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lalamoment - A moment in time wheo one has slow reaction time.

e.g., The girl always has lalamoments.

submitted by Chelsea - (www)

laldie - A state of great high spirits while putting a great deal of effort into something. Usually drunken karaoke singing. Originated in Glasgow (the Scottish one, not any of the American, Canadian, or Australian ones, which I am sure are all very nice).

e.g., You should have heard Billy singing in the pub -- he gave it laldie.

submitted by Scooter

lambasted - Confused, bewildered, surprised.

e.g., Katie was lambasted when Stephanie told her that her boyfriend punched her in the nose. Even though it was an accident.

submitted by Katie

lambastigate - Combination of the words "lambast"and "castigate." Originated in Bournemouth, England, 2003.

e.g., Stop lambastigating me.

submitted by Andrew

lambineighting - A new type of self-contradicting joke. Cf. laminating.

e.g., When I found Dimetrodon's obituary, it wasn't on the obituaries page. It was entitled "Every Lamb in Eight" and had a picture of a baby lamb. In fact, it didn't even mention Dimetrodon. I'm almost certain that was my first experience with lambineighting.

submitted by Adam Leslie

lame - Cheap.

e.g., I think you like laming around.

submitted by Paddy

lame-inator - "That" person at a party or any other social gathering who is the first person to say no to a zany idea or want to go home.

e.g., John, I can't believe you, of all people, are being such a lame-inator. It's only midnight.

submitted by Lisa

lamecalling - The sort of namecalling seen on Internet discussion boards. Namecalling so lame it’s no fun at all. The kind where the response is always along the lines, “Alright already. Stop with the ad hominem attacks.” The response is almost invariably made by someone anxious to show the extent of her Latin vocabulary — someone who concurrently shows her poor grasp of English by writing “alright” rather than “all right.”

e.g., So, who do you think’s the worst lamecaller on Punch/CounterPunch these days?

submitted by HD Fowler

lamenoxious - Lame and obnoxious.

e.g., Why are you always using these words you make up that none of the rest of us have ever heard of? That's lamenoxious.

submitted by Matt

lamer - Someone in a strategy, combat, or other style of multiplayer competitve game who uses tactics which are either unskilled, particularly cowardly, or ludicrously easy to pull off (compared to their effectiveness). That is, someone who is being "cheap" or "lame" in a game.

e.g., 1. What a lamer strategy. Chris is a lamer.

submitted by Dragonnas

lamina - A hybrid between lameness and stamina.

e.g., You sat through a two hour meeting on "team spirit"; not falling asleep must have taken some lamina.

submitted by fool - (www)

laminatrix - A sexy woman who laminates.

e.g., That Sera is one hot laminatrix. Heat me up again, baby.

submitted by Sera

laminosity - Incredibly weak, lame, or pathetic. So bad it's almost good again.

e.g., Your laminosity at Pac Man makes me look like an expert.

submitted by Mischy Tiffty - (www)

lampostie - Another word for lampost, plural being lamposties. It's also much easier to say.

e.g., Oh look, the lamposties have turned on.

submitted by Angela

lampshade - A device which shades a lamp's light, therefore defeating the original purpose of turning the lamp on. But it looks cool.

e.g., You don't want to turn on a lamp without a lampshade ... after all, its in a lamp's nature to brighten a room.

submitted by The Berkinator

lamy - Love And Miss You.

e.g., See you in a couple of days. LAMY.

submitted by leasi

lan - Local Area Network, a place where people meet and bring their computers with them, to link the computers and share files and play games.

e.g., You going to the LANS in Christchurch this weekend? I'm gonna play Tony Hawks Skateboarding 3 with some people.

submitted by Calso

land monster - A ridiculously ugly large woman. Sightings usually occur in rural areas at trailer parks, fast food joints, bowling alleys, and of course Wal-Mart.

e.g., Were there any hot girls at the fair? No, but there were a couple of land monsters that would make Bigfoot sick.

submitted by Ben

land of lost socks - A mythical place where every small household item with the ability to vanish just as you need it eventually winds up. Originally the final destination of socks that vanish from the dryer.

e.g., I can't find the scotch tape anywhere and I know I bought a new roll just the other day. It must have gone to the land of lost socks or something.

submitted by Shaduan

land of sugar - This is a term we use at Lutheran Campus Ministry to mean Perkins Restaraunt. Occasionally, can also mean Denny's or any other eating establishment of that same sort.

e.g., Glen: Anybody wanna go to the Land of Sugar? Various assorted LCM people: Sure.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

land yacht - An extremely large car, especially from the 70s.

e.g., The '73 Cadillac is a land yacht.

submitted by Jim M - (www)

land-o-goshen - My mother used this term as an exclamation. Of Biblical origin. The land the Israelites were given following their 40-year wander in the desert. 1. The best of Pharoah's land. 2. A place of refuge where Pharoah's army was not allowed to enter. 3. A land that was blessed by God. 4. A land protected by God. 5. A place of peace. 5. The term has two, seemingly opposite meanings, and that's why I want to put it in here! The people I've heard use it (like my mother) do so in a slightly negative manner, pertaining to yet another hard task that has popped up but that needs doing. I don't know how this got transliterated to an expression denoting NOT a peaceful place, it may have originated in the South, where my mother grew up. Perhaps it refers to wishing one was in the "Land of Goshen" and didn't have to do this task, thereby attaining Peace. My best guess!

e.g., Land-o-Goshen, I've got a mountain of laundry to do! | Land-o-Goshen, how DID your dress get so dirty?!

submitted by Glenna Foreman

landdroner - The vestige of a once nicely tuned Landrover following years of off-road abuse.

e.g., I could hear the Landdroner coming from half a mile away.

submitted by stella whyte - (www)

landfill - What the passengers hope Captain Phil will do safely at the end of their flight.

e.g., Captain Phil's plane was plagued with problems. When engine number two sputtered and died, the passengers cried out, "For God's sake, landfill!"

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

landing gear - (n.) A drumstick; that is, the leg of a bird prepared as part of a meal. [From a story my father told me long ago about standing in the chow line during his time in Korea. One of the other soldiers, a fellow from Brooklyn or Flatbush, asked the cook, "and gimme two of dem landin' gears."]

e.g., My favorite Thanksgiving Day treat was a turkey landing gear with stuffing and mashed potatoes and green beans. Good stuff.

submitted by scott ellsworth

landing strip - The pubic area of a woman shaved in a rectangular strip shape.

e.g., Jennifer and I had sex together for the first time last night. It was nice to see she had a well-groomed landing strip instead of a giant shrub.

submitted by Tom

landlard - The fathead landlord who won't fix the heat.

e.g., My apartment is freezing and the landlard won't fix the heat.

submitted by Kate

landline - A good old phone line, with actual copper cables. Or a phone that's attached to such a line.

e.g., I can't hear a thing you're saying. Hold on, lemme call you from a landline.

submitted by DavidJ!

lando - (v) To betray. Inspired by that snake-in-the-grass Lando Calrissian.

e.g., Can you believe the way Jesse stole my girl? He landoed me.

submitted by Waffles

landrunder - Four-wheel-drive vehicle on very soft ground.

e.g., Des: My dad has a Landrunder. S: A Landrunder? Des: Yes, it sank in the mud.

submitted by Des Healey

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