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typoglycemia - To scramble the interior letters of a word. Not original by any means, but I no longer recall where I saw it. The second typoglycemic entry comes from Urban Dictionary. I was too lazy to come up with such an example on my own.

e.g., Are you aware that much of the time you're able to read and understand typoglycemic writing. Apparently our brains work in such a way that the scrambled letters are put in the proper order. | "The word Typoglycemia [refers to] Teh mdin's atbiliy to dpeihecr a msi-selpeld wrod if the fsirt and lsat lteetrs of the wrod are cerorct."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

typolicious - A computer document that is grammatically incorrect to the extreme.

e.g., This essay has 14 misspellings. It's typolicious.

submitted by Adina T

typonesia - A condition in which the sufferer has a hard time remembering how to type correctly.

e.g., After proofreading his e-mail, Marc realized he had come down with typonesia again.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

typoon - Plentiful series of typos submitted by a participant of a chatroom discussion within the course of one or a few consecutive sentences.

e.g., Marcia's words were a typoon and I couldn't understand what she was saying.

submitted by Derrick Demase

typosuction - Removal of spelling errors from copy.

e.g., Has this article gone through typosuction yet?

submitted by Jeremy Chin - (www)

typothermia - When your fingers get so cold that it's imposible to type withour making mistakes.

e.g., It was so col n my ofice hat I coudn't get my fngers to type corectly. I ws suffferin fron typothermia.

submitted by ~Axis

typsual - Typical and usual.

e.g., Most reactions to anything are typsual.

submitted by lainie

typy - In the mood to type.

e.g., I don't feel very typy today.

submitted by Fred Phillips - (www)

tyte - The right spelling for the definition at "tight."

e.g., "Did you see that girl jack the idiot who said 'pimp slap?'" " Yeah, it was tyte."

submitted by powder - (www)

tzight - "Tight," as in cool, but another way of saying it.

e.g., That was tzight.

submitted by The Crystal Method

tzitzis fly - n, causing them to wear fringes or tassels on their undergarments.

e.g., While on a Bar Mitzvah safari in Africa, Morris Silverberg was bitten by a tzitzis fly, and had a religious re-awakening.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

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