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sacred e-mail address - An e-mail address in which you can ask questions about a website you love.

e.g., I think Paul's e-mail address is a sacred e-mail addresses. (ED. Unscrambled e-mail addresses will not be put in descriptions or examples -- unless an editor decides to burn someone.)

submitted by star651

sacred pig - Holy cow.

e.g., Sacred pig, Sarah. You can't play Nintendo at all.

submitted by Molly

sacrelicious - Really good, but also really evil. Homer uses it a bunch on "The Simpsons."

e.g., Mmmm, that hedonistic pagan girl is sacrelicious. (drool) | Getting drunk from communion wine in church because it tastes really good and goes well with the crackers is a perfect example of being sacrelicious.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

sacrilacious - Bodaciously sacrilegious. Expressing the joy of sacrilege. Noting an edging sacrilege to express a free opinion.

e.g., The painting of the Pope crucifying Mayans is particularly sacrilacious.

submitted by Clifford Ball

sacrilarious - Something funny despite its sacrilegious or blasphemous nature.

e.g., The sacrilarious Life of Brian threw the Church into an uproar on its release.

submitted by BigAssFries

sacrocian - A person who has gone through many of life's hardships and trials before becoming a renowned success in a given area.

e.g., Many have tried to work their way around challenges, denying the fact that they really have to be sacrocians to build their strength before reaching their goals.

submitted by MD Caruso

sad bear - Expression of concern for someone's misfortune.

e.g., Sad bear, I can't believe he did that.

submitted by Lacey Hill

sadais - (sa-day-iss) The greatest, the best.

e.g., That roller coaster was sadais -- let's do it again.

submitted by tom

saddict - Sad addict. Used mainly to describe someone's slavish adherence to pop fashion or music.

e.g., A: Look at him. Wearing dungarees and dancing to N-Sync. B: He's a saddict.

submitted by The Cup O' War - (www)

saddlewarmer - Saddle warmer. Often used to refer to a cowboy, but I'm going to restrict its meaning to the buttocks as Steve Hockensmith did in his first novel, Holmes on the Range.

e.g., “I smacked into its mangy hide like a snowball dashed against the side of a barn, coming down hard on my saddle warmer with my legs splayed out in a wishbone U.”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sadidity - the measure of sadness that a song, movie, or even a person's mood could be.

e.g., My sadidity level has dropped drastically since last night.

submitted by Dizzev

sadie thompson - (verb) "to rape (a man) US" The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English.

e.g., " • O.A. Jones mumbled, hoping that he would get put in the cops' tank at the county jail because a twenty-four-year-old former surfer, who was also a former cop, would be Sadie Thompson'd on the regular tank wothin three minutes. -- Joseph Wambaug, The Secrets of Harry Bright, p.33, 1985"

submitted by [Eric Partridge, Taylor & Francis] - (www)

sadification - To "feel" pseudo-saddened (in a silly sort of way) by another's silly tormenting or teasing.

e.g., You're causing me sadification with your references to that embarrassing moment at the family party.

submitted by Don Cragun

sadisfaction - A poignant level of comfort that can be attained only after the realization, and acceptance, of one's own limitations.

e.g., Natasha's heartfelt, lifelong dream was to become the prima ballerina of the Balshoi Ballet. However, at 6'2" and 185 lbs., she had to achieve her ballet sadisfaction sewing costumes for the female chorus of her local, small town dance company.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

sadovicious - Viciously mean.

e.g., The HR manager could have been more humane, but he was absolutely sadovicious because he smiled when he handed out the pink slips.

submitted by Joel Parker

safairy - Where you go on safari for fairies at the bottom of your garden (or yard for American readers).

e.g., Mary likes to go on safairy every night.

submitted by Yolanda

safe - "OK" or "Sounds good."

e.g., John: Do you want to go to the movies today? Mary: Safe. I'll be there.

submitted by beth

safening - Standing in a location wondering what possessed you to go there.

e.g., I stood in the kitchen, safening, before I went outside to trim the plants.

submitted by Kevin Abbet

safety - An unfinished cigarette that is purposely extinguished so it can be saved and re-lit later on. Sometimes they will end up saving the day for you (hence the name safety) when you're out of cigs and craving like a madman.

e.g., I'm smoked out. I'm makin' a safety.

submitted by Millz

safety - Warning to others nearby that you expect to flatulate.

e.g., "Safety." PPBBppbbpppbbbpffff.

submitted by greg

saffronious - Hard to get, over-priced, over-rated, and completely unnecessary.

e.g., I finally found that Neil Sadaka demo tape on's saffronious.

submitted by Busta Shoelace

safi - (rhymes with 'tof-fee; interj.) 1. okay, good, all right; 2. yes, cool, yoshi, i'm fine with that; 3. (_safi sana_) wow!, amazing!, good job! 4. (_safi tu_) okay (but not great), not bad (but not good, either), so-so. [from swahili _safi_ "clean." _sana_ means "very"; _tu_ means "merely."]

e.g., "How's it going?" "Safi, man, safi sana."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

safisterated - Someone pretending to have etiquette.

e.g., Jim: I need some tissue. Bob: Use your shirt. Jim: That's gross, what if someone sees it? Bob: Not if it's on the inside. Jim: Oh yeah, Bob, you're real safisterated.

submitted by Ray Nash

safstrom-phillips non-constant - When faced with a complicated equation that persistently refuses to work out, merely multiply whatever answer you do have by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant-- which is just a good name for the day's expected top temperature.

e.g., This equation won't work out. I'll just mulitply it by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant and use whatever I get.

submitted by Mark Phillips - (www)

sag acious - Describing an overweight, out-of-shape, wise person.

e.g., Yes, you may have appeared sveltely intelligent when you were younger, but gaining 30 pounds and sitting around watching television has gotten you looking quite sag acious.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

sag aloo - "To be very annoyed, often due to a trivial matter. (sometimes followed by "Have you got one on you?")"

e.g., You've got egg on the telly. Sag alooooooo!

submitted by Chris

sagan - A billion billion -- or a quintillion. 1018. A sagan can be used in measurements of time, distance, money, weight, or just about anything else.

e.g., My internet connection is so slow, it takes a sagan-year to get to

submitted by Penguin Boy

sage - (v.) 1. To clean swiftly and thoroughly---astonishingly swiftly and thoroughly---especially when driven by a seemingly boundless enthusiasm; 2. To do anything swiftly and thoroughly, with seemingly boundless enthusiasm; (interj.) 3. Vocal recognition of an astonishingly swift and thorough cleaning job, performed with a seemingly boundless enthusiasm.    [From the name of my daughter's friend, Sage, who seeing kitchen messy when she was over here one day, rolled up her sleeves and washed the dishes, cleared off the counter tops, and scrubbed the floor, in a single hour .... and seemed confused at our surprise.

e.g., "Wow, this room is filthy! How can you live in this pigsty? Clean this place up!" "I was gonna sage it, but now---" "Now you're going to clean it up anyway, right?" "... um, yeah. But you're not getting any boundless enthusiasm." | "I wanted a car wash, but they saged it! My car looks brand new again! And they vacuumed it and chamoised the windows and polished the leather, and even replaced the sparkplugs."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

sageual - strange but cool

e.g., that shirt is so sageual.

submitted by star

saggard - An individual who is usually down-hearted, or overwhelmed in the current situations.

e.g., He was the saggard in the class because he said he could not finish the project in the given time.

submitted by Peter Moon - (www)

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