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tachyflumbelus - A skin rash found on the stomach, usually bluish-green.

e.g., The teacher had tachyflumbelus, so she couldn't teach the class.

submitted by Ryan

tachyon speed - Speed faster than the speed of light. Superluminal speed.

e.g., Are you sure Einstein said it was impossible to travel at tachyon speeds?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tackaturblurdy - An indication that something is not as it should be--problematic or even suspicious.

e.g., Actually the whole world seems to be pretty tackaturblurdy at the moment... but as a specific example, my CD player, which I have to hit to do anything, is definitely a bit tackaturblurdy

submitted by will

tacksimum - Maximum tacky.

e.g., "That bright purple Subaru WRX with after market rear spoiler is the tacksimum"

submitted by Steph

tacky 'r us - Where you go to buy very nasty, skanky, or ugly outfits.

e.g., Christina musta got that at Tacky 'R Us. She needs to find out where Britney shops.

submitted by Lex

taco - To spoon with someone who speaks Spanish.

e.g., Want to go to Mills' Lane and taco?

submitted by Juanes

taco hell - The restaurant chain Taco Bell, or what you feel like after partaking of said eatery

e.g., "I went to Taco Hell and got a burrito."

submitted by maccasong

taco hell - It's the devil's favorite eating place. The food is hot, hotter than hell.

e.g., Your lips will blister, your tongue will swell, you'll cry for happy, at Taco Hell.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

taco tit - The phenomenon that occurs when the contents of a woman's meal falls onto her chest.

e.g., You can really tell when Joyce has been trying to eat with chopsticks because she always ends up with a major case of taco tit afterwards. She ought to stick to using forks.

submitted by Heather

tactilize - To imagine what something would feel like to the touch; analogous to "visualize," only with touch.

e.g., In order to help her students understand how Braille works, the teacher asked them to close their eyes and tactilize their fingers running over raised dots on a sheet of paper.

submitted by Peter Zakrzewski

tactopunk - A jerk who purposely speaks in a manner verbally abusive to all.

e.g., Got this roll of duct tape for that tactopunk, Chris.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

tad - A bit, or a small amount.

e.g., I'm feeling a tad tired today; I think I had a tad too much to drink last night

submitted by Ste McC - (www)

taddie - Small, a tad.

e.g., I'd like a taddie bit more, please.

submitted by Haley

tadeusz - A mentally handicapped person with an extremely low intelligence quotient.

e.g., That gerbil ramming into the brick wall is tadeusz.

submitted by Aaron and Jason

tadge - A unit of measure somewhere between a tad and a smidge.

e.g., That's a tadge too difficult.

submitted by Boolbar

tadpole - A man who is dating a woman considerably older then himself.

e.g., Look at Betty, she's landed herself a tadpole.

submitted by Joe Pirelli - (www)

taekwondonut - Self defence martial art using cream buns and the like.

e.g., Gustaf was easily able to defeat his would-be attacker by deploying his Taekwondonut skills, vigorously rubbing a Boston Cream into the foolhardy miscreant's balaclava.

submitted by John Waid

tafe-syndrome - Those at a publicly funded tertiary education facility, deluded into thinking that they will be set up when they finish. The saying comes from Enmore Tafe in Sydney where many design students think that upon graduation they will just walk into web design jobs. 2. A person whose expectations are far in excess of the reality of her situation. NB.: Not used as an insult, more in the way of pity for the unwitting.

e.g., The way those guys are talking -- its tafe-syndrome for sure.

submitted by mike - (www)

taffer - A common thief.

e.g., That taffer stole my wallet.

submitted by Curtis - (www)

taffey - Aussie slang. The educational underclass.

e.g., Employee: Did you see that? He didn't even spell his name correctly on his Ausstudy Form. Manager: Must be a taffey.

submitted by lat3ralis

taft - Puffy and soft. Possibly warm and huggable, but not necessarily.

e.g., I rubbed my cat's belly, and it was very taft.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

tag 'n release - Picking up a potential love interest and setting her free before having sex. Usually practiced by married men who don't want to cheat on their wives, but still enjoy the thrill of the chase.

e.g., I went to a nightclub last night for a game of tag 'n release.

submitted by Mark

tagackny - This is the greatest of all hates. An outstanding detesting of whatever this word is used with.

e.g., The whining that came gave me the bitter tagackny overtone toward the woman, one that I had hoped to feel never again.

submitted by piggarro99 - (www)

taggle - "to tackle or wrestle in a gentle, playful way, from Stephen King's "Bag of Bones" "

e.g., Be nice or I'll come over to tickle and taggle you.

submitted by Alf

taglish - Tagalog-English, a combination of two very different languages typical of the Tagalog dialect. Prevalent in the US, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and UK.

e.g., Rom was speaking Taglish, so they couldn't tell what he meant.

submitted by Rom Zamora - (www)

tagonize/tagonist - Meanings unknown (probably having to do with worrying about really-bad Avery labels) but usage quite clear.

e.g., Someone in favor of tagonizing is a protagonist.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tahbazian - An old Persian name, derived from the princely title and meaning great defender or soldier. {ED. An Armenian surname?}

e.g., The wise tahbazian pardoned the defendants.

submitted by Jonathan Pike

tahn - Community in Essex, larger than a village but not as big as a city.

e.g., Shane: Are you goin' up Tahn later?

submitted by Bryan

tai - Gender-neutral third person singular pronoun of possession. To be used referring to possessions of individuals who are androgynous, of uncertain or complicated gender, or hypothetical individuals whose gender is irrelevant. Please see also te, ta, tais, taself.

e.g., If your average conservative business person had gone to the "Reimagining Gender for the Post-Postmodern Era", it would have blown tai mind.

submitted by entitything

tail-pipe - To sit on a protruding object, whether accidental or not, and typically cause yourself pain.

e.g., Annie tail-piped herself on the seatbelt.

submitted by jason

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