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p the q - Pop the Question, propose marriage.

e.g., Holy cow, I just have a feeling that Jason is going to P the Q.

submitted by Kendra

póg mo thóin - Pog mo thoin. Irish Gaelic for "Kiss my ass."

e.g., "For my own amusement, I told a bunch of my friends, the Irish Gaelic phrase 'Pog mo thoin' means, 'Happy St. Patrick's Day.' I lied."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

p'toon - 1. (Militry) Two or more squads, 2. (Saloons and tonsorial establishments) Repository for squirts and quids.

e.g., 1. P'toon, HALT. 2. What a mess. He missed the p'toon.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

p,lsb - Poor, Long-Suffering Bride. From Jim Lewin'sbook flaps: musings of a smalltime bookseller:: "A Flappers' Dictionary". Some of the following flapper slang has already been added to the pdeudodictionar. More and more expansive definitions|descriptions and examples will be added … soon -- soon, at least in terms of geological time and the age of the universe. JimL sez, : "Originally published in the July 1922 edition of FLAPPER magazine, this dictionary went into some detail, listing the group's slang and providing definitions. In the process, it also provided an insight: through the slang we can begin to discern attitudes and priorities and the mindset of the adherents. And the adherents, after all, were our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Who knew?" Absent Treatment -- Dancing with a bashful partner. Airedale -- A homely man. Alarm Clock -- Chaperon. Anchor -- Box of flowers. Apple Knocker -- A hick; a hay-shaker. Apple Sauce -- Flattery; bunk. Barlow -- A girl, a flapper, a chicken. Bank's Closed -- No petting allowed; no kisses. Barneymugging -- Lovemaking. Bee's Knees -- See "Cat's Pajamas" Bell Polisher -- A young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m. Bean Picker -- One who patches up trouble and picks up spilled beans. Berry Patch -- A man's particular interest in a girl. Berries -- Great. Biscuit -- A pettable flapper. Big Timer -- (n. masc.) -- A charmer able to convince his sweetie that a jollier thing would be to get a snack in an armchair lunchroom; a romantic. A Flappers' Dictionary (Thanks, JimL, via Submitterator!)

e.g., "My P,LSB, ready and eager to join the movement, was amused by the term 'Father Time' and couldn't help but notice that it applied to one of us at the dinner table. And that was fine, until I pointed out that 'Rock of Ages' might also have a present application."

submitted by [Lillith, for Jim Lewin] - (www)

p.a.t. - Pitching a Tent.

e.g., Look, I'm PAT.

submitted by Richard Drawdy

p.i.g - Pretty Intelligent Girl. Used when a female is called a pig.

e.g., Chris: You're a PIG. Beth: Yes, I know I'm a pretty intellegent girl.

submitted by rach

p.m.s. - Permanent Male Syndrome. May be used for a male who is either continually unintelligent or behaving in a rude, chauvinistic manner.

e.g., Rose: Mally's new boyfriend isn't very bright. Deb: I'll say. He must suffer from P.M.S. I know she suffers from his condition ... and not just monthly.

submitted by Amanda Arcand

p.o. - Painfully obvious.

e.g., It is p.o. to me that you are not interested in returning my calls.

submitted by lisa

p.t. boredom - A putdown directed at someone with a rather bombastic or otherwise stentorian style of delivery such as is liable to drive the audience to outright boredom or ennui. (Patterned, obviously, on American showman P.T. Barnum, who was known for his exaggerated, bombastic approaches; the term itself is from an episode of Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.")

e.g., "Top THAT, P.T. Boredom," Cindy Vortex, to Jimmy Neutron.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

p.u. or pee-yeuw - Exclamation used when one encounters something that stinks, something that smells foul.

e.g., My friend Goo says, "P.U." From the song "Goo" by Sonic Youth (1990) from the CD of the same name.

submitted by Dave

p2c2e - A process too complicated to explain. From Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

e.g., How the atom can be split using a toaster and a household drill? Well, I'm afraid that's a p2c2e.

submitted by mad

p9zza - Pizza, as originated by a typo.

e.g., Wow, I sure am hungry. Do you have any leftover p9zza in the fridge?

submitted by megu - (www)

pab - Poor Arse Bastard. Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful. or stupid in extreme doses.

e.g., If you read human-baboon's entries, you're a PAB.

submitted by human_baboon

pablumia - A universal name for urban communities whose ambiances of uniqueness and regional flavor have been eradicated in favor of cookie cutter chain retail stores, restaurants, background music, entertainment and interchangeable local residents all dressed as Americans. The word is from the baby food, Pablum, which has a bland consistency and is completely tasteless.

e.g., No matter where the traveler goes today, he finds himself in Pablumia. Shed a tear for the excitement of shopping in other lands -- London might as well be Laredo. (Thanks to grammarfreak for the idea).

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pac-man - Pac-man: To reduce a large task, job or mission into small and manageable bite-sized pieces. These small bite-sized pieces of a project can later be assembled to form a completed task, job or mission.

e.g., Mr. Chivo Expiatorio knew that the many illegal charges laid against him would require him to adopt a pac-man approach in researching, reading, and understanding the legal process. Bite by researched bite, digested pieces by reading pieces, his fueling would come from his consumed power pellets that would drive his understanding of the legal process.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira - (www)

pachaka - Defeating end of show.

e.g., It was a great pachaka when he tried to hit the ball but was clean bold.

submitted by Mukund Kaduskar

pachinko - Addictive. From the same-named Japanese gambling game, similar to a slot maching.

e.g., The abuseatron is very pachinko. I can't stop visiting it.

submitted by EggieChan

pachycephalic - An eggheaded way of saying someone is thick-headed or dense. From the Latin pachys "thick" + cephalus "head."

e.g., Don't bother trying to explain servers to him. He's pachycephalic when it comes to computers.

submitted by Shaduan

pachydermatology - The branch of medicine that is concerned with the physiology and pathology of elephant skin.

e.g., Let's get a vet that specializes in pachydermatology to treat Jumbo's rash.

submitted by Robert Shaver - (www)

pachydermic - This word describes the hugest scariest needle of all time -- one that makes the squeamish faint dead away -- because it looks exactly as though it could inoculate an elephant.

e.g., "Omigosh!" Sarah cried in horror. "You're not going to inject me with that pachydermic needle, are you? Do I look like an elephant?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pacific - precise

e.g., John said he wanted to be very pacific on this one point

submitted by August Busso

pacific northwet - The states of Oregon and Washington, based on their seemingly perpetual state of rain.

e.g., I'm from Portland, in the Pacific NorthWet.

submitted by Eleri (from rain_man)

pacific student time - Not to be confused with Pacific Standard Time (PST). One of the more unusual time zones. Although there are no cities that run on Pacific Student Time, a certain portion of the population in many university towns live on it. It is characterised by unscheduled shifts back and forward due to clubbing, movies, parties, games, and, very occasionally, classes. Due to these seemingly random shifts, many people who live on PST can either be regarded as being immune to jet lag, or alternatively living in a permanent state of jet lag.

e.g., I live on Pacific Student Time -- 8 pm is lunch time.

submitted by Nicholas Daley

pacificly - Alternativee spelling for specifically.

e.g., I pacificly told Andrew to clean the bagpipes.

submitted by emily and richard

pacify - Military lingo for securing a hostile area, usually by killing the hostiles therein.

e.g., We pacified the landing zone and brought the choppers in.

submitted by qnarf

pack totem - Tattoo used by all members of a gang or group.

e.g., Yeah, our Pack Totem is a blue and purple skull. Reminds us who our friends are, ya know?

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

pack up - A pack up is a meal that is pre-prepared and taken away to be eaten at another time, e.g., a picnic or school lunch. It can be packed into a variety of receptacles for transport and storage including a brown paper bag, a plastic box, or simply wrapped in clingfilm or foil.

e.g., Brook Harrison reached the highest point at Brimham Rocks and decided to have a bite to eat and a drink. She pulled out her pack up and munched down on some delicious quiche.

submitted by Joe Grice

pack-a-hurdle - Large group of exceptionally stupid people.

e.g., I feel like I'm trapped in a pack-a-hurdle.

submitted by Brian

packetize - To arrange or assemble various printed materials into packets.

e.g., In preparation for the weekly staff meeting, he packetized all the information for his staff members.

submitted by Andy Swanda

packles - Southern (esp. Louisiana) variant pronunciation of really good homemade "pickles."

e.g., Mmmm-mm-mmmmm, yoo shur do make sum fine packles Steve-O.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

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