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nage - Shortened from espionage -- anything secret, discreet, surreptitious. Can be a type of coded language.

e.g., Famous actresses are sometimes very nage when they go out in public, wearing large sunglasses and baggy clothes.

submitted by Dennis Crawford

nage - (n.) a particular age-group, persons with it ("nagers") being identified by a prefixed letter; the most familiar, of course, is the T-nager (13-19), but there are also the ABC-nager (birth-18 months), the E-nager (18 months-4 years), I-nager (4-8), K-nager (9-12), the T-nager, the O-nager (20-33), the Q-nager (34-47), the W-nager ("dub-nager"; 48-63), XYZ-nager (sometimes called a "Chi-nager," or "Z-nager"; 64+).

e.g., "Which nage is yours?" "Just had birthday 48: I guess I'm a dub-nager now." "Cool. We have an I-nager and an E-nager at home."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

naggage - The experience of being nagged. | A spouse, relative, friend, close associate, workmate, schoolmate, or other person you can't escape being around who has a propensity to nag.

e.g., Got a cousin and a co-worker as naggage in my life. Good thing my girl is docile in nature.

submitted by steve zihlavsky`

naggatt - More than a simple nag, a naggatt is someone who complains about everything constantly.

e.g., I may sit around and do nothing all day, but at least I'm not a naggatt.

submitted by Ralph Lucas - (www)

nagigator - A back seat driver.

e.g., The nagigator was always barking directions at the driver.

submitted by Marc

nagivate, nagivator - A person who nags and yaps in the passenger seat instead of watching the road and giving directions to the driver.

e.g., Stop nagivating and start seeing garage sales sign.

submitted by Ben Fok

nagnostic - A wife who doesn't believe in her husband's competency, and keeps reminding him of it.

e.g., Why am I filing legal papers, Mr. lawyer man? For years I've been hounded by this woman, day and night. I can't do anything right! I chew my food too fast. I can't dress myself -- my tie is always crooked. I laugh too loud. She won't let me drive because I always get lost. I can't pick up a hammer because I'll hurt myself. I don't bring in the morning papers soon enough, and they're always too wet to read. I breathe funny when I'm sleeping. I never act friendly to her friends. I frown too much.    It goes on and on. I'm married to an nagnostic, and I want a divorce!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nah - This pronunciation of the word "no" seems to be fairly common in New Zealand, and also is used in Australia.

e.g., "Nah, I didn't bring home the kiwi fruit you wanted. Looks like I'll have to run back down to the pub." "You 'forgot' it on purpose, didn't you, you sneaky devil."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nah-chos - Category of food personally repugnant -- the kind one would quickly refuse whenever such dish is offered. Also, mildly, a bland appetizer or snack completely devoid of taste and not worth the caloric intake.

e.g., My most unfavorite foods: chicken livers and livers of all species (throat-tightingly toxic), turnips and rutabagas (barnyard bitter), brussels sprouts (gastronomically foul and gaseous), and Guinness beer (sewerage plant discharge). As for the real "nachos," I'd rather eat the cellophane wrapper they arrive in -- better flavor and less salt. Those foods are all nah-chos.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nai - No. Used to answer negatively. Probably from the Japanese adjective nai, meaning not, or the ending, -nai, adding a negative connotation.

e.g., "You wanna go to the mall?" "Nai."

submitted by Rich

nail - Hairstyle featuring an abrupt transition from longish hair on top to much shorter hair on the sides.

e.g., See that kid over there? The one with the blue t-shirt and the nail?

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

nail - Cigarette--short version of "coffin nail"--slang from the '20s to '40s and later.

e.g., Can I bum a nail from you? I'll go buy us a pack in a little bit.

submitted by Eric Belt

nairn - A combination of "none" and "no" and "nothing." Just a good all purpose lazy word for "naw."

e.g., "Do you have a beer for me?" "Nairn."

submitted by slick

nairn - Apparently an old Southern contraction of the expression "Nary a one" -- not even one.

e.g., Can I have one of your cigarettes, Clem? I ain't got nairn.

submitted by Rory Coker

naish - Naish is a word that we used to use a lot as kids growing up in Pearl City, Hawaii. It was used to mean "no," or "psych," in a joking manner.

e.g., My friend Brian asked me for a bite of my candy bar because he said it looked tasty. I passed it to him, but as he reached for the candy bar, I pulled it back and said "Naish!" We laughed, and I gave him a bite of my candy bar.

submitted by Evan Lessary

naivety - Wikipedia has a reasonable definition: "Naivety (or naïvety, naïveté, etc.), is the state of being naive — having or showing a lack of experience, understanding, or sophistication, often in a context where one neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. One who is naive may be called a naif."    Until I checked, I thought the given spelling was incorrect. I was wrong.

e.g., "And plainly, too, they were a childlike and innocent lot; telling lies of the stateliest pattern with a most gentle and winning naivety, and ready and willing to listen to anybody else's lie, and believe it, too. A Connecticut Yankee by Twain, Mark. | "There are people -- call them evil, stupid, misinformed or whatever -- that will deny the history of mankind and attempt to use that naievety for their own ends."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nake - Wearing almost no clothing, to be sparsely clothed.

e.g., Luckily my girlfriend and I were only nake when my mom walked in.

submitted by Tony

nake, nook, naken - To reemove all one's clothes, get naked, totally undress. A back formation from "naked."

e.g., For a thorough physical I had to nake, so I nook in just a few minutes, could have naken even faster if it weren't for my fractured arm.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nake-up - To be nude and creep up on people.

e.g., Patrick, you need to get rid of those tan pants. I keep thinking you're trying to nake-up on me.

submitted by Helen R

naked - To be embarrassed. (John must have noticed how much "embarrassed" looks like "bare-assed.")

e.g., "I spilled my drink on the floor in front my friends and felt pretty naked." "John, I don't think you look pretty at all, not otherwise and certainly not when you're naked. . . . Oh, that wasn't what you were saying, was it?"

submitted by John

nakedity - Nakedness, nudity+.

e.g., The foreign film I just watched was full of nakedity.

submitted by Julie

nakieisha - A queen.

e.g., The nakeisha is on her way to the dance.

submitted by nikki - (www)

nam myoho renge kyo - The chant of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, a Japanese form of the faith. Said to bring you happiness and plenty and well being.

e.g., Nam myoho renge kyo, can be repeated and chanted over and over, it is the perfect mantra of Nichiren Shoshu (the Perfect Faith, founded by Nichiren many centuries ago).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nambi-pambi - A nambi-pambi is a person who has hoity-toity affectations in spite of his debilitating meekness and indecisiveness, lack of any kind of convictions, wavering courage, and who is visibly a bit light in the loafers. He is generally much too good of a dresser. Nota bene: ED. I'm going to allow this as written, even though it doesn't follow Machiavellean Standard #1 with regard to pronoun-antecedent number agreement: MS#1 calls for feminine pronouns to be used with indefinite antecedents. I'm going to allow it, too, despite any possibly derogatory implications for male homosexuals. Not the nambi-pambi, hoity-toity et al parts, but for the "light in the loafers" reference. I'm allowing that because I'm going to add an entry for that mild (mild to me at least) insult -- I want to learn how the expression originated and I don't want to waste my efforts checking it out without at least subjecting some dear readers to my proclivity for pedantry. [HD]

e.g., Nancy said that Georgie handled the situation in his usual spoiled little baby, nambi-pambi way.

submitted by george and nancy kelly

namedrop - To casually mention the name of a high status person within a conversation, in order to gain the respect of the listener.

e.g., I feel so intimidated at these Hollywood parties. Everyone I meet is namedropping all over the place.

submitted by Sawyer

nameen - short for "you know what i mean?"

e.g., When I say jump, you say how high. nameen?

submitted by salih

namesia - Amnesia limited to not being able to remember people's names. Nymnesia, nymesia.

e.g., A solution to chronic namesia is to go right up to the person you know, introduce yourself, and say you're sorry but you've forgotten her name.

submitted by Linwood

namesis - Your namesis is someone with the same name as you.

e.g., Albert: "It's crazy -- I went to meet our ad agency today and there's a guy there with the same name as me. He's got a stuffed cat on his desk and he's clearly much more interesting than me." Bertrand: "That's your namesis, man. You're in deep trouble."

submitted by Ben Hammond

namestorm - To brainstorm names for a company or product. (Attributed to A. Ressi.)

e.g., OK, we're going to have a serious namestorm right now. See "wildfire."

submitted by Filip

namethattuneism - Remembering a few key lines of a song, but not enough to determine the title or describe the song to anyone else

e.g., Lionel: Aaarrgh, if I could only remember that song Jenny: What song? Lionel: It goes something like: "I can't see me loving nobody but you . . . do do dee doo. ..." Jenny: Sorry, no idea, sounds like a bad case of namethattuneism.

submitted by Sam G

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