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lacrosstitute - Young women and girls who hang around lacrosse arenas and fields trying to get picked up by lacrosse players.

e.g., The girls at the game last night were lacrosstitutes.

submitted by Dan

lactard - A lactose intolerant person.

e.g., I can't drink milk -- I'm a lactard.

submitted by Dana Baguley

lactaunt - To bait, tease, or provoke regarding breastfeeding issues, specifically from the perspective of those in support of breastfeeding rights.

e.g., The open-shirted gang of young mothers lactaunted and heckled the businessman lunching next to them in the mall for expressing disapproval of their child-feeding activities.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

lactomangulate - (v) To mangle the "open here" side of the milk carton so badly that you have to resort to the other side.

e.g., Dammit, Erle, you sure lactomangulated that one.

submitted by philip dent

lactomangulation - What happens when you have trouble opening a milk carton and eventually have to go the "illegal" side of the carton.

e.g., I'm such an expert at lactomangulation that I've given up and just buy my milk in bottles now.

submitted by Tam

lad's jack - Men's room.

e.g., "Cliona and Scott are fit to kill me so I agree to get rid of the James and Deirdre. I drag James off to the lad's jacks for a chat. So I ask him if he remembers the conversation I had a long time ago with him regarding his embarrassing me . . . in front of my workmates. He doesn't remember that conversation."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

lada - Overly plain and simple, to the point of being not actually very usable. Origin: the Russian automotive manufacturer Lada, responsible for the very plain, very simple, unreliable Lada Niva.

e.g., The website he had built was lada. I could tell he had designed it himself, but what I couldn't tell was how anyone else would know how to use it.

submitted by alan - (www)

ladder lil - Person who slept her way to the top.

e.g., Unknown to him, he had married a ladder lil who decided his rung was not high enough or the view good enough. So she climbed a bunch more ladders until she got to the top.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

ladgerous - Silly, stupid, fixilated, etc.

e.g., You are a very ladgerous child.

submitted by Alexandra Washington

lady lumps - Breasts, otherwise known as boobs.

e.g., Listen, pal, it's one thing to make remarks about her beautiful green eyes, but saying anything about her glorbs or her lady lumps is out of bounds.

submitted by HD Fowler

lady marmalade - Cool, beautiful, impressive.

e.g., Madi's new belt was very lady marmalade.

submitted by madi - (www)

lady of negotiable affections - "B-girl, bag, bawd, bimbo, blower, broad, call girl, camp follower, cat, chicken, chippie, chippy, concubine, courtesan, fallen woman, floozy, harlot, hooker, hostess, hustler, lady of the evening, lady of the night, loose woman, midnight cowboy, model, moll, nymph, nymphet, nymphomaniac, painted woman, party girl, pickup, pink pants, pro, prostitute, scarlet woman, slut, streetwalker, strumpet, tart, tomato, tootsie, tramp, trollop, white slave, whore, working girl." More recent neologisms incude slore (slut-whore).

e.g., Quiz results - May 2006: "When lonely and down on his luck, Harpo traded his Masonic pin for the attentions of a lady of negotiable affections."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ladygauge - (n.) Someone (usually a woman) to whom a man goes for advice in matters of appearance, activities, gifts, and the like, in order to appeal to his female friends (or to a particular female friend). The male counterpart is a "guygauge," although women don't seem to need advice about men's tastes.

e.g., He's a widower and has no sense of style, but he has a grown daughter as a ladygauge, so he generally manages to impress the ladies anyway.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ladyjaning - Getting in someone's way by standing exactly where she plans to be in the next minute. (Origin: my cat, Lady Jane, who does this unerringly.)

e.g., I was intending to sit there, but I was ladyjaned by my husband.

submitted by Joyce - (www)

laerio - An unidentified and unpleasant liquid or gooey substance.

e.g., Eeww! You sat in laerio.

submitted by EP

lafayette left - Any congested traffic situation whereby the driver has to make a series of right turns when making a left would've sufficed. Coined because of the traffic situation in Lafayette, LA (population about 200,000) where it's impossible to turn left anymore.

e.g., Whenever I leave my friend's apartment to head to work, I usually have to make a Lafayette left so I can blend in with the traffic instead of going against it.

submitted by Jerdog

laffin - Scouse, the native tongue of people from Liverpool, UK, for great, fine, brilliant.

e.g., Roger Ebert 's revied indicated Sin City was laffin.

submitted by Malcolm

lag - Convict or ex-convict. British slang.

e.g., "Paris Hilton conned doctors into releasing her early from jail, furious fellow lags claimed last night." | "Another former lag Cynthia Chavez, 53, said: 'You have to be dying to get transferred out of here. It’s wrong.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

lag it - To be slow at doing something

e.g., "Marie lagged it for an hour before she left to the market." Marie took an hour to leave after she said she was going to the market.

submitted by il

lagfest - Used to describe excessive lag, predominantly in online computer games.

e.g., "You gonna come play tomorrow night?" "Yeah, but I have a feeling it'll be a lagfest."

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

lagged up - Used to describe a person who is a slow thinker, or exceptionally dumb.

e.g., The members of that debate team are lagged up, so this should be no problmem.

submitted by marko

lagger - One who lags behind and keeps you waiting for her.

e.g., 1. Nelson said he'd call but he never did. What a lagger. 2. We waited for Maria for an hour--she's such a lagger.

submitted by Maria n Valo

lagniappe - Used in the South (Southern Louisiana and Mississippi) to mean a little gift, a bonus, something extra.

e.g., To see it, you’ll have to do a view source and look for the lagniappe.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

lagulator - Someone on an internet game whose high ping slows that entire game down.

e.g., Argghhh, it's too slow. Kick the lagulator out.

submitted by tibrin wasaki

lahwho - (lah-hoo) A false god, an invented god, not the real thing at all, a poor representation of the Ultimate and True and Real GOD which Is that which It Is, if any.

e.g., You'd be surprised how many gods or Gods or The God are actually no more than a lahwho, quite erroneous and inaccurate on all accounts.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

laid-up - Being so busy with obligations that you cannot be reached.

e.g., I was laid-up with studying this weekend so I couldn't return your call.

submitted by Kym Q

laidez - Easy to pick up--laid easily.

e.g., Check out those laidez in the short skirt.

submitted by dark

laker - Redneck, or bad 80s clothes, rocker tees, bright tees, lots of hairspray, drives Thunderbirds or Mustangs.

e.g., Chrissy is my favorite laker.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

lakierashes - A term meaning good luck or good fortune to you.

e.g., As Billy was going up to bat, Jim called out, "Lakierashes."

submitted by fred anderson

lalaland - A world where sleep may take over, or you are lucky enough to have an imagination equiped to take you there.

e.g., The moofflowers were ablaze in color, the music drifted from all around, here in my lalaland.

submitted by Maribee

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