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quadaterm - Showing in a paragraph that a lot of four letter words were used.

e.g., The paragraph was one huge quadaterm.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

quaddle - Cool, tight, awesome, sweet, etc.

e.g., Marie, that shirt you are wearing is very quaddle.

submitted by Marie

quadraful - Wonderful times four.

e.g., I'm feeling exponentially quadraful today.

submitted by bigSimon - (www)

quadrammit - An expletive of fourfold frustration.

e.g., That's the fourth time I hit my thumb with the hammer, quadrammit.

submitted by Peter - (www)

quadrangulate - Correspond, jive, square.

e.g., We're lucky if what a politician says today quadrangulates with what she said yesterday.

submitted by Knom

quadrasymmetry - The state of a graphic, rendering, or object that can be divided into four equal (identical) pieces.

e.g., The amulet was made of gleaming metal and its design was quadrasymmetrical, having four large sculls on the edges of its surface.

submitted by Glen H. May

quadrice - Beyond once, beyond twice, beyond thrice: the word for doing something four times.

e.g., You've had your new words accepted twice? Maybe thrice? I can't believe you've done it quadrice. Do you get a button to wear?

submitted by Mike, CTC

quadripolar - A Gemini schizophrenic; any being with four distinctly different personalities

e.g., Here comes George. I wonder who the quadripolar is today!

submitted by Brian Born - (www)

quadroculousness - Having to wear glasses to see.

e.g., Sometimes kids are made fun of due to their quadroculousness.

submitted by Ayla

quadroptic - Having four eyes. It can also be used to mean "using four eyes" Coined for a poem.

e.g., Check out the four-eyed aliens. I'd hate to be quadroptic like that. OR Those things have a really weird quadroptic stare.

submitted by Aurora

quadrupedicure - Caring for the feet (or paws) of four-footed creatures.

e.g., My cat is in dire need of a quadrupedicure.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

quadtwitcher - Someone who constantly gesticulates the double quotation marks with the index and middle fingers of both hands while she talks.

e.g., The new lecturer in philosophy was such a quadtwitcher I thought she'd develop carpal tunnel.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

quaffy shop - A bar or other drinking establishment.

e.g., Let's go to the quaffy shop and have a few beers.

submitted by Knom

quag - "problem, gripe"

e.g., What's HIS quag?

submitted by Celeste

quaggaburger - A burger sandwich made with ground quagga. (Gotta be freezer-burned for sure.)

e.g., Steve: "What's for din' hun?" Tammy: "Quaggaburgers with russian fries. I'll put extra horseradish on yer burger since you like it on all meats over a hundred years old."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quagged - To obsess about something--mentally caught in the quagmire.

e.g., Mary was really quagged yesterday about her car breaking down.

submitted by Xeeba

quaggle - An intense, usually one-sided exchange where you try to convince the authority figure to do something for you. Usually used as a verb, adverb, or adjective; it doesn't work well as a noun. Combination of the words "haggle" and "question."

e.g., "We are not going to quaggle in this store." "Stop pestering me, I don't feel like quaggling with you right now." "Sorry, he's such a quaggler."

submitted by James Hamilton

quagmind - A confused mental or emotional state.

e.g., I'm mired in this quagmind and I still don't know what to do.

submitted by Danielle Thys

quake up - Wake up.

e.g., Quake up and let's go.

submitted by Preston F

qualidill - A quadrillion quadrillions.

e.g., The universe is said to be four qualidills across.

submitted by bob keith

qualiflied - Highly skilled individual that is so good that everything s/he does flies and meets success.

e.g., Been working with him for years. The dude is truly qualiflied!

submitted by Kulnor the Wise - (www)

qualitagious - High quality.

e.g., These photographs are very qualitagious.

submitted by Richard Sedgman

quality - To give emphasis on absolutely anything. Can be used positively or negatively.

e.g., I just had a quality semi-brilliant idea.

submitted by #1 stunna

qualit├Ąts - An object of excessive greatness or downright marvelous.

e.g., It was rather qualit├Ąts.

submitted by Thom Curtis - (www)

qualms - The questioning moments of indecision each person has, just before making a charitable contribution.

e.g., Monk, the TV detective, hesitates before the holiday bell-ringer's pot. Should he put in SOME or ALL of his loose change? Should he make it a dollar or more? Would the bell-ringer leave the money there for charity? Would the bell-ringer put it in his own pocket to be spent on booze later? Monk stands frozen with qualms.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quampha - All the unnecessary things in your life. Can be used for an item, an event, or a frame of mind.

e.g., My wife's handbag is full of quampha. She has three shades of lipgloss, two umbrellas, two pairs of sunglasses, and keys to a car I sold last year in it.

submitted by Kenneth - (www)

quandrizing - Being in or thinking up a quandary.

e.g., He quandrized for many hours over the problem.

submitted by Chris Dunkel

quandry - Quandary: "state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options."

e.g., A fundamental tenet of a sane legal system has to be that people caught breaking the law do not benefit from their crimes. Corollary: Children who come to the United States with their illegal alien parents should not benefit from their parents' crime(s). At the same time, justice demands that children not be punished for what their parents do. It's a quandry, isn't it?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

quangaroo - A small marsupial, run by committee.

e.g., No wonder our approach confused it, it's a quangaroo.

submitted by hamm - (www)

quango - Pronounced kwango. Used to describe something good. Current use in British army.

e.g., That car is quango.

submitted by paul

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