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rammased - When something is messed up, destroyed. A house with junk everywhere is rammased.

e.g., This house is rammased.

submitted by Greg Griffin

rammy - Really grouchy, grumpy, mad, annoying.

e.g., Why is Miranda so rammy at me? I only lost her favorite pair of shoes.

submitted by Shari

ramo-implications - Basically, the same as ramify--the resulting effects from an undertaken action. "To have complicating consequences or outgrowths."

e.g., Do you even understand the ramo-implications of what you've just done?

submitted by Filip

rampant, rampantly - 1. Adj: "cool", "fun," etc. 2. Adv: similar to "really."

e.g., 1. Mike's party was rampant. 2. That girl is rampantly good-looking.

submitted by Zsuszo

ramping like a hose - Going crazy; over-processing; suffering from too much work and poor support. At least, that's what we think it means.

e.g., "The (130-nanometer) process is ramping like a hose," said Frank Spindler, Vice President of Intel's Mobile Products Group.

submitted by Augusta

ramshackle - Rickety, unsteady, flimsy, in danger of imminent collapse

e.g., I'm sorry, but my nerves won't allow that ramshackle table to stay in this house another minute.

submitted by Mark R. Mills - (www)

ramshackled - Completly wrecking someone or something.

e.g., 1. The punt returner was ramshackled by the giants defense. 2. We ramshackled that team last week 51-0.

submitted by Elliott Marquis

rance - It stinks, it's stupid, or it's completely dumb and out of place.

e.g., Tom is so rance, no wonder he hangs out with the losers.

submitted by felipe

ranch out - Sitting back being mellow.

e.g., I think I'll just ranch out for a while.

submitted by enos

ranchize or ranchise - To smother something in so much ranch dressing that it is more dressing than food.

e.g., Can you please not ranchize the fries this time?

submitted by matt - (www)

ranchy - Raunchy. From a misspelling or ytpo in one of the many comments about the fellow whose iPhone went wild and snapped a photo of his genitals while he was pleasuring himself -- and then addressed an e-mail and sent it to one of his lady friends. Let's say «ranchy» means «horny» here -- that's close enough. If you haven't heard of the guy's tail and his woes, you're missing out on some fun.

e.g., No, let's not go out tonight. I'm feeling ranchy, so let's just stay home. 'K?

submitted by ranchy - (www)

rancidsmack - What happens when you open and get a whiff of something improperly canned or left in the fridge too long. Usually causing instant nausea or vomiting.

e.g., Vomit in the trash can, Steve, or that rancidsmack is going to have you mopping my floor.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

randal - (noun) Any item, talisman, totem, icon, reliquary, animal, or person which one believes somehow bends the laws of chance one way or the other. (from the character "Rand al Thor" of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, who bends the laws of chance. Both ways.)

e.g., "And the lady wins again. You're doing quite well, Ma'am." "Oh, it's because of my randal here." "Your dog's name is Randal?" "No, it's Atheling, but he's my randal: if I'm not holding him, I can't win a thing." | "Tuck, we gotta get Meg a desk job or something." "Why? She's a good soldier. I thought you two were like sisters or something." "Yeah, well -- I mean, it's not her fault --but she's a randal: she attracts the enemy or something. Every patrol she's on, we get shot at."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

random - A dismissive description of an uninteresting and unimportant person. Can also be used to describe an odd or amusing situation.

e.g., Art: How was that party last night? Bart: Ehh, it was okay . . . it was mostly a bunch of randoms. | What the hell was that? That was SO random!

submitted by Meg

random - An unknown person (stranger).

e.g., We met a few randoms at the party last night.

submitted by Leisha

random grudge - A situation when a person is unwilling to forgive someone who has never harmed them in the first place.

e.g., Matt has a random grudge with Paul, and refuses to give a valid explanation why.

submitted by Joshua Pyles

random surfer - One who is addicted to surf the web by means of using a random link generator.

e.g., I wanna go to random surfer's heaven.

submitted by Pedro Duarte

random-nation - To say after you hear something surprisingly weird or strange.

e.g., Ed: Chris dyed her hair turqouise. Ted: I know. Random nation.

submitted by Ness

randomerizor - A terrorist who sends winning words to the PD whenever the mood strikes.

e.g., I became the top submitter by being a randomerizor; if a sunshade were to top me on occasion, it would be a "randomervisor", eh?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

randomervizor - Apparatus for shielding the eyes or windscreens/windshields of PD submitters.

e.g., How'd I miss THIS one when I submitted "RANDOMIZER" (q.v.) and suggested it? "RANDOMERVIZOR" puts PD submitters in the shade.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

randometer - The gauge that measures just how random comments are, used when someone blurts something out of nowhere.

e.g., Sue: My favorite color is blue. Ann: Whoa, the randometer just went off the scale.

submitted by 216

randomicity - Of random.

e.g., Its full of randomicity.

submitted by Chris Mclaughlin

randomified - To be made random. Randomifier.

e.g., The girl was randomified by her older sister.

submitted by Jill Scott

randominity - Seemingly random streams of conscious thoughts or ideas without coherent purpose.

e.g., The couple conversed together for no other purpose but to explore the randominity of their thoughts.

submitted by Jayden - (www)

randomism - A genre of abstract art that seems like the piece of art was thought up randomly.

e.g., Have you seen the sculpture "Raisins and coat hanger with wheels'" I'd put it under the genre of randomism.

submitted by Ian Faynik

randomn - This word is used to describe a person who falls into the uncool category of life. The reason for them being called a randomn, is because they are all alike.

e.g., Burgess, is incredibly uncool. He has very few friends and even the ones he has are lame. His life revolves around computer games. Hence, he is simply a randomn.

submitted by Sammmy

randomocity - Randomness. Usually applied to things that come as if out of nowhere, rather than a group of things in an unspecified order.

e.g., My history teacher popped out of the bread aisle at the supermarket with the randomocity of a fruit fly.

submitted by BigAssFries

randomometer - A gauge to measure one's randomness.

e.g., We will need the randomometer to analyze where that comment came from/

submitted by Lynnette Wood

randomosity - The ability to make funny sentences out of random words or events.

e.g., He said "toaster llama." Now that guy has some serious randomosity.

submitted by Jared - (www)

randonimity - A random idea or person.

e.g., "My randonimity scares me sometimes." "Yeah, Jess, it scares me, too."

submitted by Jessica

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