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luvr - Intentionally incorrect spelling of "lover," used mainly to add a humorous, joking sound to it.

e.g., Oh, I get it. This new luvr of yours is that Michelle Whore woman, isn't it?

submitted by Hat-Kun

luvstup - A “love stupid” person; a person who loves another so blindly that he does not recognize he is being used in all ways, primarily as a bank and provider, for the pleasures of the other person in the relationship.

e.g., He was such a luvstup he did not realize she was running around on him, using his money and car, until a friend warned him.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

luvyatu - When someone says "love u" or even "luv u" and you're too shy for saying it back, but want to, take refuge in the fact you're actually saying the word "luvyatu." Worthwhile noting this is only for use when you would usually say love you too, and not an excuse to tell a girl you love her to get things from he and not feel guilty.

e.g., Bert: Love you. Ernie: *blushing* "Luvyatu, babee."

submitted by Josh - (www)

luzh - Loves. I'm pretty sure I stole this from my sister, Lindsay. Its usage is for talking to domestic animals originally. It has since been generalized.

e.g., Original use: Mama luzh ya! Generalized use: I luzh this thing!

submitted by Kendal - (www)

lvoe - Love.

e.g., I kinda lvoe you.

submitted by Gynipher - (www)

lwacs - Losers without a cause. People with no sense of purpose or belonging.

e.g., You submitted a word like that? You are a true LWAC.

submitted by human_baboon

lycopeneless - Lacking the vitamin lycopene in your diet.

e.g., Refusing to eat tomatoes can cause you to become lycopeneless.

submitted by Kathy Morgan

lycosant - In a style pertaining to wolves.

e.g., He ate the turkey lycosantly.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

lying and a half - Lying so pathetically obviously that it's almost not worth discussing.

e.g., He told you he got a new Porsche?! Ugh...he's lying and a half!

submitted by lauryn

lykospec - A wolf-like or hard or mean stare that someone gives you.

e.g., I felt shivers down my spine as she gave me a lykospec.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

lymph - To walk with a lisp.

e.g., He's lymphing really bad.

submitted by Andy

lymphing - Walking with lymphedema.

e.g., He went lymphing along down the sidewalk on the way to therapy.

submitted by tina budde

lynchian - 1. Refering to the work of David Lynch. 2. Having a disturbing and unsettling quality as portrayed in works of David Lynch.

e.g., 1. Twin Peaks is a typical example of a Lynchian voyage into the unknown. 2. Check out that guy -- he is just so Lynchian. . . . Let's cross to the other side of the street.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

lynchian - When a film or real life displays the characteristics of a David Lynch film: weird sex, dwarves, and dream-reality. Oddly, generally used to describe David Lynch films, but most effective when refelcting actuality.

e.g., "How was your trip to New York?" "It was...well, Lynchian."

submitted by Adam Leslie

lysdexia - Spelling something in a bass-ackwards way.

e.g., Sorry, I must have lysdexia today. I can't spell aynthing.

submitted by Valentine

lysdexic - A person who is affected by dyslexia

e.g., Durng my presentation to the board I kept mixing up my words, I must be Lysdexic.

submitted by renie

lysdexicates - The parts of a word or phrase that become swapped due to dyslexia.

e.g., In the sentence, "Schlackel yelled, 'Get your ass off my hands,'" the words "ass" and "hands" exemplify dyslexia and may, therefore, be considered to be lysdexicates.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

lysosomes - The default answer to any question on a high school exam you don't know the answer to. Not necessarily only for biology exams.

e.g., Q: What kind of interference occurs on nodal lines? A: Lysosomes.

submitted by Meredith

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