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landscraper - Same meaning as landscaper but obviously more descriptive and understandable.

e.g., We hired an excellent landscraper to redo our yard.

submitted by jerry giberti

landscraping - Last bit of detail work done to a new lawn before seeding.

e.g., My backyard is almost ready to seed and fertilize, just needs a bit more landscraping.

submitted by fred wickens - (www)

landshark - People with malevolent intentions who are on the scam for the opposite sex.

e.g., The landsharks quickly began to circle their prey.

submitted by nitag - (www)

landy - A Land Rover, as said by English farmers.

e.g., I've bought a new Landy.

submitted by Jack Stringer - (www)

langauge - A meter for local area network performance (sometimes mis-spelled as "language").

e.g., The English Co. makes a really good langauge; it is recommended that we adopt English as a first langauge.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

langers - To be drunk.

e.g., After drinking 10 pints of guinness, I was langers drunk

submitted by rory

languaphobia - The fear of using the English language properly.

e.g., Because he has languaphobia, Damon often resorts to verbizing or substituing a pseudoword, even when perfectly good English is available.

submitted by Rick Feldkamp - (www)

langusecond - Cross between language and second. When a radio station is changed, this is the time between when the listener realizes the language is foreign and when the body instantly changes the station.

e.g., I was driving near the border, looking for a strong station. It was a langusecond when I found a station and then changed it because I could not understand anything that was being said.

submitted by Mallard

lanhiage - A language created by not correcting typos.

e.g., Oops... Great typo. We'll add that one to the lanhiage.

submitted by Peter

lankie - Slang term for a Sri Lankan.

e.g., Was he a Lankie?

submitted by drdevious - (www)

lapanickel - A slap you make on your knee when you laugh extremely hard.

e.g., The emcee was lapanickel funny.

submitted by Joni Brandt - (www)

laprechaun - A leprechaun who will sit in your lap if only you will give him (back) a piece of his gold, and he might even dance a jig on the lap.

e.g., I have me a gold piece, now all I need is to find me a genuine laprechaun.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

laption - The actions associated with a lapdance.

e.g., "Tonight I am going to go out and get some laption!"

submitted by h_ank

laptop - Anything, such as a cat, small dog, or small child that you can use to wriggle out of chores by persuading one to clamber up for a story or stroke of the ears.

e.g., I'd take the rubbish out, but I'm busy with the laptop.

submitted by annelise dunn

laptoppin - The public use of a laptop computer.

e.g., She was at Starbucks laptoppin.

submitted by Andrew Stubbs Johnston - (www)

laputanck - Cheap book.

e.g., I'm a bit low on cash for the brand new edition. I'll just buy a laputanck instead. Most likely online.

submitted by Hannah - (www)

lapvermin - Those index card-sized pieces of advertising fluff that fall into your lap when you're trying to read a zine.

e.g., Cripes, Margaret. How many lapvermin can they put in one friggin' issue of Oprah?

submitted by Roger Mexico

laquidate - To make up a multisyllable word with no meaning during conversations to appear smarter than you really are.

e.g., Bob laquidated his way through the job interview to get hired.

submitted by Jason Thompson - (www)

lar - A non-gender-specific pronoun, replacing both "his" and "her;" especially useful to avoid having to say "his/her."

e.g., "Everyone should open lar book to page seven." "Maggie was starting to doze off when Fred touched lar shoulder to wake lar up."

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

lar - Prevaricator; teller of falsehoods. (Can we get a photo of an ex-President in here?) (Which one?)

e.g., Politicians from the South generally call their opponents lars; they're all lars. (To call a politician a lar is clearly redundant.)

submitted by Blue Hornet

larapin - Cowboy slang for great food, usually home-cooked.

e.g., Erle, this BBQ chicken is downright larapin.

submitted by Ken Price from Montana

larb - To butter excessively.

e.g., If you're making me toast, please don't larb it like you did last time.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

larcen - (LAHR-sen; v.) 1. To steal: specifically, as in the old common law, "to take and carry away the personal property of another with intent to deprive the owner permanently of possession thereof." (n.) 2. One who indulges in larceny, a thief. [Back formation from "larceny."]

e.g., There used to be several types of larceny---plain larceny, larceny by trick, and embezzlement. A larcen had a smorgasbord of approaches available. A burglar or a robber had no such variety. Robbery was larceny accomplished through force or fear. Burglary was "to break and enter into the dwelling house of another at night for the purpose of committing a felony therein." So it was "rob," "burgle," and "larcen" in the old days. The old definitions no long apply. Nowadays, it's all just "theft," and no archaically poetic list of defining elements.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

lardicious - Something containing, or having vast quantities of lard.

e.g., Edmond, that man is absolutley lardicious. He should lay of the crisco if you know what I'm saying.

submitted by Alex

large - One thousand, particularly dollars.

e.g., That shipment of Beanie Babies will cost you forty large.

submitted by dave

laripin - A favorable description of food: delicious, yummy, tasty. Laripin', lariping. (ED. The phrase "larruping good" rings a bell, but I'm not sure which might be the most common of several spellings: larapin, larapin', laraping, etc. So, I'll defer to Evan Morris (The Word Detective), who says "larruping" is the one. Do You Speak American also has an extensive entry, as does Polk County (Georgia) Chat.)

e.g., Man, that steak cooked over the open campfire was laripin.

submitted by Don C. Duckering - (www)

larkhead - Stupid, idiot, fool.

e.g., Larkhead, GET!

submitted by madhuri

larp - An abbreviation meaning Live Action Role Playing, also used as a noun to refer to the activity itself.

e.g., We were at the LARP until almost 3 AM last Saturday.

submitted by RC

larrogant - An arrogant larrakin.

e.g., Macka's get's a bit boisterous when he's drunk...turns into a bit of a larrogant.

submitted by phil wild

larry - Left turn.

e.g., Hey, the party's up here. Hang a Larry into that parking lot.

submitted by JohnnyG

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