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t'aint - the area in between two spaces

submitted by Gina

t'hell - Contraction of 'to hell.' Said with vigor and clarity of voice to indicate a savage opposition to a question.

e.g., Q: You going to the bar? A: T'hell no! I'm flat broke.

submitted by Nathan Hopper

t'isn't - Arhaic or poetic for "it is not." Somewhat more refined than "t'ain't."

e.g., T'isn't so that simple souls, or not so simple souls, might be "punished forever" for not happening to believe in the "right thing" or for misdeeds or errors made in a lifetime. T'isn't in the nature of Cosmic Compassion to "judge" or "condemn" anything, including humans, people.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

t'mill - A place where the people are revolting or on strike--a reference to the phrase "trouble at t'mill."

e.g., It was a case of t'mill with the workers.

submitted by adrian hobbs

t'pau - Sound made by lump of virtually anything malleable hitting flat water on the perpendicular, usually descriptive of short distances and fairly shallow water in a bowl.

e.g., (T'pau.) Jeez, get that out of the pool.

submitted by Johnny

t-bell - (n., from "Tinkerbell") 1. A "lovely assistant" (of either gender, it seems) in charge of necessary information, materiel, organization, or activity behind the scenes; 2. An unobtrusive scout who investigates a situation prior to main force action; 3. A drug dealer (that is, a purveyor of "fairy dust").

e.g., Abby is the NCIS t-bell. | Elton, you're the t-bell: just walk in, look around, and let us know whether Brewster's in there. If he is, just get your drink and leave. | This school is a drug-free zone: there shouldn't be any t-bells around here.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

t-i-c, tic - Tongue In Cheek.

e.g., It was TIC, for Christ's sake. It was intended to be funny.

submitted by HD Fowler

t-jones - A gansta term for parents.

e.g., I was chillin' when the T-Jones came in.

submitted by Tommy

t-nab - Non-alcoholic "beer" or beer-flavored drink; acronym for "Tasty Non-Alcoholic Beverage." Several of us in recovery enjoy the drinks but don't like to keep using the word "beer" and decided we needed a generic term of our own.

e.g., Hey, Cuzzin Leon, it shore do be blazin' down again today in Texas. I know you cain't have no beer on accounta what that judge sed, but can I offer you a T-Nab?

submitted by Cerise Merritt

t-side - (n.) the east side of the moon (to the right as you look up at it): the part that first shows up after a new moon, waxing from crescent to full, and then gradually disappears, waning away until it disappears entirely into darkness at the waning half moon (22 days into the lunar cycle). [So named for the sea of tranquility, which lies near the lunar equator to the right of the lunar prime meridian.]

e.g., If the t-side is lit at the half-moon, the moon is headed for the full. A t-side half rises a little after noon and reaches its zenith at almost exactly 6:00 pm.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

t-tubi - (n., pronounced tee-TOO-bee, to rhyme with 'me newby'): A Truth that's Told With Bad Intent -- especially (1) out of spite, or to cause embarrassment or harm; or (2) out of context. (From William Blake's Auguries of Innocence: "A truth that's told with bad intent/Beats every lie you could invent.")

e.g., The McCarthy-era witch hunts led many people to spread T-tubis: "so and so was a Communist back in '39." And even though it was true, what difference did it make?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

t. russell - I came up with this as code to use in a crowded place when I wanted to point out someone who was dressed like a prostitute. The origin is the movie Whore, which starred, you guessed it, Theresa Russell. (Generally, there's some tsk-tsking and head-shaking accompanying any T. Russell comment.) (ED. Of course, just about any T. Russell movie could have served as inspiration.)

e.g., 1. Did you see the T. Russell over by the sunglasses case? 2. What was Chris thinking? Coming out of her house looking like a T. Russell? 3. T. Russell, twelve o' clock. 4. T. Russell alert.

submitted by Brandee A.

t.d. factor - Touch = die factor. An extremely precise measuring system for rating the leftovers in your fridge. Choose a number from 1to 11 to indicate exactly how dangerous it would be for a person to eat your leftovers. The T.D. factor is particularly useful for shared households, where different value systems about food hygiene or sharing may clash.

e.g., Q. What's the T.D factor on this leftover chocolate? A. Three--have it. Q. How about that curry from last week? A. 11.

submitted by philippa

t.o.u. - "(abbrev.)Techy One-Up. Spotting an elementary error of a technical/nerdy nature made by a colleauge who really ought to know about that sort of thing, and the subsequent gloating over one's own cleverness. Multiple TOU's can accumulate in a point scoring system to decide who is the saddest."

submitted by steve - (www)

t3 - In triathlon, there are two transitions, from swimming to biking and biking to running. T3 represents the third transition, from athlete to triathlete or victor.

e.g., I just want to make it to T3.

submitted by Shea - (www)

t4jinghay - (Tee-for-jeen-ge-hay) Ultra-cheap fighting game player that mastered every cheap tactic possible and unable to use all but one character.

e.g., You can never win against a T4Jinghay guy.

submitted by Scott R.

ta - A gender-neutral third person singular pronoun, objective case. To be used when an individual is androgynous, of uncertain or complicated gender, or for hypothetical individuals whose gender is irrelevant. Please see also te, tai, tais, taself.

e.g., When my friend Sabin got back from the "Reimagining Gender for the Post-Postmodern Era" conference, I hugged ta.

submitted by entitything

ta ta - a more posh way to say farewell/goodbye

e.g., "see ya later, ta ta!"

submitted by Zoe - (www)

tabemasho - (v., imperative) "Let's Eat!" (from the Japanese for "Let's Eat!").

e.g., Yo! Everybody!: 1800 hours! Tabemasho!--I got Chinese! Pot Stickers, egg rolls, sesame chicken...come on!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

table butt - When an overweight person has a a butt that protrudes so much someone could use it as a table.

e.g., Check out that table butt.

submitted by Indrani

table pizza - A pizza for sharing amongst a group, typically ordered as a side dish to main meals,

e.g., Man, we should get a table pizza, too.

submitted by Tim Stevens - (www)

table pizza - A pizza for sharing amongst a group, typically ordered as a side dish to main meals,

e.g., Man, we should get a table pizza, too.

submitted by Tim Stevens - (www)

table pizza - A pizza for sharing amongst a group, typically ordered as a side dish to main meals,

e.g., Man, we should get a table pizza, too.

submitted by Tim Stevens - (www)

table pizza - A pizza for sharing amongst a group, typically ordered as a side dish to main meals,

e.g., Man, we should get a table pizza, too.

submitted by Tim Stevens - (www)

table stable - A cube farm without the cubes, a room full of tables, one for each employee.

e.g., Do your programmers live in a cube farm or a table stable?

submitted by Kevin

tablesist - A person who reads tab's, not sheet music; somone who thinks she can play guitar but can't.

e.g., No wonder he's no good, he's only a tablesist.

submitted by Represent_CA

tabooery - (tab-BOO-er-ee; n.) 1. A discussion about the use and meaning of "bad words," that is, terms ("swears," "cuss words," "dirty words," "obscenities," "vulgarities," "profanities," et quoi d'autre, which are frowned upon in polite society; 2. An informal study of such terms (a step up on the formality scale from a simple discussion); 3. The formal study of bad words (also called Tabology (tab-ALL-uh-jee) or taboo-ology) and other culturally-imposed, sociolinguistic restrictions; 4. The use of bad language in ordinary speech; 5. The use of such bad language as "punctuation" or pointless emphasis (diluted more and more into meaningless rot). [A word my nephew and I came up with as we talked over an analysis he was working up on taboo language; that is, on tabooery.]

e.g., "&*#%$#@~!" "Hey! Can the tabooery!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

tabool - Taboos set forth by those in power in order to steer or corral human behaviors.

e.g., The War on Drugs was a tabool implemented in order to clean up the military.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

taccident - A mistake on one's income tax return. Variation: taxxident

e.g., Bob was anxious after the IRS called to inform him that he had made a grave taccident on last year's return.

submitted by Dave Violette

tachologist - 1. One who studies the moustaches; a tachonomer (Obsolete). 2. One who practices tachology; one who professes to foretell events and personality characteristics by the aspects and situation of the moustache follicles.

e.g., Dan Pilkington, the UK's pre-eminent tachologist, commented today...

submitted by Sarah

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