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oblitterfricate - To utterly erase from existence; to remove any trace of the possibility of continued existence or resurrection. A more absolute variation of obliterate.

e.g., Take one more step and I'll oblitterfricate you.

submitted by Enigma

obliviot - Oblivious idiot. One who thinks the world revolves around her, and that she can do no wrong no matter how dumb she acts. | A leftist political idiot, one not up to fulfilling her role in the office to which she's been elected -- oblivious to how she should respond to what's going on. The most pernicious kind of idiot -- one with power.

e.g., Did you see that guy just sitting at the red light? What a freaking obliviot. | "Gotta love it. BØ 'known for his cool.' Doesn't anyone realize he's just an obliviot? Nothing will faze someone who is permanently out to lunch."

submitted by Lisa Leckey-Swanson | beelzebub - (www)

oblusionment - To forget the reality of the situation and perceive it in one's own subjective light, thus misleading the self.

e.g., Damian (a balding-wrinkly-Texan oil tycoon) thought that Delilah (buxom-young-blonde model) was marrying him for true love. Such oblusionment is common in Texans.

submitted by surmiette

obnauseous - Someone or something that is so offensive that she makes you physically ill.

e.g., Her smell is obnauseous.

submitted by Anroo - (www)

obnok - ( 1. to be obnoxious or act obnoxiously; ( 2. to be obnoxious to somebody (back formation from obnoxious).

e.g., "I can't stand this: he just sits there with his beer belly and ESPN and does nothing but obnoks us all day." | "What are we going to do now, you jackass?" "Well, sitting around obnoxing won't help; that's for sure."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obnox - Obnoxious. Obnaux.

e.g., He was being an obnox.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

obnoxia - A form of "obnoxious" used to describe an entire class of obnoxious items.

e.g., I don't think of spam as "ads" per se, but more as just general obnoxia.

submitted by Cordelia

obnoxicated - the state of being intoxicated to the point of being obnoxious.

e.g., Kelly got obnoxicated again last night. She was cursing at everyone and monopolizing the conversation.

submitted by Jon

obnoxicity - The measure of how obnoxious someone is.

e.g., Chris's obnoxicity is off the scale.

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

obnoxify - To annoy or irritate someone else. Obnoxious to the point others want to strangle you.

e.g., No one can obnoxify me quite like he can. She is so obnoxifying... I can't stand being around her.

submitted by Rebekka

obnoxion - One who is obnoxious, one who behaves in an annoying fashion.

e.g., Some obnoxion in the back of the theater ruined my movie-going experience by giggling during the film's dramatic scenes.

submitted by Rachael

obnoxionable - Obnoxious and objectionable.

e.g., I went to class and the lecturer was so obnoxionable I walked out.

submitted by Glenn White

oboe - An English musical tramp.

e.g., The railroad dick booted the 'oboe off the train.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

obommovement - The remarkable movement inspired by Obama in this election year: Where did he come from, where is he going?

e.g., As a staunch Independent I am not a part of the Obommovement, but they seem to be having a lot of fun

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

obs - Police slang for observation. Meant as a compliment for a person's powers of observation of something not easily seen by others.

e.g., When Officer Sean saw the robbery in the alley, he was able to stop it, due to his good obs.

submitted by Heather - (www)

obscenator - A legislator who uses foul language

e.g., I hated listening to Obscenator Jones because he swore a lot.

submitted by Earl

obscenicons - Non-alphabetic characters used to obscure obscenities.

e.g., Is there any "rule" to follow for using obscenicons?

submitted by HD Fowler

obscurarity - Something that is valuable primarily because its unknown to most.

e.g., My favorite obscurarity is the tv show Turn On, which only aired once.

submitted by stephen campbell

obscurevation - An unpersuasive speaker's point, which no one else can see.

e.g., Our boss may think she's a highly observant visionary, but her obscurevations just aren't getting through to us.

submitted by John Breen

observising - A combination of observing and supervising.

e.g., That lifeguard is doing a great job of observising the pool.

submitted by Ryan

obsexed - Obsessed with sex. Mindset of sex only concerning the spoken subject.

e.g., She was obsexed with Bill -- she wanted only one thing out of their relationship.

submitted by Nitsan

obsqueakious - The irritating, under-the-breath adulatory comments made by the office toady whenever the boss speaks.

e.g., Listen up, Stanley. The next time Mr. Harter has a meeting and you start with the "yes sir, boss," "great idea," "you're sooo right" and other obsqueakious crap, I'm going to drive this sharp pencil into your carotid artery and you will quickly bleed to death. Got it? Understand?

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

obstecology - A mix of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

e.g., Linda had to see her obstecologist for her annual pap smear.

submitted by Joan

obstropulous - Hard to please, difficult

e.g., Your obstropulous nature is hard to bear.

submitted by Ann Kilgore

obstute - Having or showing denseness and phlegmaticism. An obstute observer, obstute remarks. Stolid; lethargic, sluggish, torpid. Etymology: Latin obstutus, from obstus = thick.

e.g., How obstute of you to notice.

submitted by scoobcrest

obtainium - Some type of material, usually used for paintings or sculpture that wasn't bought, but was obtained in other ways, such as dumpster diving, chance findings, donations or especially, stealing. Example: concrete blocks used for bookcases, "found" wood for skateboard ramps, couches and mattresses left out on the curb. This word traces back to about 1962 from a place called "Drop City," an alternative hippy commune before there was such a thing, located in Southern Colorado (cofounder: Clark Richert). Obtainium was used to describe the stolen and thrown away wood and metal cartops used to build the Ggodesic domes they lived and worked in. An entire geodesic dome cost in materials came to about $20. Probably for the nails! It also described the materials that they painted with and on.

e.g., This house is made with 100% pure obtainium; nothing used here was bought new... or even bought, for that matter.

submitted by Justin Simoni - (www)

obulous - Obvious, in a nebulous way; perfectly understandable but only if you're confused anyway

e.g., If only one component of a virtual particle escapes a black hole, the other must fall in, so obulously Mr. Hawking is wrong when he says black holes emit radiation-- there is no net gain or loss to the system.

submitted by Tom

obummer - When someone talks on and on and on ad nauseum touting herself or her ideas and you can't stand it anymore, that's a gross obummer

e.g., It's especially bad when a megalomaniac won't shut up and the morons are eating up everything she says. That's an obummer.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

obvi - Obviously

e.g., She was so obvi not cool.

submitted by Katie

obviated - Mistaken for the past tense of "obvious."

e.g., The accident had serious injuries, obviated by the gore and destruction.

submitted by bill snyder

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