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my asthma (mi\' asma) - A persistent, chronic health condition that hangs like an unpleasant mental cloud over individuals and sours activities of daily living.

e.g., \"No, I\'m not upset with you. I\'m not mad at the world, either. It\'s just that my arthritic knees are aching like hell, and that \'my asthma\' situation is fogging my mind and making me very irritated.\"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

my boyfriend - 1. Get lost. 2. Beat it. 3. No thank you. 4. No! Not if you were the last man on earth. 5. The phrase used by a female to thwart a male's advances.

e.g., Boy: Want to see my etchings? Girl: My boyfriend has a collection of WWF action figures.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack - (www)

my controller's broken - A lame shifting of blame when you fail at something. Refers to lame excuse commonly heard while playing video games.

e.g., Rich: So I hear your girlfriend broke up with you. Paul: Yeah, but it wasn't my fault -- my controller was broken.

submitted by Beer

my flight was delayed - Standard excuse for being late for work, esp. as a result of a late night out on the town. Works especially well when mumbled with the words "air traffic control" and "Hong Kong," particularly when the user has never been to Asia.

e.g., "What time do you call this?" "Yeah, well, my flight was delayed."

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

my left foot - A vacuum cleaner.

e.g., Somebody get my left foot; there's dirt all over the floor.

submitted by ditnis

my list - The list of people of people you could happily murder.

e.g., You're going on my list.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

my opic - A formidable act of deliberate, personal will, concerning items an individual insists on keeping, whether or not the decision for possession is rational or practical.

e.g., Yes, dear, I am fully aware that I have a second and third set of hedge clippers in the garage, and, yes, you're probably right -- it's likely crazy and foolishly short-sighted to do so. Regardless, it's my opic!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

my tool shed - Phrase used when someone suddenly remembers she needs to do something important. Comes from The Simpsons. Grampa says he's going to the out-house. When Homer realizes they don't have an out-house, he says "My Tool Shed!" and hurries outside to stop Grampa.

e.g., Yeah, sure, I'll meet you there in about 20 minu -- my tool shed! -- I'll call you back.

submitted by Phil

mycomache - (n., pronounced my-KO-mu-key) Nuclear war, from the Greek mykos "fungus" + machos "battle": mushroom war.

e.g., The 1962 Cuban Missile Crises (Caribbean Crisis) nearly led to full-blown mycomache.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mylar - An acronym for MY Lazy-Ass Roommate, used to describe a particularly sloth-like roommate.

e.g., Mylar watched TV all evening, and didn't bother to do any of her dishes which are piling up in the sink.

submitted by Rebecca

myoclonic jerk - No, it has nothing to do with jerks of the social kind. "A myoclonic jerk is the brief, involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles. It may be caused either by a sudden muscle contraction, or a sudden lapse of contraction. This happens when a person is on the verge of falling asleep, and suddenly [has] a sensation or feeling that [she is] free falling through the air." {ED. Edited to follow Fowler Style and get rid of multiple inconsistencies of number agreement.}

e.g., It doesn't happen nearly as often as it did when I was a child, but I'm still awakened once in a while by a myoclonic jerk.

submitted by [atypical jerk] - (www)

myspacing - A verb used for being online and actively using Myspace.

e.g., I've done loads to my MySpace today. I think that's enough myspacing for today.

submitted by Darren - (www)

myspacism - 1. The doctrine or belief in 2. A body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to the domain and characterized by a belief in messaging, groups, comments, and jpegs, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one social ignorance and stupidity, and by a desire for public isolation. 3. Belief that Tom is a supreme being.

e.g., The lastest Gallup Poll suggests that myspacism is the most practiced religion in the world.

submitted by Karen Brick

mystereality - The part of reality that is impossible to understand, such bizarre coincidences, freak stories of survival amid destruction, déjà vu, and dreams, etc.

e.g., The birds on the wires overhead were positioned to exactly represent the notes of a Mozart opera, which is strange enough, but that piece was playing through an open window. None of the passersby shared my appreciation of the mystereality.

submitted by Imogen

mysteriosity - Mystery for the inarticulate. Actually the word "mysterious" in a noun form, as in curious and curiosity.

e.g., That early scene with the villain completely ruined his mysteriosity.

submitted by Aurora

mysticalism - A mental disorder caused by the game "Myst."

e.g., Frank's mysticalism was painfully revealed at the social gathering.

submitted by flinch0

mysticious - Combination of mysterious and suspicious.

e.g., The green sauce they served at the clam bake left a mysticious feeling in my stomach.

submitted by Tiffany and Bonnie

mystique chicken - Quizno's sandwich, where the meat is blue in its natural state, but can change at will into any other meat. Comes with tomatoes, onions, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and bacon.

e.g., I want a regular Mystique Chicken with bacon on white bread.

submitted by BigAssFries

mystorical - A mystery that is historical.

e.g., The opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen was a mystorical event.

submitted by Rosanne

myth - The female counterpart of Mr.

e.g., Mr. Jones was enamoured of Myth Riley.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

myth - Until I went to college, I was taught that a myth was fiction -- untrue, not something that really happened. In college I learned that a myth is "a traditional story accepted as history [and] serves to explain the world view of a people."

e.g., The myth that Edison lost his hearing when a conductor boxed his ears after Edison started a fire in the baggage car is apparently untrue. Edison said the incident never happened. | The myth of the black male's sexual prowess and his ability as a lover has long been perpetuated in rhythm and blues music. | I wonder what the results of a poll of men and women, both black and white, would show about the continuation of the myth of the black male's sexual prowess -- as broken down by age, race, and sex of those polled.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mythistory - An historical novel could be said to be a mythistory. Myths that are taken to be history; history as myth. (Note: A myth is not necessarily untrue.)

e.g., That's not what happened at all. That's just mythistory.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

myturnity - (n.) 1. The seemingly endless period during which somebody asks (begs, pleads, entreats, beseeches, pesters, protests, claims, demands, or throws a fit over the absence of|for their "turn." This same concept applies equally to 2. I-want-it-now Naclitis (q.v.); 3. It's-not-fair-itude; and 4. any other sort of attitude the basis of which is megalomaniacal egoism. [From "my turn" synthesized into "eternity."] Adj. "myturnal"; adv. "myturnally."

e.g., "Hey, Cal, can I try Angry Birds on your tablet, now? Can I? When can I?" "Will you leave me alone? I'm trying to finish my homework." "Can I use it after that, Cal? Can I?" "I can't do my work during this myturnity of whining."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

myxomatose - To flare one's nostils and raise the top lip in the manner of a diseased rabbit, usually to express revulsion.

e.g., I saw the girl spit phlegm on the pavement, and involuntarily myxomatosed at her.

submitted by Miles Gavin

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