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nametv - Internet domain name that is either really great or really stupid.

e.g., You own NameTV, baby, NameTV.

submitted by Tom Day

namsain - Do you know what I am saying?

e.g., The club was WHACK the other night. Namsain?

submitted by Wayne CC

namwa - An individual displaying arrogant traits.

e.g., He was acting like a namwa -- I have never before seen someone who was that cocky.

submitted by Peter Tuttle

nanatechnology - The effect of design completion by banana gas -- usually manifested as ripening, but in this case applied to slightly broken things kept in a drawer for months in the hope that they will work again when you take them out next year sometime. Batteries and floppy disks are examples of things you'd put in a drawer instead of throwing away when they don't work. | Technology you learned from your grandmother, whom you call Nana. {ED. My sister's grandchildren called her Nana. Nana died January 12, 2011; her memorial service was this morning, January 22. I'll miss you Sis.}

e.g., *** Note: This is cut 'n' pasted from my 'Healing Drawers' submission to halfbakery. Jutta suggested I stick it here for posteriority. *** "Most of us who are into technology in the slightest have probably gone down the road of pretending this idea is baked. Most of us have put broken items, flat batteries, non-working floppy discs, etc. into a certain drawer we have. Where, along with all the other mixed up items, coaxial ethernet cards, pocket lasers that never get used, business cards, ancient CD-Roms and whatever else, miraculously the battery emerges many months later with a few minutes of life [and] the floppy is readable for long enough to rescue. Goodness knows how this actually works -- scientists currently think that it works by a kind of encoding based around the order and constituency of socks that have passed through the vortex, powered by a sort of cold fusion dissemination, using ball point pens as fuel. Or something. Well, why not have an actual drawer with actual analytical powers, and hopefully the next step -- resurrection powers. This could be achieved using nanatechnology. This is a form of technology that uses banana gas, to form catalytic actions based on the eventual outcome of the planned pattern of progress and design in an item. Usually, this manifests itself in ripening -- here, in our healing drawer, however, it results in things 'getting better' in such a way that we all magically hope it would in any ordinary passive drawer. That it does in ordinary drawers, to some extent, could be explained by the likelihood that you, or someone in your street, has had some bananas around at some point during the object's hibernation in your drawer."

submitted by Rods Tiger

nancy neuter - Uptight, prissy person. Not willing to try anything new.

e.g., To someone who is afraid to do something, eat something, or see something new, you say, "Don't be such a nancy neuter."

submitted by Matt

nandrolistic heppitrionism - Used as an answer to remarks asked in incomprehensibly elaborate and grandisonant language, said quickly in a quiet voice, in order to embarrass the questioner, who won't know what it means and will then shut up.

e.g., Eddie: My studies into 19th century nectopodic analysis reveal an adscititious adoxy in lacustrine helminthology. Freddie: That isn't surprising. I put it down to nandrolistic heppitrionism.

submitted by Angus McTavish

nang - Good, perfect. | Dang, no; no way; not at all; emphatically no; no, dammit.

e.g., The last book I read was nang: Sucker Bet. | Ven papa is yelling at me to haul out of bed to go feed der pigs I am saying, "Nang, papa, still I am in der middle of a particularly good exotic dream."

submitted by Niomi Drummond | Paul Edic

nanologicaltancature - A language consisting of short, small words.

e.g., James spoke in nanologicaltancature to the kids.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

nanonerd - A nerd who "finishes" in a nanosecond.

e.g., As I understand it, Chris is a nanonerd of the worst sort.

submitted by Natalie

nanotheism - The belief that spiritual fulfillment and salvation lie not in the heavens, but from looking inward, on the molecular level, through nanotechnology.

e.g., He enrolled just to study Physics, but found enlightenment in Nanotheism.

submitted by Steve McDonald

nanotize - To make an extreme reduction in the physical size of an object.

e.g., Over the years the transistor has been nanotized.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

nany - Not any.

e.g., "'How many extra dollars do you have?" "Nany."

submitted by Curt Gleason

nanything - Nenny-thing. Hardly anything, not much at all, very little.

e.g., Lately I feel that television is mostly not worth watching at all; it's mostly irrelevant. Nanything appeals to the mind and intellect nor emotions actually.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nape - From Vietnam War GIs. To napalm, to use napalm, to completely obliterate something or someone. A shutout, wasting your opponents in a death match.

e.g., The Padres lost 27-0. They got naped.

submitted by mark

naplash - The violent muscle contraction that often occurs as you transition between sleep and wakefulness. Applicable to all such tics and twitches, but especially to jerks of the head after nodding off in a car or plane.

e.g., I enjoy watching other people on planes suffer from naplash.

submitted by Platypus - (www)

naplet and napletize - A short nap.

e.g., I was running late but was so tired I curled up on my bed for a naplet. Mom walked in and said, "This is no time to napletize. You're going to be late."

submitted by lyn

napnesia - A feeling of profound disorientation after awakening from a daytime nap.

e.g., After I woke up, my napnesia was so bad I couldn't remember the day of the week or if it was morning or afternoon.

submitted by Steve McCann

napologist - One schooled in the art of the nap. Those mastering the subject can sleep stretched out on a bleacher seat in a gymnasium while a basketball game or pep-rally is underway.

e.g., I've got natural ability, but I was too poor to go to college for my degree in napology. I still practice as a master snoozate.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nappendage - The few extra minutes of sleep you permit yourself after you initially wake up.

e.g., If I stay up late, I require at least a fifteen-minute nappendage before I can get up in the morning.

submitted by Nonesuch

napster - 1. To abruptly cut off a song just before the end. 2. To interrupt.

e.g., 1. It's a song, but it's napsterred at the last second. 2. Don't napster me. I have something importan

submitted by stayput

napster - A petty thief who downloads music illegally over the internet.

e.g., I had the new Pearl Jam album before it was even released. I'm a Napster.

submitted by Paul - (www)

napster guilt - buying a cd that you already have in MP3 format already because you feel like a chump for ripping off musicians.

e.g., I have napster-guilt so I bought the new Radiohead album anyway.

submitted by Jason Shellen - (www)

napster snob - One who sets "Maximum simultaneous outbound transfers per user" in Napster to zero, thereby not allowing anybody to download his MP3s.

e.g., Jim has some great MP3s on his hard drive. Lotta good it does anyone else--he's napster snob.

submitted by Richard - (www)

napsterbation - "Spending hours downloading songs you don't even like, because you can"

e.g., "In 3 hours of napsterbation, I got the complete works of the Partridge Family"

submitted by Tim H

napsturbation - Using Napster when offline, to avoid sharing files.

e.g., Bob wasn't online according to my hotlist, so I assumed he was napsturbating.

submitted by Sylvan

naptown - Nickname for the city of Indianapolis, IN, due to the lack of anything exciting about it.

e.g., Got back from Naptown the other day, dull as usual.

submitted by Leslie Shaffer

napule - A brief nap, usually in the afternoon, often including a dog or two and your sweetheart. Also, during the week when one should be working.

e.g., Wanna take a napule? I need a napule. That was the best napule in a long time.

submitted by Janelle edmister

napulous - (adj.) Feeling like you could take a nap.

e.g., Listening to a boring lecture after eating a heavy lunch left him feeling particularly napulous.

submitted by Sara - (www)

narapoia - That uneasy feeling that you are unintentionally following someone.

e.g., I drove my usual route home and there was a car in front of me the whole way. I got such a bad case of narapoia, that I kept going past my house until it was "safe."

submitted by Kate

narc - To tattle.

e.g., That tool just narced me out.

submitted by Sin - (www)

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