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quango - QUAsi-Non-Governmental Organization.

e.g., Well, the truth of the matter is that quangos can distort just how much the federal government is growing in terms of number of employees who depend on the public dole for employment.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

quantantum - Unbelievable, astonishing, beyond belief, cockamamie, cockeyed, doubtful, harebrained, implausible, impossible, improbable, incogitable, inconceivable, incredible, kooky, lame-brained, open to doubt, outlandish, past belief, phony, preposterous, questionable, reaching, scatterbrained, staggering, suspect, unconvincing, unimaginable, unsubstantial, unthinkable.

e.g., This is quantantumest thing I've ever seen.

submitted by kwuan - (www)

quantity of suck times 1.5 - Term used to describe something that sucks-and-a-half.

e.g., That new project they assigned us is quantity of suck times 1.5.

submitted by max

quantum spootage - News that is *very* displeasing.

e.g., "We have a History project due tomorrow." "Aw, that's quantum spootage right there."

submitted by Susie

quargle - The angled corner on a pool table near the pocket which when struck, sends the ball in a CRAZY direction.

e.g., John hit the quargle in a game of strip pool and resulted in being laughed at for small manhood.

submitted by GI Awesome

quarkmire - What one finds oneself in after an introductory course to quantum physics.

e.g., Help! Trying to understand the nature of sub-atomic particles has once again landed me in a quarkmire.

submitted by Mike W.

quarter horse - Strange, one-legged equine species, related to the Caution Horse.

e.g., Quarter horses are champion hoppers and come in left and right fore- and hind-quarters. When they mate (which is exceedingly difficult for them), the union results in a fore-part or a hind-part; opposite quarters are not viable. Quadruplets, which are very rare in this breed, revert to full horses; if not, they become Caution Horses.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

quarter-brainer - The amount of brains generally correlated with a steady diet of quarter-pounders.

e.g., Another quarter-pounder smothered in onions? Ugh! Get outta my face, you quarter-brainer!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

quarterodeon - Five times better than a nickelodeon. | Five times more expensive than a nickelodeon.

e.g., Playing Ms. Pac-Man was my quarterodeon.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quarterwit - Someone who is less intelligent that a halfwit.

e.g., Paul could probably do worse than the quarterwit.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

quartum mechanics - A measurement in subatomic physics.

e.g., All Novas should be checked to see if they're down a quartum every 299,792,458 m/s.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quasi - Freakish and ugly-looking. From Quasimodo.

e.g., "Ever see anyone more quasi than Chris?" "No."

submitted by Ashleigh - (www)

quasi-antiminimalizationalisticationism - Describes the condition of being somewhat against those who believe in having very little

e.g., Don't be angry at me for having more things than you, I believe in quasi-antiminimalizationalisticationism.

submitted by Ed

quasiex - Tissue (such as Kleenex) used to either wipe up the tears or sweat that results from becoming reinvolved with someone you used to date and either having to deal with the pain of again realizing it was not right or the stress of having to extricate yourself...again.

e.g., You're going out with her again? You'll have to stock up on the quasiex.

submitted by kat

quasimobo - A motherboard made hunchbacked by an overheated processor, usually due to overclocking.

e.g., I'm sorry, sir, but it won't help to glue the ceramic lid back onto your CPU. We'll have to change your quasimobo, too.

submitted by Roger Wright - (www)

quasimodo - To walk with an extreme limp.

e.g., I had knee surgery and once they let me put weight on it again, I had to quasimodo it everywhere I went.

submitted by ditnis

quasipology - Pretending to apologize to someone, but in reality only justifying the actions you should be apologizing for.

e.g., After the meeting, Dave came up to me and started to say he was sorry for shafting my project and lying to the manager about it. But then he just quasipologized instead and said he's had problems like this before, so he has reason to be paranoid and he has to take preemptive measures because I might've done something wrong later. For about five seconds, I thought he'd actually apologized.

submitted by Phungus

quasistandard - (adj.) (KWAY-zai-STAN-derd) Barely standard, or at the very low end of what is generally acceptable. (Etymology: quasi- [nearly, borderline] + standard.)

e.g., The English pronunciation that most people use is nuclear. When George W. Bush used to say nucular, it drove a lot of people insane. I won't say that that isn't one of the correct pronunciations, but it's definitely quasistandard to us.

submitted by Mirakle B.

quat - Past tense of quit.

e.g., I didn't like softball so I quat.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

quat - The mixture of rain and temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

e.g., All this quat lately has me in a dreary mood.

submitted by David

quatang - It is the substance in the mouth, particularly the back of the throat that is usually spat out in the morning after a lot of smoking the previous night.

e.g., When I awoke I couldn't talk until I got the quatang out of my mouth.

submitted by matt clarke

quaylote - A stupid remark that is as quoteworthy as one of Dan Quayle's remarks.

e.g., "I stand by all the misstatements that I've made," is quaylote of Dan Quayle.

submitted by Bob Beynon

quazoosel - When the person you're dating is a bit too good looking for you they may be a bit quazoosel. From the UK comedy "The Sketch Show."

e.g., I'm dating this really pretty girl at the moment. She looks like a supermodel. I'm worried that she may be a bit quazoosel.

submitted by Christopher Moriarty

quazzle - Style, stylish.

e.g., That redneck dancin' the white man's shuffle has no quazzle.

submitted by Dan - (www)

que - Cue. Note the misuse of "there" instead of "their" in the example.

e.g., "His henchmen in DOJ and elsewhere took this as there que to manufacture their case for gun control."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

que - Common misspelling for queue. I have to check myself to make sure I use the correct spelling. No doubt the day is coming when it will have the meaning a lot of people think it does. Que; is an abbreviation and the word que in Spanish means what. || Until I checked, I thought "que" had the meaning "pigtail," but it doesn't. It's now obsolete, but the 1913 Webster's defines que as "a half farthing." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "The great timing referred to was seeing 'presster' in the pseudodictionary input que, submitted by Mitchell Yerzy."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

que ongo - The Spanish Slang form of "What's up?"

e.g., ¿Que ongo, amigo?

submitted by Arcane Lazuruz - (www)

queath - (KWEETH; v.) 1. To undertake a journey of great scope or duration in order to accomplish some (usually thankless) mighty deed or discover some amazing truth; i.e., to go on a quest; 2. to go looking for something, ironically treated as some high, holy, mythic, or romantic adventure. [The verb form of_Quest_, based upon analogy with_bequeath_~_bequest_. This same pattern can be used for word pairs such as_requeath_~_request_, _inqueath_~_inquest_, and even_weath_~_west_ (that is, going west is_weathing_.]

e.g., "Lo, O my brother, 'tis a fortnight sith the treacherous Sir Richard bereft thee of the lands in which thou didst besport thee in the hunt and the trial of arms. Certes, 'tis long since the tears of sharpest grief must vanish like the dews of heaven before the stern demands of manly vengeance!" "... ... what?" "He means Rich has had your Assassin's Creed game for two weeks. He wants you to go get it back." "... ...what? Why did he say---?" "Yea, my Brother, let us Queath! In good sooth!" "... in good soo---?" "Don't talk to him: it makes it worse. Just call Richard." "Behold! We shall queath a quest hitherto unqueathed, worthy of story and song. Yea! We shall---" "Shut up, man, he's on the phone getting the game back." "Oh. Good.---I mean, um, 'Tis well, and our brother is a man full wonderly courageous!" "Yeah yeah. Since your up, queath me some potato chips, okay? ... Well? 'To horse, man, set thee forth! Leave me not chipless!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

queeby - Preposterously dorky in deed or act, so nerdy as to be painfully embarrassing even in recollection.

e.g., I walked into Chris's office. There he was, talking to himself -- in a fake English lord's accent. Definitely queeby. You do realize that he would most assuredly not have an office if his mother didn't own the company?

submitted by corinna - (www)

queed - Descriptive word for a person who is not a desirable date due to lack of social interaction capabilities and personal hygiene.

e.g., Are you serious? Me, go out with him? Ugh! He's such a queed.

submitted by Lari

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