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o dark ridiculous - Unbelievably early in the morning.

e.g., Gimme a coffee.... I been up since o dark ridiculous this morning.

submitted by Lizzy Kate

o solar me o - First words of a hymn to The Sun: our solar father which art in the heavens.

e.g., O Solar Me O, To thee we pray, Both night and day, Receive thy Light, So glorious bright

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

o'besity, macbesity - Two words relating to the current debate about fast-food causing obesity in children.

e.g., The Irish form is O'Besity and the Scottish is MacBesity.

submitted by Patrick O'Sullivan

o'doom - Suffix added to any word to denote that it is a thing of size, power, majesty or grunt, and certainly something to be regarded with awe and reverence.

e.g., There's not a lot of room in Dan's bedroom, but that's primarily because it contains the Waterbed O'Doom.

submitted by Ben

o'krapp handle - (n.) handholds or straps insightfully placed in vehicles so as to allow passengers to avoid falling down, sliding into somebody, knocking everybody over, or otherwise suffering the effects of inertia when the vehicle in which they are traveling turns sharply or continuously---usually found on the passenger side of cars and in commuter rail cars. [From "Oh, crap!" which is what many people say when they realize they're about to tip, slide, fall, vel cet., and reach for something to hold onto. The other day, someone made a joke about these marvelously ergonomic accoutrements, ascribing their invention to a wise car manufacturer whom he named Mr. O'Krapp.]

e.g., "I would have ended up squashed between the front seats had there been no o'krapp handles." | There's a roundabout just up the road from our house, and everyone takes it at about 40 mph. The o'krapp handles get a lot of use.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o'slash - A symbol consisting of a red circle with a diagonal stripe. It signifies the activity depicted in the underlying pictograph is forbidden. Often used in traffic signs.

e.g., I didn't see the o'slash and got a parking ticket.

submitted by Craig R. Boone

o-bomb-a-deer - It's a president who it's hard to imagine in the role of commander-in-chief -- at the head of the military, maneuvering troops, and ordering invasions and military strikes. An end to the wars and peace is what we're supposed to expect, so commander-in-chief seems almost like some kind of oxymoron.

e.g., O-bomb-a-deer would never hurt a fly (presumably), or a deer, or you, dear. Beets not sores, invest yore dough into plow shares, maybe, sir.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

o-dark thirty - a ridiculously early hour in the morning

e.g., We will meet in front of the hotel at O-dark thirty...and then we will take the subway to the race start

submitted by Blair

o-dark-hundred-hours - Really early in military slang. Modeled after terms like 0700 hours.

e.g., Missed my flight and flew standby, to arrive at o-dark-hundred-hours.

submitted by clarinet

o-h - A two letter combination used primarily at the Ohio State University, must be answered with I-O, or else face major chastising.

e.g., "O-H." "I-O."

submitted by Scott

o-hole - A rude designation for President of the United States Barack Obama.

e.g., "If o-hole has his way, that won’t be illegal at all, after he abolishes what he considers the vulgar concept of private ownership." | It's rumored that obama donated ~20% of his 2011 gross income to charity. I wonder who the recipients were.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

o-lame-picks - Medal winner picks by Olympic judges in figure skating in 2002.

e.g., The decision by the French judge to leave town was in response to the o-lame-picks the panel made earlier in the week.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

o-shape - When one's mouth goes into a "o" shape out of utter disbelief.

e.g., Curty got so excited he went o-shape.

submitted by timmy c

o-side - (n.) the west side of the moon (to the left as you look up at it): the last part to vanish into the dark before a new moon, waning from full to crescent before finally disappearing entirely. You begin to see the o-side after the first half moon following new (about 10 days into the lunar cycle), but it isn't fully lit until the full moon (about day 15). [So called after the oceanus procellarum, on the upper left of the moon's face.]

e.g., If the o-side is lit at the half-moon, the moon is waning toward new. An o-side half rises a little after midnight and reaches its zenith at almost exactly 6:00 am.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o-sign - A patient in very bad shape, usually non-responsive, with the mouth open in the shape of an O. The "dotted" O-Sign describes a fly on the forehead. Q-Sign = O-sign with tongue protruding from the corner of the mouth.

e.g., Doctor Jones, Mrs Campbell is doing poorly; she's showing the O-Sign all night long.

submitted by John Di Leo

o. p. - Over Pricing--when you're sure that you're not going to win a deal but you must try something anyway. Your final call is to "Over Price" ridiculously, hoping to add imaginary value to your product.

e.g., Sure we'll win this deal. Why? Because Mauri OP´ed it so much.

submitted by HJ

o.e. - Operator error. If the person running machine, computer, car (whatever) just can't make it work, that's operator error.

e.g., Bert. I can't make copies on this machine. Ernie. Must be an O.E., darling, I just finished making a copy.

submitted by Patricia Simpson

o.f.f. - (n., acronym of "[o]nly [f]or [f]un") a day off from work or school (which is not Saturday or Sunday).

e.g., "Did you hear they had to cut five days of school from the school year because of budget cuts?" "Yeah, but don't sweat it: that just means five more days o.f.f.!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o.g. - Popularized by Ice T. 1.Original Gangsta. 2.One who has been around for a while.

e.g., "I'm an O.G. like that."

submitted by Sin - (www)

o.g.d. - Obsessive Gesturing Disorder. A disorder in which the subject feels the urge to gesture toards the thing she is explaining.

e.g., Bond wishes he was as cool as Liza-Dono, who has the cool affliction OGD. L-D gestures at things such as hell, mailing letter, pipe bombs, and vans full of cameras.

submitted by LIZA-DONO - (www)

o.i. - (n.) Organic intelligence (as opposed to "artificial intelligence").

e.g., Without O.I., there would never be A.I.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o.t.h.d. - Obsessive Tokyo Hotel Disorder

e.g., Yes, I suffer from O.T.H.D.

submitted by Elizabeth

oac - (n.) 1. the event (movie, meeting, birthday party, good night's sleep, whatever) someone is at, in, or attending when he or she is assassinated. (v.) 2. to be invited or sent to an event so that you can be assassinated. (From "Our American Cousin," the play Abraham Lincoln was attending when john wilkes booth shot him (Act III Scene ii).)

e.g., Archduke Franz Ferdinand's OAC, a lot like JFK's, was just a simple drive on an otherwise rather ordinary day.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

oaotay - Don't worry, be happy.

e.g., Everything is going to be oaotay.

submitted by kink

oap - Old Age Pensioner.

e.g., "An OAP crashed her car -- into the driving licence centre where she had gone to resit her test."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ob - Office Bitch. Unliked office worker. Not intended to be derogatory towards women. (ED. It isn't?) Usually used by non-office workers such as warehouse workers.

e.g., Those OBs messed up and are making us look bad.

submitted by Darren

ob-comic - An observational comedian.

e.g., Jerry Seinfeld is an ob-comic.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

obakayba - Okay.

e.g., "You wanna see a movie tonight?" "Obakayba, let's go."

submitted by Tony Vecchio

obama-america - America, as transformed by President Barack Obama. Obam-America.

e.g., When asked, Barack Obama says he loves America. Yet his mantra is change, unspecified change. Obama (Saul Alinsky acolyte?) should be asked if he loves America as she is and as she has been -- or if it's only America-as-changed-by-Obama (Obama-America) that he loves. While you're at it, ask Michelle Obama the same question -- ask her just exactly when it was that she began to take pride in America.

submitted by HD Fowler

obama-bin-biden - (noun, I guess) How my brain started reading the 2008 campaign posters (and bumper stickers and pins and leaflets and tv ads and so forth) for President Obama and Vice-President Biden. At the time, questions as to whether Osama bin Laden was still skulking about somewhere were still rather common (indeed, the failure to find him was used to some extent as a point against President Bush, and, by extension against Senator McCain).

e.g., So I'm walking down the road when I see a window sticker that says "OBAMA/BIDEN on it. But after I get past it, I suddenly realize that I had read it as "Obama bin Biden" and was thinking about the terrorist rather than the candidate...tres bizarre, no?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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