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talkument - Verbal agreement most likely misunderstood by all parties, usually sealed with a "wink-wink-nudge-nudge" -- i.e., not what was said, but rather what was meant.

e.g., The talkument needed more clairifcation before we could agree to disagree.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

talkumentashown - Taking your point to an extreme such that you show approximately what you meant.

e.g., Without the talkumentashown no one could figure out how to do it.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

tall erance - The elevated moral act of accepting all individuals for what they are, and not for what we'd like them to be.

e.g., I can never reach the heights of tall erance, especially when it comes to swaggering gang members, body piercings and permanent tattoos, and politicians.

submitted by charlie lesko

tallboys - Sixteen ounce cans of beer. Same diameter as a twelve, but much taller.

e.g., They don't sell tallboys at American hockey stadiums anymore as too many people were chucking them onto the ice.

submitted by Stephen Mize

tallywags - "18th century term for a pair of male testicles."

e.g., "The Politically-Correct Parents of Politically-Correct America (PCPOPCA) recently penned a letter to Ben & Jerry's suggesting that they refrain from using 'Schweddy Balls' on the outside of their ice-cream carton and instead replace it with the tot-friendly title 'Tallywags Treats.'

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tallywags - "[An]18th century term for a pair of male testicles"

e.g., "The Politically-Correct Parents of Politically-Correct America (PCPOPCA) recently penned a letter to Ben & Jerry's suggesting that they refrain from using 'Schweddy Balls' on the outside of their ice cream carton and instead replace it with the tot-friendly title 'Tallywags Treats.'"

submitted by [Quipping Queen] - (www)

talps - A synonym and reversal of "splat" -- it just sounds much better than the original.

e.g., The pumpkin went talps when it hit the deck.

submitted by Greg Vickers

tammy-fayed - Painted with gratuitous amounts of make-up.

e.g., She was so Tammy-Fayed she looked like a common street walker.

submitted by Stephen Mize

tamperage - Something that has been damaged through criminal mischief.

e.g., "Actually Used" When I received the package, I noted no damage (or tamperage) to the case or unit that would indicate the detector was DOA.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira

tan tric - Dividing the word, "Tantric" ("pertaining to the practice of using sexual pleasure to achieve a spiritual goal") into two words implies the act of free and guiltless sex performed while in warm, sunny, and exotic places. Antonym: pale ontology.

e.g., Rod's passionate career goal was to be the exclusive Tan tric Master on the white Carribean sands of the all-inclusive spa, Hedonism II.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

tanatophilia - Obsession with death.

e.g., Tanatophilics prefer hunting with spears... or rocks.

submitted by Fabrizio

tanch - Based on a Philippine word "Tanchahin" meaning doing something that involves precise amounts, measurements, and knowledge. But, since the person doing the act is not equipped with proper tools or not skilled, the person just relies on gut feel, very rough estimates, or any other things that cannot be classified as a proper measurment basis.

e.g., I want to bake an apple pie but I can't find my measuring cups. I'll just have to tanch it.

submitted by Patrick Lumbres

tang-patroller - Bar hopper whose sole purpose for living is going to bars to pick up girls. (Ed. I'd have said it more straightforwardly: A guy patrolling for poontang.)

e.g., Look at Chris eyeballing the blonde on the dance floor. He's a tang-patroller extraordinaire.

submitted by kevin

tanga - "A moderate to minimal coverage European panty silhouette that has a back panel that is wider than a thong but narrower than a bikini. Tangas are a comfortable way to transition from a bikini to a thong."

e.g., Look, you're not always going to see a really thin whale tail when a chick wearing lowriders bends over. That's because not all of them are going to be wearing thongs instead of bloomers or drawers. Some won't be wearing undergarments at all and others are going to be wearing tangas or bikinis.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tangcentri - Touch the center.

e.g., Please tangcentri of the circle.

submitted by dodgeviper - (www)

tangenital - One consequence of nude sunbathing.

e.g., While visitng nude beaches in Southern France, you are permitted to stand tangenital but are not allowed to touch.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

tangent - "A narrative drift connection, sometimes tenuously, to the original topic."

e.g., ""How'd we start talking about motorcycles? Oh, well, tangent. Anyway...""

submitted by Jess

tangentical - Multiple tangents of thought that interconnect with each other.

e.g., CS: Tangentical thoughts often explore different ideas where those different ideas can be confused with other ideas and get jumbled up and confused into something of a tangle of confused thought. HD: CopperStone, seems to me that sentence is written in a bit of a tangentical way.

submitted by CopperStone - (www)

tango - (v) to sneak up behind someone and simultaneously slap both their ears. Derived from commercials for a soda in Europe back in the day.

e.g., Joe tangoed Mike, but only because Mike had poured soy sauce in Joe's milk.

submitted by Brian

tango uniform - Tits Up. Used to describe something dead, useless, or otherwise defunct; very wrong.

e.g., The CEO got all upset because his wife opened an attachment on his laptop, and now its bigtime Tango Uniform.

submitted by ZenRhino

tanisow - There Are No Incorrect Spellings Of Words. The power to give the intended meaning to a word which previously had no meaning. This power effectively transforms every misspelled word into a correctly spelled word.

e.g., Red: Through tanisow, "freat" became a "real word" in the PseudoDictonary. Ted: Huh?

submitted by Joseph Guidry

tanj - There Ain't No Justice. Used as an epithet. Created by Larry Niven.

e.g., We're out of gas? TANJ!

submitted by garth - (www)

tank - A very large, very heavy car or truck, especially one that looks like it can withstand a lot of damage.

e.g., Norman's new car is a freaking tank! You could almost stand up in that thing!

submitted by Juice Maloose

tank - Built like a tank: buff, strong, huge, big, tough.

e.g., When he took off his shirt and people realized he was a tank, they left him alone.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

tanked - Doing very poorly.

e.g., Madonna's new movie tanked at the box office. | "How did you do on the test?" "I just tanked."

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

tankruptcy - The state of having run out of fuel: e.g., gasoline in a car, heating oil in a home.

e.g., It's one thing to play tankruptcy as a nookie gambit, quite another to do it alone at three am and have to call your dad to pick you up.

submitted by adam thorsell

tanksgiffing - Dot's ven a Germman fren iss giffing U a neiss nu Piktcha uff a Tank -- Tank U, kidt.

e.g., Az a oldt und begrizzled Soldja uff der Tank Korp--Ei am reelie a prischy ating der Tanksgiffing on der In Der Nett.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

tanktopic - Used to describe a summer clothing topic of conversation.

e.g., Amy: Hey, Nicky, since you're the best dressed cachique in the whole school, what are you wearing to the beach ball? Nicky: Why, Amy, such a fine tanktopic. I am wearing ________. (Whatever the bessed dressed cachique in your school would wear. Fill in the blank.)

submitted by Nicky Ubben

tanky - Irritable with a bratty, quasi-violent edge.

e.g., Little Phranky kicked Marty in the eye. Little Phranky made Marty *very* tanky.

submitted by Stephanie

tanorexia - Obsessive overuse of tanning salons to achieve an enviable skin tone, sometimes resulting in skin damage. LA Times 4/27/04)

e.g., My sister and I have naturally very fair skin, but lately she's been haunting tanning salons to try to change that. Mom is very concerned about her tanorexia.

submitted by natalie

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