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paki tobaki - [pack-ee tuh-back-ee] A special tobacco ground to the fineness of gunpowder, flavored with oriental spice, and packed into a hookah for flavorful enjoyment. This is a form of tobacco that will please all users, whether first time or seasoned smokers. And there's no need to worry about getting hooked on the hookah. (-:

e.g., All right, here I find myself in north central Arkansas. Where do I go to find paki tobaki?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pakindos - Pakistanis and East Indians living abroad.

e.g., Chris: All the Pakindos living in London think they are English. Erle: Unless they just immigrated, they are.

submitted by irfan

pal-in-drone - The one member in your neighborhood, school or social group who, in a conversation, repetitively expresses the same thought -- forward, backward, inside out, etc.

e.g., Okay, Joey, so far, in the last five minutes you've said, 1. "Hey, Shrek 3 was really cool!" 1. "Cool, really, was Shrek 3, hey?" and 3. "Shrek 3 -- hey -- was cool, really!" That's enough, we get it -- you really liked Shrek 3!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

palacious - Expansive and opulent. Large and luxurious. Spacious and palatial. Also palatious.

e.g., The hotel I checked into in Colombia was palacious. I didn't expect such a fabulous place in a third world country.

submitted by KTR

palagiarize - Asking one of your best pals to come up with a needed word for something, then hurrying home in playful rivalry to submit it to pseudodictionary under your own name.

e.g., Mary, Suz & Jayne were on a mini-vacation when Mary asked Suz for a word to descibe such female outings. After Suz suggested a clever one, Mary scooted home immediately to be first to submit it to pseudodictionary.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

palais de poulet - KFC.

e.g., Zed: Whats for dinner? Ned: Let's hit palais de poulet.

submitted by wnpxnff

palanka - word used when describing a strong feeling of dummy happiness. Can also be applied to a situation. The word comes from a contraction of Paul Anka (famous soft-cheese singer).

e.g., A real cool palanka day

submitted by lola

palare - Also spelt polaris, this is a theatrical language which is now out of date. Also associated with circus performers and gays (polari). It is common in the UK radio show "Round the Horne" in the 1960s and was used by the out of work actors Julian and Sandy.

e.g., He knows all the palare doesn't he?

submitted by Adrian Hobbs

palasynthesis - Palabra = word; synthesis = to invent/create. Palasynthesis is the invention of new words. My brother and I made that up.

e.g., Robby and I love to palasynthesize since we are both creative people.

submitted by Lisa

pale ontology - The word,"paleontology" ("the study of prehistoric forms of animal and plant life"), when split into two words, denotes a clinical, indoor, and insular examination of old, dead things. Antonym: Tan tric.

e.g., During Mark's long quest in the field of pale ontology, his only social discourse was an occasional one-way conversation with an attractive molusk from the Crustacean period.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

paleo - (PAY-lee-oh; n.) 1. A period of time long, long, long ago (e.g., before about 1980, although caveman days and dinosaurs are equally "paleo"); 2. A person from long ago (e.g., Korg the Neanderthal, Methuselah, Khufu, Hammurabi; 3. From the current 20-something POV, contemporaries of "really ancient people": Richelieu, Thomas Jefferson, Wyatt Earp, Bing Crosby, etc.; 4. Anybody who remembers the Mercury Program, the first episode of Doctor Who, the 1963 Civil Rights march, or Great Britain's switch to decimal currency. (adj.) 5. Really, really old; 6. Dating from ages past (sufficiently long ago that the era is known chiefly from archaeology or tradition); 7. (facetiously, I hope) Anything from before 1980. [From Greek_palaios_"old, ancient," as in_paleozoic_"ancient life" or_paleolithic_"ancient stone."]

e.g., "Maynard Krebs?!---Are you serious? You're going to the costume party as Maynard G. Krebs?! That is so paleo." | "Hey, I went to grade school in Annandale, Virginia! Is there still that shopping center by the Beltway with the---." "Are you kidding? Everything's got to be different by now. You are as paleo as a wooly mammoth! When did you go to school? 1970-something?" "Um, no: 1966." "1966?! What school?: Brontosaurus Elementary?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

paleohippie - An aging hipster, especially one with an AARP card.

e.g., At the Rainbow Gathering this summer we saw the full gamut -- punk to paleohippie.

submitted by Art Goodtimes - (www)

paleomingus - An era shortly after the neoCharleston period when avante guarde jazz music was cooler than that before the Ice Age.

e.g., "That's just a Paleomingus disk, Jim, -Way out! my Bee-Bop Buddy!"

submitted by Yanno

paleoposterosity - Keeping posters of famous actresses, rock stars, and other glitterati affixed to your walls long after they are no longer in vogue.

e.g., I went into Tina's room, and talk about a case of paleoposterosity: she still has Duran Duran posters covering her walls.

submitted by Paul

palicip - Pa-LIS-ep. Licking one's own lips continually, even though they are chapped and licking them only makes them hurt worse.

e.g., Nicky: "Oww. my lips are so chapped!" Lauryn: "Well, quit paliciping them!"

submitted by lauryn

palijander - An idiot, a weirdo.

e.g., Vibor ovog sajta je totalni palijander.

submitted by Vibor - (www)

palimpsest - Palimpsest: "a very old document that writing was removed from and the surface written on again. Sometimes the older writing on a palimpsest can still be read." A real word that's getting added only because I didn't recognize it when I ran across it in a review of the new James Bond film at Rotten Tomatoes.

e.g., "A Bond that, for all its grandiose production values, is little more than an anthology of previous Bonds, a palimpsest even, to be fancier about it." | For me, all but the worst of the Bond films are worth a look, palimpsest or not. Chances are excellent that I'll go to a movie theater to see it. Can hardly go wrong with a $4.32 ticket. The opening sequence will probably be worth that in entertainment value.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

palindromese - Secret language based on forming a palindrome of each spoken word.

e.g., "Did she hear you?" "Nah, we were speaking palindromese."

submitted by carl

palinphrase - To invent a word, perhaps by accident, which then becomes accepted into common usage in the English language. The New American Oxford dictionary recently named Sarah Palin’s word “refudiate” their 2010 Word of the Year.

e.g., When Suzi couldn’t find the right word, she’d often palinphrase or invent a new one as she was speaking.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

palk - A geriatric, trundling motion, devoid of any other deliberation bar that of the need to get to B from A.

e.g., Old Mrs Watts palked across the zebra crossing to fetch her pension.

submitted by x0n - (www)

palladium - A familiar word, used in an unfamiliar , even archaic, way: safeguard. The example is based on the fact that Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, believes the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms -- as has been decided recently in two cases that went to the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat's nominee, has said the Supreme Court decided wrong. Those who favor the decisions fear she will appoint an Associate Justice to an instance of the Supreme Court that will overturn the decisions when next a gun rights case goes before them. Clinton and her supporters say the fears are unfounded, but there are people who don't trust her to be telling the truth.

e.g., "Trump, like all GOP candidates for president, is for strict obedience to the Second Amendment, which has been called the palladium of our liberty. He's allied himself with -- and been endorsed by -- the National Rifle Association."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

palligator - A supposed friend who takes advantage of you.

e.g., I no longer trust her; she's a palligator.

submitted by Bob Riedel

pally - Used either for someone who is more than an acquantiance but less than a friend or for people you don't know. Used like "Sport." As in, "Why don't you just call me Sport?"

e.g., Listen here, pally, I won't give you this orange for free. Not on your life.

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

palm-salsa - Hand sweat

e.g., I've got serious Palm-Salsa going on here from my mouse

submitted by Chonk

palmed - confronting an acquaintance on one's way to an unrelated appointment, while insisting on spending a minimum of 15 unaffordable minutes reviewing how cool each other's Palm Pilot device is.

e.g., Sorry I'm late for the video conference, Jake. I just got palmed in the hallway.

submitted by Don Chong

palmer eldritch moment - The apparent bending of reality, as happens frequently in the sci-fi classic "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch," by Philip K. Dick.

e.g., "Hey, I read the word 'adulation' in my book the exact moment you said it." "Wow, Palmer Eldritch moment."

submitted by Adam Leslie

palmify - Enter info into your favorite PDA.

e.g., Mark forgot to palmify his girlfriend's birthday, now he is in the dog house.

submitted by Mark

palmpilot - Clueless, helpless, loser, etc.

e.g., That guy is a Palmpilot.

submitted by Cowgrrl

palms up - Stretching your arms out to the side of your body with your palms facing skyward. This is a physical response to being surprisingly disrespected or innocently wronged.

e.g., I went palms up when my car was rear-ended while it was parked.

submitted by John Carlock

palmy - Sweaty hands. | A Palm Pilot fanactic.

e.g., My hands were palmy while I was giving the speech about technology today. | He's a palmy kind of guy.

submitted by B Dailey

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