Some of those who were invited did not come to the party. A "U" statement would thus be something like this: U: Only those who were invited came to the party.

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

u-hand-turn - A u-turn.

e.g., I made an illegal u-hand-turn but did not get a ticket.

submitted by Robin

u-ie - A U-turn.

e.g., Hey, he just did a U-ie.

submitted by Cami

u-pay - Not from eBay or similar website on the net, but at a regular store where you pay cash on the head.

e.g., I didn't win it at an auction on the net, but at u-Pay -- no waiting, no spending extra for shipping and handling. (ED. How people have become convinced that they "win" something in an auction rather than buy it escapes me.)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

u.p.i. - Unidentified Party Injury. When you wake up the morning after partying only to find a bruise or cut for which you cannot remember the origin.

e.g., George woke up and noticed in bewilderment a massive UPI on his knee.

submitted by tara

ub - A small word.

e.g., It, is, an, and I are all ubs.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

uba - Pronounced uhbuh. Ultra Bad Ass, sarcastic.

e.g., So you think you're UBA because you downloaded music illegally. Let me introduce you to some real thugs, guys who literally know where bodies are buried in Osage County

submitted by rush Morris

ubachung - A minature purple chicken that gives birth to equally small humans.

e.g., Farmer: My ubachung layed about a dozen people yesterday. Salesman. Yeah, and your daughter laid about a dozen guys, too. The first being me.

submitted by Praneel Ram - (www)

ubba dubba - An idiot, a moron, or a fool.

e.g., You were an ubba dubba the time you forgot to tie down the Christmas tree to the roof of our car.

submitted by Paul

ubegone - An explanation of what I would like after you have visited me for 3 days.

e.g., Uben here 4 three days, & now I want UBEGONE.

submitted by Bud

uber - meaning "really" or a "lot of." it's used by geeks everywhere, and it's german. i have no idea who started it in its geeky context in north america, though. it can be used as a prefix to almost any descriptive word.

e.g., that k10k site is uberpixelly-smooth. | burgerking whoppers are uberyummy.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

uber-dork - 1. The king of the dorks. 2. To take dorkiness to the next level. 3. To dork where no one has dorked before. 4. Super dork.

e.g., Chris dressed up and brought his plastic light-saber to Revenge of the Sith. Once again, he showed that he's the uber-dork.

submitted by Jen

uberbunny - A female with a perfect body. Uses the German "uber" with the Playboy "bunny."

e.g., _Playboy_ uses computer photo editing to try to create an uberbunny.

submitted by Ian

ubercafe - Designation for high-profile multi-national coffee proprietors, such as Starbucks.

e.g., Starbucks worldwide reach has made it into a ubercafe for coffee fanatics.

submitted by Diane Firstman

uberclempt - Exceedingly moved, choked up

e.g., I was uberclempt when he serenaded me from the lawn.

submitted by pudders - (www)

uberclutch - Beyond the realm of cool, awesome, or great. Something absolutley fantastic.

e.g., Oh, my God! I won the lottery. This is the most uberclutch thing that's ever happened to me.

submitted by Jess

ubercrush - The person you had a crush on through all of high school (or college, or for a very long time). Generally, you never dated this person (often "out of your league" -- or you think so) -- or else you wouldn't have crushed on her for so long.

e.g., I would have given anything to go out with Jim -- he was my ubercrush until the day we graduated.

submitted by Genevieve - (www)

ubercute - So cute you want to die.

e.g., Desiree is so ubercute I want to slap her in the face.

submitted by Dina - (www)

uberdelish - Something that is so delicous and tasty that it transcends both super and delicious

e.g., Hey, that pineapple-onion-pepperoni-anchovy pizza was uberdelish.

submitted by punkstar amy

uberdrool - Pronounced "ubah-drool." A word used when something is so enticing that it causes you to want it more than anything else at the moment -- enough to make you drop your jaw and drool over it the way a dog drools.

e.g., Look at the double-fudge ice cream with whipped cream and caramel syrup on top . . . uberdrool.

submitted by Firestorm

ubergoober - An extreme geek, twit, or nerd. More often a male with the emotional intelligence and dating skills of a sloth. In males, it is questionable whether the ubergoober even has testosterone. Can be a female, but this would best be referred to as an "ubergooberess."

e.g., The proof that Dave was an ubergoober was immediately evident to Jessica when, while he was standing on the sidelines at the football tryouts, he answered "glockenspiel" when the coach asked him what he played.

submitted by Dave Violette

uberly rufus - Extremely cool.

e.g., Brianna's shoes are uberly rufus.

submitted by uberity

ubermarker - The best whiteboard marker available.

e.g., He's obviously not using the ubermarker because I can't read what he's writing.

submitted by Ian Turner

uberperv - Corrupted form of German to describe a serial porn addict.

e.g., Chris, you are the uberperv.

submitted by Xnoybis

uberpredictable - Beyond easy to predict, implies a lack of creativity in the subject matter.

e.g., Oh, so I bet the next part of this movie is where the girl who hates the guy falls in love with him. Uberpredictable.

submitted by Felix

uberschmoop - Someone you are absolutely crazy about.

e.g., Liz, you are, without a doubt, my uberschmoop.

submitted by Stefczo!

ubiquilamp - That halogen torchiere floor lamp that everybody has.

e.g., The new apartment didn't have overhead lighting, so we got a ubiquilamp.

submitted by chey - (www)

ubiquitoast - A foodstuff as common (and as invisible) as air.

e.g., The hungry, if they could but see them, would dine each day on slender slices of ubiquitoast.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

ubmittal - To submit something small or insignificant.

e.g., My ubmittal to the local art contest will obviously not win any awards -- unless, of course, quite a few judges are fascinated with minimalists.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ubstickquitous - Sticky everywhere, as in "ubiquitously sticky."

e.g., My honey-spread toast is ubstickquitous.

submitted by Gualala Chuck

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