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nuther - Variation of another; often preceded by a quantitative.

e.g., What about Jane? Oh, don't even get me started. That's a whole nuther story.

submitted by Kristofor - (www)

nutmeg - To play a football between a opponent's legs as a through-ball to yourself.

e.g., Kewell's freakish ability to deceive and nutmeg defenders at will is illustrative of his class as a player.

submitted by tom - (www)

nutrajoke - A series of words structured like a joke, containing a setup and punchline. It sounds like a joke, but it is not at all funny. Often accompanied by a laugh track, it contains no comedic value.

e.g., The characters in this lame excuse for a comedy uttered one nutrajoke after another.

submitted by Rob

nutrician - 1. One who makes sure children are getting proper nutrition, and enforces it. A fictional authority used by parents to scare their kids into eating their dinner. 2. School administrators in charge of inspecting lunch boxes for junk food.

e.g., 1. You better eat your dinner, or I'm calling in the nutricians. 2. The bag of chips in my lunch box was confiscated by the nutricians.

submitted by CT

nutrify - To provide nutrients, nourishment for.

e.g., Paola neglected to nutrify the rubber plant, and it slowly withered away.

submitted by gabrielle

nutrimentals, nutrimints - Basic good food for better health and improved memory. Nutrimints are the candy form of nutrimentals.

e.g., 1. Junior better eat his nutrimentals if he wants to grow up to be strong and go to M.I.T. 2. Nutrimints are the perfect food. They're healthy, they taste good, they fill me up, raise my IQ, and freshen my breath before my date.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nutrituration - Oversaturated nutritiously -- i.e. nutrition poisoning.

e.g., Davy Dave! If you don't put down that cucumber and wheat germ on pumpernickel and go back to some cheezy poofs and snacky cakes, you're sure to get yourself a heckuva bad case of nutrituration.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nutscrape - Derogatory nickname for Netscape.

e.g., Nutscrape's screwed up my DIV tags again.

submitted by Purple Martin

nutters - tight-ass pants or shorts on a male individual

e.g., damn! larry bird got some nutters on!

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

nuttion - A guy whose stories always top yours, especially stories dealing with girls and mentadent. Repeatedly participates in moronic acts like punching inanimate objects and smaller people. Screams senselessly and groans infantilely.

e.g., Good Lord, Chris is acting like a nuttion again. Not unexpected though.

submitted by Zeus

nutzoid - Paranoia to the extreme.

e.g., You've gone nutzoid, thinking that the government has a hidden camera in your bathroom mirror.

submitted by Steve McDonald

nuu - Used by Paii after each sentence she says. She's been doing that since she was five years old, for no apparent reason.

e.g., 1. Stephanie, want to go to the movies with me tomorrow. Nuu? 2. My science teacher gets me so mad. Nuu.

submitted by Paii - (www)

nuzzah - This is the opposite of "huzzah" and generally means bad, darn it, etc.

e.g., Nuzzah the Challenger exploded.

submitted by Game Biter

nvidiot - An updated version of the word vidiot. It comes from "new vidiot" as well as from the name of the company "nVidia." Used in reference to someone who spends too much time playing computer video games.

e.g., Dan never stops playing GLQuake. He's a nVidiot.

submitted by Barry Langley

nyar - Word expressing discomfort or displeasure.

e.g., Aquila:"Some guy just threw up all over our carpet!" Elena:"Nyar! Icky!"

submitted by Aquila

nycphobia - Fear of travelling to New York City.

e.g., Lena refuses to go to New York City, she claims she has nycphobia.

submitted by Marcelo Villacres

nyeah - Non-committal reply that you can easily go back on.

e.g., "Should I bet my last dollar?" "Nyeah." "Okay... hey, I lost it all! This is all your fault." "I SAID 'no'..."

submitted by Meryl

nyeh - 1. An apathetic response. 2. A victory cry, similar to sticking one's tongue out or blowing a raspberry.

e.g., 1. "What do you think about this?" "Nyeh." 2. "Nyeh. I win, I win!"

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

nymophilic - Describes a person, for example, whose name is Bob but who looks more like a Harvey. The construction takes an indirect object.

e.g., His given name is Bob, but he's nymophilic to Harvey.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

nymphobrainiac - A genius who does her most creative thinking in bed.

e.g., I joined Mensa to meet a nymphobrainiac, but all I've found are women who can count my faults in base 37.

submitted by Roger Wright

nymphomercial - Typically an ad aired on local access television by a promiscuous woman seeking additional partners for sexual counters. An original thought, but a porn movie titled Nymphomercials was released in 1999.

e.g., I've had my best luck with nymphomercials aired between two and three in the morning.

submitted by beelzebub

nymshift - To change to a different user name in a USENET group, a forum, etc.

e.g., Nah, if they start catching on to me, I'll just nymshift. There's not that much chance that they'll check and find me out.

submitted by H

nyoink - To steal, grab, take, copy

e.g., Stacey nyoinked my pencilcase.

submitted by stacey

nyphoon - Cheap school silver wear like a nife-spoon-fork all combined to save money.

e.g., Hey look Ben i got another demented "Nyphoon".

submitted by Cody

nyquilized - From Nyquil. Referring to the intoxicating or hallucinogenic results of common over-the-counter medication, generally nighttime medication.

e.g., I had a really bad cold the other day, and with all my pills, I was feeling pretty nyquilized. Saw some really pretty colors though.

submitted by Pat

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