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obamalaise - "(Noun) Having to do with the general feelings of helplessness and discontent, as well as lack of hope for positive change in the future due to the policies and behavior of Barack Obama and his administration." | The name given by conservative pundits to the economic downturn we continue to experience more than five years after obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Regardless of what President's economic policies (if any) caused the recession (double-dip? depression?), a sitting President eventually owns the problem. The term is an obvious reference to Carter's famously pessimistic Malaise Address.

e.g., Whaddaya think, Marty, how much longer will obamalaise continue? | God help me -- obama's within a hundred miles of me today and obamalaise is almost killing me.

submitted by [Finn Maccumhail] - (www)

obamania - Excessive enthusiasm for the Presidential candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Obamamania.

e.g., We need an intervention to save US for obamania. | Yeah, my sister goes overboard about anything liberal or "progressive." | She'll be going into rehab for 30 days for obamania.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamanize - To deliberately hinder, block, or sabotage one's actions and efforts in a direct attempt to impair, damage, or expel. Obamanization: Intentional injurious, destructive, damaging act or acts executed by one or more person(s) that aims to ultimately harm, eradicate, demolish or destroy.

e.g., The girls at the new firm hate me. They never invite me to social gatherings. Moreover, they withhold crucial information and refuse to give me the data I need to generate my reports. I think they are trying to obamanize me. | My surefire proposal to land a contract with an extremely successful company was stolen by a notorious competitor of mine. This led to my termination. It was a complete obamanization.

submitted by Kawanna

obamanna - (Obama + manna) supernatural boons and messianic miracles that Barack Obama is expected to graciously produce as the new president of the USA.

e.g., Don't expect obamanna immediately falling upon us after the presidential inauguration.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

obamateurism - Behavior by the U.S. President that shows how ill-prepared he is to be on the world stage as a politician, much less as a statesman.

e.g., When he bowed so low to the Emperor of Japan he almost appeared to be groveling, Barack Obama put on one of his worst displays of obamateurism to date.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamatron - Barack Obama's personal and top secret robot intern.

e.g., Barack: "Obamatron, get me a soda. This campaigning has me in a state of dehydration." Obamatron: "Beep beep, soda, soda, dreep, drup."

submitted by michael

obambi - The young followers of Barack Obama, 2008 Democrat presidential candidate -- the ones with the deer-in-the-headlights look. Singular or plural. When used as a singular noun, it is used to refer to the candidate himself.| Obama himself.

e.g., Many of them don't have a clue why they're for him, but the obambi gush their love for their candidate at the mere mention of his name.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamedia - What has been called the "mainstream media" is so far in tank for Barack Obama, it's only fair to refer to it as the Obamedia. P.T. Barnum, move over, any claim you had of being the greatest huckster in history pales compared to Barack Obama's. He's about to get well over 60,000,000 million votes for President of the United States.

e.g., Pat Buchanan, with only a slight edit: "Understandably, Powell is being hailed by the Obamedia as a profile in courage. Equally understandably, his endorsement of Obama is said by Republicans to smack of ingratitude, opportunism, and even vindictiveness toward a party to which he owes his fame and career." Gray Lady trolls Facebook for trash on Cindy McCain  I didn’t think my contempt for the Obamedia could get any stronger. I persuaded my husband to cancel his beloved NYT subscription years ago over their article revealing the SWIFT program. I didn’t think it was possible, but they are only getting worse, with their dumpster-diving, gynecological exams, and harassment of children. I really hate the majority of the media, with a burning intensity. juliesa on October 18, 2008 at 9:37 AM

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

obaminee - Any person nominated by the new commander-in-chief for a cabinet level position, pending confirmation by a Senate Committee. Given the questionable nature of the character or qualifications of the nominees so far -- seven bad apples in the first 16 days, one could reasonably expect that these Obama Nominees would "bomb-out" in front of the Senate Confirmation Committee Hearings, hence, "obaminee." Obamanee.

e.g., Of the recent Obaminees for cabinet posts, a tax cheat has been approved to run the IRS, a terrorist lover has been approved to be Attorney General, and four more have withdrawn their names from consideration, to avoid further scrutiny or embarrassment for the establishment.

submitted by Glen sorensen

obamnesia - The memory loss suffered by more than 10% of voters who can't remember that they voted for Obama in the 2008 presidential election

e.g., "So, how do you feel about the way things are going with obama as President?" "Why are you asking me that?" "Well, you voted for him, didn't you -- despite everything I told you?" "I don't remember." "Aha, you're clearly suffering from obamnesia."

submitted by HD - (www)

obamunism - 1. American style socialism, but administered with an iron fist. 2. Socialists with guns

e.g., While we slept, Obamunism supplanted the United States Constitution.

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

obe - Overcome By Events, used to designate dead projects that were overwhelmed and defeated.

e.g., I had high hopes for this project on Monday, but it was OBE by Thursday.

submitted by Joel Parker

obedis - A disease contracted from kissing someone who is highly unattractive

e.g., Jimmy was accused of having obedis by the football players for kissing the cheerleader "mascot."

submitted by michael johnson

obflusticate - To confuse, through the use of vague, convoluted language, to the point at which the listener either starts grinding her teeth, or flexing her jaw up and down in a flustered state. From the combination of the words obfuscate, fluster and masticate. Noun: obflustication.

e.g., Mr. Lay's testimony obflusticated quite a few people.

submitted by steve

obfuscake - Intransitive verb. To talk unintelligibly or incoherently because one's mouth is full of food.

e.g., I didn't understand what he said because he was obfuscaking.

submitted by The Puffin

obfuscatologist - Someone who makes things unclear or difficult to follow. (Nothing to do with scatology, although that thought does invite another definition. To obfuscate is to make obscure or unclear, especially if done in a circuitous or complicated manner.)

e.g., 1. Jim's a professional obfuscatologist; following his trail of excuses is unbelievably difficult. 2. Being an obfuscatologist has to come easy for Chris. After all, he does have crap for brains.

submitted by i_monk

obfutricate - To obfuscate from one's children one's putrid, rotten thoughts about their other parent so that the children may extricate the truth from their own observations

e.g., In his explanation of why a 14-year-old should be in control of a stack of post-dated child support checks while her obdurate, obstinate, oblivious father is skipping visits for months at a time with only a moment's notice of his extended absences, my ex-husband wrote, "You have chosen to obfutricate, but I will not sink to your level."

submitted by Kristina F

obfuzzcate - The inability to read faxes due to poor print quality.

e.g., Resend that fax since it was too obfuzzcated to understand.

submitted by Jonathan Brooks

obi wan kornobie - An individual of supreme stupidity or colossal dorkishness. Variations include King Korn, Captain Korn, Kornzilla, etc. A spoof on the legendary Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi.

e.g., Ever since my cousin Jim moved to the east coast he thinks he's the Obi Wan Kornobie of the surfing world.

submitted by The Inlaw Josie Wales - (www)

obituous - This word describes a person who was falsely reported as dead, then had the bad taste to show up alive after his heirs had alread mourned (or not) and bitterly contested his or her estate.

e.g., Pops, you're alive! Let's have a hug, you big beautiful obituous man! But first, could you clarify whether you really meant to leave everything to granny? I mean, was that fair?

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

objective - Thee propensity to focus on a single object one likes; the inability to entertain more than one object at any given time

e.g., Being an objective person, John finds it utterly impossible to comprehend any argument offered by others

submitted by Arthur Yong - (www)

obla - To like.

e.g., Since Bob obla Sue, he is going to ask her out this Friday.

submitted by leanne and megan

oblication - Vacation that you are obligated to go on.

e.g., I took an oblication when I went to that in-law wedding last month.

submitted by myke

oblieviate - Combination of obliterate and alleviate. To relieve a situation or problem by utterly destroying the source of said situation or problem.

e.g., The flow of the river is severely constricted by that new beaver dam. Let's ask Clem if he can oblieviate the situation with a little dynamite.

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

obligatory riff - (n.) 1. the guitar (or drum or fiddle or piano or whatever) solo between verses 2 & 3 of nearly every song written in the past 75 years (and probably longer); 2. Any required break or pause (such as a ballet between acts in an opera or the segue between dinner and entertainment at a party) in a social gathering or activity; 3. Metaphorically, the wait at customs, the pause at a toll booth, or even the almost inevitable comic relief after a deeply dramatic (or traumatic) movie scene, or speeches at company parties.

e.g., "I like drum solos, but not electric guitars for the obligatory riff." | "This is the part I hate: the wait between being pulled over and actually being confronted by the cop ... still, it's sort of an obligatory riff, isn't it?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obligatunity - An obligation presented as an opportunity.

e.g., My boss gave me the obligatunity to lead our ISO 9000 standardization.

submitted by Jeremy Elson

obligerated - That uneasy feeling you get when you think something's wrong, but you don't know what; feeling jumbled up inside.

e.g., I felt so obligerated, as if I knew there was something she wasn't telling me.

submitted by Nicole G

obliquious - Mixture of oblique + obsequious. Behavior often displayed by junior management types. Sucking up to their executive, while attempting not to look like a brown-nose to their colleagues.

e.g., Chris's obliquious nature showed through as he simultaneously volunteered for all the special projects while moaning to colleagues about his existing workload.

submitted by wnpxnff

obliterati - those literati who try to obliterate the facts or truth

e.g., Beware the obliterati for they erase what others have written.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

obliterous - Inelegantly blotto. Obliterated.

e.g., We had been drinking since sunrise and found ourselves too obliterous to function.

submitted by pudders - (www)

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