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puzzlejuice - Quality exhibted by something freshly unknown to the mind, or something just in the process of being solved.

e.g., "Wait. Go back and say that again." "I'm not sure I can. It's still covered in puzzlejuice."

submitted by Graham Dean

puzzussion - Puzzled confusion.

e.g., I have a serious case of puzzussion.

submitted by Beverley

pvedderphall - Feh-dur-fahl. Falling slowly or slowing one's fall.

e.g., The best way to pvedderphall from 30,000 feet is to use a parachute.

submitted by Jeff

pvyrebaal - (Pronounced: "fireball") A fireball made up of blue or green flame. Also used to describe flame used by necromancers and other evil wizards.

e.g., The necromancer heated his cauldron with a well-cast pvyrebaal.

submitted by Jeff

pweep - How you pronounce PWP. Pweeps refers to friends who are PWPs -- people without papers, in the country illegally.

e.g., "Do you have plans for this evening?" "Nothing special. Just gonna go to the mall and hang out with my pweeps. And girl watch." "Ah, yes, an age-old tradition that: girl watching. Just not at the mall. That part's new. ... Hey, are we still allowed to call them that? Girls? After all, they're not exactly girls any more." "You're right. Most of them are older than seventy now." "You're kidding, right? I mean when you say 'MOST of them.' To be right you'd have to say 'ALL of them.'" "Right again. One of my best girlfriends is in her eighties. And the youngest chick I know turned seventy-five last month." "Now you're kidding me again, Chuck. 'Chick'? You'll never get away with saying that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pwinkerhoff - I don't know, do you?

e.g., Bobfred: What's the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada? Georgemike: Pwinkerhoff.

submitted by Katabrain

pwnage - Ownage. The word "own" is often used in the gaming world. When people type quickly, they make more typos. "Pwnage" is one of them, because the O is right next to the P. Eventually, the habit turned into an actual statement used. Definition: superiority, the acquisition of more skill or ability than other things or people. Pronunciation: POE-nidge.

e.g., This is total pwnage. I pwned you.

submitted by Mindliner

pwned - Past tense. To have seized complete control over something or someone. To render a victim completely helpless and at the absolute mercy of the victor. Comes from "owned," as used in hacker speak to represent complete ownership of a hacked computer system or defacement of a website. The variant of spelling is thought to have occurred due typing errors in online games. On a computer keyboard the letter "p" is close to the letter "o," so "pwned" became a common misspelling. New online gamers seeing this misspelling simply adopted it as a substitute for "owned." Variations: owned, ownz.

e.g., I pwned you when I took first place in the competition.

submitted by Alex Bates - (www)

pwnl - Pwinol. Person With No Life.

e.g., He can quote any "Dr. Who" episode from memory? He's one serious PWNL.

submitted by Ari G.

pwp - People without papers. A proposed euphemism to use in place of illegal alien or illegal immigrant, both terms effectively having been banned by the Associated Press in 2013 when it updated its stye book. (I make no claim of originality. Surely someone else has come up with this before now.) {Duplicate.}

e.g., "See anyone you knew when you were at Home Depot this morning?" "No one I know. Just a few familiar faces among the PWPs who hang out there." "PWPs? What are PWPs?" "People without papers. Previously called illegal aliens or illegal immigrants. A bunch of them hang out in the Home Depot parking lot every morning hoping to get hired as day laborers. We used to call them wetbacks when I was growing up. They'd show up every spring to pick strawberries. They came here legally then, as part of the Bracero Program. [You can find out about the Bracero Program at Wikipedia.]" "Seriously?" "Seriously. I have at least one friend who still calls them that. She's a government official in ... somewhere in the Southwest. Think I'll tell her about my invention and see if she's interested in promoting its use."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pwtd - Post-Wedgie Trauma Disorder -- what makes the grammar snobs the meanies they are.

e.g., "Dammit, why can't Lillith be more like Betsy and I? Why does she have to be such a . . . such a bitch grammar snob?" "I'm almost certain it's because of her PWTD. By the way, that should be 'Betsy and me,' professor."

submitted by [June Casagrande] - (www)

pwup - Plastic traffic cones. (They make a "pwup" sound when dropped on the ground.)

e.g., When navigating the driver's test, you have to be careful not to run into any pwups.

submitted by Michele Mantynen

py - (pronounced like "pie"; n.) Piety. (on analogy with "perfidious" (adj.) -> "perfidy" (n.), "industrious" (adj.) -> "industry" (n.)).

e.g., Kindness is the true measure of py. | If you have no inward py, your outward py is just a lie.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pyew-pyew & zwoom-zwoom - Refers to action in a science-fiction movie. From the sound of the blasters and light sabers of the Star Wars stories.

e.g., I can't wait for Star Wars 3 to open, because it looks to contain a lot of pyew-pyew and zwoom-zwoom.

submitted by beefarino

pyramidiot - New-age dilettante with all the "toys": pyramids, crystals, tarot cards, etc., but with no real knowledge, understanding, or dedication.

e.g., Most of the people in my circle are serious Wiccans, but we do get the odd pyramidiot.

submitted by J. Field

pyrokleptic - One who pockets a lighter or book of matches.

e.g., That pyrokleptic stole my lighter.

submitted by Logumby

pyrokleptomanic - Someone who steals disposable lighters, usually without knowing it--or claiming not to know it.

e.g., My boyfriend is a pyrokleptomanic, is yours?

submitted by pam

pyropiganatic - A person with a love of flaming pigs. Not to be confused with those who enjoy insulting pigs on Internet forums.

e.g., If you like that burning pig, you must be a pyropiganatic.

submitted by Olaph

pyropile - Many years ago I wrote and sold a short story which alluded to professional arsonists out for hire to businesses and individuals looking to collect on fire insurance. It seemed worthwhile at the time to have a collective noun for the professionals, hence "pyropile." Since arsonists are almost invariably loners, I’m not too surprised to see that my neologism never caught on.

e.g., He could see only one possible way to avoid bankruptcy and that was to collect the fire insurance on his already doomed business. Luckily, his disreputable nephew knew of a pyropile of arsonists who, for part of the take, would happily help him out of his financial difficulties.

submitted by John A. Broussard - (www)

pythonian deductive reasoning - A form of deductive reasoning patterned after the witch burning scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

e.g., Using Pythonian Deductive Reasoning we can establish: Since it's warmer in Boston than Phoenix, it's winter. Something is changing nature's patterns. Witches practice in meddling in nature. Therefore, witches are causing the warm weather in Boston.

submitted by Michael Buehler

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