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oxternals - Armpit hair that protrudes beyond the limits of the sleeeves of a t-shirt.

e.g., Notice in a military barracks: All those showing their xxternals will be required to report to the barber shop immediately.

submitted by John Waid

oxy-condom - A special device, impregnated with tiny particles of morphon.

e.g., They may cost a little more, but the oxy-condom is top of the line, the cat's meow..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oxygen - A woman who finds males always wrong in all catergories regardless of the situation..

e.g., Ms. Koeler, stop your ranting. He'll think you're an oxygen. He didn't mean anything by that comment. He was joking.

submitted by Ian Faynik

oxygen thief - An utterly worthless person, without redeeming qualities of any kind.

e.g., Chris, you're only an oxygen thief.

submitted by Fiona

oxymnemonic - Using a mnemonic, or anachronym, and adding the last letter's word to the phrase, eg: PIN number ATM machine

e.g., PIN number, is really saying 'personal id number number or ATM machine, is really saying automatic teller machine machine

submitted by Peter Vincent

oy - a verbally expressed sigh

e.g., Dan: Joan, your roommate once again managed to set your closet on fire. Joan: Oy...

submitted by Charlene

oy vay - It comes from a language called Yiddish which was spoken by European Jews. It is a mixture of Hebrew, German and various Slavic languages. Prior to WWII about eleven million people spoke Yiddish; newspapers and books were published in the language, and there was Yiddish theater in Europe, the United States and Latin America. "Oy!" can mean any number of things, depending on the context and the way it is said. It can express both dejection and joy; ecstasy and horror. "Oy Vay" literally means "oh pain," but it is often used to express just the opposite. A book titled The Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten, lists 29 ways the expression "Oy!" can be used.

e.g., They did what to the network? Oy vay!

submitted by Bryan - (www)

oy vey - Standard Jewish expression of exasperation, frustration, annoyance, sympathy.

e.g., Did you see the weasel at the bar? He wouldn't leave me alone all night. Oy vey, what a loser.

submitted by emerald

oya! - An exclamation of strong approval or disapproval. Always spelled with an exclamation mark and used as a stand-alone word. A natural expression that is inborn in some earthy people.

e.g., Oya! That was the worst joke I've ever heard!

submitted by Steve McDonald

oya-boya! - A strong exclamation indicating surprise, pleasure, pain, or any profound reaction to something. This is a naturally developed expression from the depths of my own mind, probably derived from the shorter expression "Oy!"

e.g., Oya-boya! What a fine, big set she's got.

submitted by Steve McDonald

oye - A word used during suprising moments.

e.g., Oye! Your mom is posing nude on the internet. Oye!, this beer is bad."

submitted by ap

oyks - Exclamation, like "that stinks" or "oh man" or "great . . . this is gonna stink." Synonyms: great., blah, darn, oh man, that stinks, etc.

e.g., Teacher: Pop quiz everyone.Brandon: Oyks, I didn't read the assignment last night. | Ollie: I'm sore all over. Chuck: Oyks. Well, I hope you get better soon.

submitted by Brandon

oyster - One who uses many Jewish or Yiddish words or expressions as part of everyday speech, but may or may not be Jewish.

e.g., Did you hear her talking about the gefilte fish? She's just an oyster.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

oysterectomy - The practice or procedure of removing pearls from their shell. Normally quite painless and certainly profitable. A useful skill when you have lots of oysters -- of the right variety, that is.

e.g., With the practice of oysterectomy, one wonders if one is to eat the oysters therein with the removal of the pearls of great price thereout.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ozay - (n) Someone crazier than you. (adj) In the present state of being crazier than you. (From the Sarah Silverman program.)

e.g., 1. Your friend is ozay 2. I'll give you the money, for Christ's sake. You're being really ozay about this.

submitted by Andy - (www)

ozoamblyrosis - "The loss of sexual desire due to the unpleasant body odour of one’s partner," according to Michael Quinion. He got the word from _Depraved and Insulting English_. Real or not real?

e.g., She asked me if I wanted to come up for a cup of coffee -- which I took to mean for sex. "No thank you," I said, "I'm having a problem this evening with ozoamblyrosis." Entirely true and straightforward. I figured she wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about or why I was taking a pass on her generous offer. That's the way it goes sometimes when you're the designated driver.

submitted by HD Fowler

oztrailya - Where Americans think Aussies are from.

e.g., For our holiday we went to Oztrailya.

submitted by Fred

ozworthy - An action or event, usually in drama or literature, which contains extreme violence or sexual perversion and has no purpose other than shock value. Referring to the HBO fictional series, OZ, about life in a maximum security prison.

e.g., _South Park_ is sometimes Ozworthy, but it still makes you laugh.

submitted by David Mazzotta - (www)

ozz - The place where people go after abusing drugs too much. Side effects of entering Ozz include constantly unintelligible speech and limited body movement.

e.g., Bob Dylan entered Ozz so long ago that all he can manage to do is hold notecards with his lyrics written on them.

submitted by PPM - (www)

ozzified - 1. Something with Ozzy Osbourne paraphernalia all over it. 2. Someone who has become a fan of Ozzy, especially after not being very familiar with him.

e.g., After painting it black, airbrushing the cover photo from "Bark at the Moon," putting Sabbath bumper stickers on it, and getting "OZZY 666" as a vanity plate, Jim's truck was certainly Ozzified.

submitted by Crazy Larry

ozzy - Often refering to a very big person.

e.g., That guy is definitely an ozzie--he's huge!

submitted by Luke

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