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rupafied - Similar to stupefied, to be in a trance-like state.

e.g., Those who stared at the sun too long became rupified.

submitted by Adam

rurale - Replaces"urbane" in the phrase "witty and urbane" for folks who come from the country and have their own special charm.

e.g., Jim-Bob is so witty and rurale what with his chatting up the ladies.

submitted by Kelly

rurnt - southern way of saying ruined

e.g., "that car in the woods is rurnt"

submitted by Vylnt J

rurple - Means "rhymes with purple," a word we've long been in need of.

e.g., Curple is rurple: it rhymes with "purple."

submitted by Megan

rush 'n' hope - "when you are pressed for time and you have a difficult math problem to do, you put down any logical answer and hope for the best. "

e.g., "I had fifteen minutes to finish my algebra, so I used the rush 'n' hope method. I only got a D-."

submitted by ryan

rush a noff ski - Someone who just can't get enough of skiing, always running off to the mountains or the slopes to ski some more. Probably very good at it. "Noff" means plenty, lots, abundantly, etc.

e.g., It was the Russians who invented skiing, of course. They were a nation of rush a noff skis; see how so many of their names end in -ski or -skii, or -sky . . . pronounced -skee.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rushmore - The one thing you're perfect for or is perfect for you. A "rushmore" is the one thing that you're good at and should do it for the rest of your life. If your "rushmore" is a person, that's the person you should spend the rest of your life with.

e.g., "She's my rushmore, Max."

submitted by ryan - (www)

rushter - 1. A die-hard fan of the musical group Rush. 2. A die-hard fan of the great Rush Limbaugh.

e.g., He's a rushter.

submitted by Scott - (www)

ruspanskiy - Also RusspaƱol. Any combination of Russian and Spanish. Very common in first year college Russian courses, where many students have taken Spanish in high school and get words mixed up.

e.g., "Piotr, you can't leave off the pronouns. This isn't Spanish." "Whoops, I was speaking Ruspanskiy!"

submitted by Peter G

russell - A "winner." (Bill Russell won 2 NCAA championships, an Olympic Gold Medal, and 11 NBA championships, including eight in a row.)

e.g., The guy is successful in everthing he does--he's a real russell.

submitted by greg

russie - This is a word we use when referring to a state of excitement that our dog gets into, often provoked by us.

e.g., Sunny's just been sleeping all day. She needs to be russied up. OR Someone's a little russet.

submitted by Marty Klein - (www)

rustang - Another name for a Mustang automobile since they rust out quickly. Well-deserved.

e.g., I bought a '65 Rustang new when I was a kid, but after 3 Boston winters, you could see the street through the floorboards.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

rusty - Australian: A red-haired male who's name is Russell.

e.g., Howya goin' Rusty?

submitted by mick

rutherford goggles - Rearview mirror goggles that let one look into the past and make judgments after the fact.

e.g., Larry understood exactly what investment decisions needed to be made a month after the end of the quarter. He just put on his Rutherford Goggles.

submitted by Tom - (www)

rutherford hayes - (n.) a work of art (a painting, drawing, sculpture, or whatever) which is obviously incomplete or which contains a rather obvious omission or mistake (from my 7-year-old daughter's reaction to the drawing of President Hayes on the Whitehouse for kids website. His eyes were missing).

e.g., Benjamin West's painting of the _Delegates to the Treaty of Paris_ is missing all the British delegates, who refused to be painted because of their mortification about the American Revolution, so it's a really bad Rutherford Hayes ... much as Bach's _Art of Fugue_ just stops in the middle---Rutherford Hayeses, both of them. And Percy Shelley's life, too, which ended when he was only 29.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rutro - A term shouted in extreme displeasure.

e.g., Jane: "Astro, you're on fire!" Astro: "Rutro!"

submitted by Mark Jeffers

ruttina - The love of whipped cream.

e.g., She has rettina. Do you think she's into S & M?

submitted by Dylan - (www)

rydfom - Rid-fom. A toga in bad condition, usually found by archeologists on Fridays.

e.g., Dr. Leaky, I think we've found another rydfom.

submitted by John

rythmic (or rythmatic) beautation - To make a song, poem, or instrumental delightful, impressive, soul searching, etc., by the rythmatical spactacutlism impressive enough to mezmerize a bass or percussional riff.

e.g., Gotta love Zep, Rush, an' Fleetwood Mac for their rythmic beautation. 'Course Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff had the full rythmatico beautification goin' on, too.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

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