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rails - A particular "hat" or capacity: one's capacity as a lawyer, for example, as opposed to his capacity as a husband, a car aficionado, or a connoisseur of fine suits. (From an old word meaning "clothing.")

e.g., In the rails of my profession, I'd have to say you have the right to build it there; as your neighbor, I say keep it the hell off my lawn.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rain moglets and doglets - To rain lightly but persistently; to drizzle incessantly.

e.g., You do exaggerate. It's hardly raining cats and dogs, but I would agree it is raining moglets and doglets.

submitted by Colin Taffel

rain music - The sound of rain hitting a tent roof.

e.g., I was enjoying the rain music when you called. No joy now.

submitted by star651

rainbotastic - Overly colorful without being tacky.

e.g., Wow, your hat is rainbotastic. I love it.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

rainbow of love - A bruise.

e.g., It's not a black eye, it's a rainbow of love.

submitted by Nita - (www)

rainbowarise - To make something beautifully coloured, derived from the English "rainbow" (coloured) and "arise," meaning to make.

e.g., I think I might rianbowarise this picture. "Isn't that wall is beutifully rainbowarised?"

submitted by Radboy

rainbowitis - Refers to a condition many pitching staffs seem to suffer on the site. This is a site to simulate baseball using players of your choice. Fatigue levels are indicated by various levels, often more noticeably in the early part of seasons. Staffs often exhibit many rainbow colors, indicating wide fatigue levels.

e.g., My pitchers are suffering from a bad case of rainbowitis.

submitted by Sean Dominey

rainbox - The shower.

e.g., I stink. To the rainbox I go.

submitted by Natalie Cole

rainfreeze - The effect of falling freezing rain. It freezes on contact and coats everything with a thin to heavy layer of ice; it can be beautiful but very damaging or deadly.

e.g., We woke up this morning to a lovely rainfreeze. Virtually everything was sparkling and crystal like. We couldn't get out of the house to reach the outhouse so had to make do with jars and bowls till early in the afternoon.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rainlocker - Enclosed shower.

e.g., Every Saturday night we gotta jump into the rainlocker.

submitted by scott

raircon - An air conditioner on the roof

e.g., Can you see that raircon? Is the raircon working? How does the raircon react to a storm?

submitted by Anna

raise or burn - Asking for an increase in salary at the risk of losing your job.

e.g., You know the company just laid off 120 workers. And you're going to go to management and ask for more money? Man, you got raise or burn.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

raisin d'extra - When seriously trying to lose weight, a dieter's wise choice of fruit for a snack rather than cake, candy, or some other high caloric treat.

e.g., When your stomach starts rumblin' An' your strong resolve starts crumblin' You're headed for another way too much sugar toot. Use your head -- Avoid "Mourning Becomes Electra" Remember raisin d'extra An' choose a piece of fruit instead.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

rakaramba - The sound of fire, brimstone, exultation, extreme emotion. Something you shout to the heavens.

e.g., As you fly off the edge of an abyss on a particularly scary roller coaster you may experience rackaramba.

submitted by Richard Slater

rakatasiong - Very complex.

e.g., Well, no I don't have an answer, but it's a rakatashion situation.

submitted by hibrugge

rakehell - "A lewd, dissolute fellow; a debauchee; a rake." A real word that's fallen into disuse.

e.g., I've been watching Californication off and on for the last day or so. Do any of the male characters count as rakehells?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rakelaholi - A group of five friends. (ED. Probably self-referential, but adequately clever and suitably disguised. "Laurenified" didn't make it.)

e.g., At the mall, I saw a rakelaholi of teenage girls.

submitted by Rachelsey

ralados - great wise one(dragon word)

e.g., Ralacados got his name from the word in the dragon language ralados, which means great wise one.

submitted by Kyle Ingram

ralls - A wonderful substitute word for "tricked you."

e.g., Ralls! Ralls! Ralls! I was only kidding when I said I saw The Beatles.

submitted by Paul Barriscale

ralpef - The stand in the back of a picture frame.

e.g., Ralph set the picture on its ralpef and it fell down.

submitted by Tyson 7th English

ralph - 1. To ralph is to vomit. By uncanny concidence, pronouncing ralph in a long, drawn out fashion sounds like the sound made by someone vomiting.  2. A name for the square roof of 1/2.  3. Ralph is a directional indicator in automobile conversations (same first letter as right). ~Ralf.  4. To vomit.

e.g., 1. Charlie drank too many midis and is having a ralph in the garden.  2. The word is "ralph," you bozo. Life is too short to bother saying, "one over the square root of two."   3. Hey, Zaphod, slow down and hang a ralph at the light.  4. Howard Stern & Why Size Matters by Thomas Hart G21 Staff Writer AUSTIN, TEXAS - As you know, fellow Sanitation Engineers, Tabloid Hart -- like yourselves -- loves all things trashy. Therefore, it would be natural for ya'll to think that I might like that self-proclaimed King of All Media, Mr. Howard Stern. But I don't. Howard Stern makes me want to ralph, ya'll. And you want to know why? It's because that ole boy just pretends to be in-tune with the Trailer Trash of this great country of ours. That's right! I said it: HOWARD STERN IS A TRAILER TRASH WANNABE. He wouldn't know a double-wide if it fell over and crushed his scrawny little malformed body three ways from Sunday. That is why the man is so pathetic. At least if Jerry Springer isn't Trailer Trash, he's got producers workin' for him who knows well enough where to find 'em. Not Howard Stern. That mealy-mouthed poster boy for New Yawk losers who envy alluh us real park dwellers is always reachin' for the second rate and then blowin' his own horn to make sure somebody notices he did anything sleazy at all. And that's Howard's problem, ya'll: he goes for the cheap shot of emba[r]rassin' an airhead Playboy bunny on his show with questions he knows danged well she wouldn't be able to answer if her life depended on it 'cause he knows if'n he tried to pull that crap on a real Trailer Park girl she'd likely jump up and kick his narrow little ass for askin'! Howard's got the mini-wieney syndrome. I think ya'll knows what I'm talking about here. Howard Stern is a classic example why size does matter. He's the kid who wore his jockey shorts in the shower in high school because he had to.

submitted by Ralph|Peter Doyle|Stan Dulemba|THart - (www)

ralphichax - The thing that happens when a person vomits and people around her react to it by vomiting also.

e.g., When Willie puked after her 10th shot of Jim Beam, the ralphichax was unprecedented.

submitted by Steve

rama - Rhyme with :stammer." Crowded, rammed, full.

e.g., The sun was shining, so the park was rama.

submitted by hannah

ramadankin donuts - A retail outlet that sells breakfast pastry made from unleavened dough and is only open 11 days a year.

e.g., Let's go have coffee at Ramadankin Donuts.

submitted by Saint714

ramblerant - A rant that rambles on and on until the original point is lost.

e.g., Marc lost the audience with his ramblerant: "I think we can blame Apple for spawning Visual Basic. I mean, Apple stole the visual "windows" concept from Xerox, and what did Microsoft do? They took a perfectly decent teaching language, BASIC, and turned it into the mutant we now know and loathe, so they would have a product that the average idiot could use to create competition with Apple and line Bill Gates' pockets to boot!"

submitted by Marc Clifton - (www)

rambo - 1. Japanese for "violence." 2. To solve a problem with brute force as opposed to intelligence.

e.g., 1. The Hellsing anime series is full of gratuitous rambo. 2. Brian tried to pick the lock, but he finally just ramboed the door open.

submitted by Deacon

rambunctualize - To energize a child past the point of controlling.

e.g., I had him almost quieted, but then his uncle rambunctualized him by tickling him.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

ramgam - To doubt the truthfulness of another person's claim or story.

e.g., She claimed to speak Spanish, so I told her to. I was pretty ramgam, so I told her to repeat the sentence.

submitted by Caroline Sylvester

ramificussions - Ramifications and repercussions, coined by Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell of King County Superior Court

e.g., I'll have to think about the ramifucussions. I'll get back to you.

submitted by Hilary

ramipercussion - The consequences of an action--usually implies negativity.

e.g., Apparently, Bob did not fully understand the ramipercussions of getting into a gasoline fight.

submitted by swank6

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