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kataleptsis - "The hateful smear, the sneering derision, and the collection of little hatreds, snubs and indignities like pennies in a penny-jar that we hope to redeem for a larger and more satisfying payback some day."

e.g., "But, in adopting either ideal, each of us would do well to avoid descending into kataleptsis: the hateful smear, the sneering derision, and the collection of little hatreds, snubs and indignities like pennies in a penny-jar that we hope to redeem for a larger and more satisfying payback some day."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

katie gun - A figurative weapon used by holding two fingers against one's head and pretending to pull the trigger in a effort to end one's strife. Redheads actually believe this works. Lucky for them they don't know what a real gun is made out of.

e.g., I'm under a lot of stress. So by all means, use a katie gun.

submitted by Katie

katie-bar-the-door - Old phrase used in fights when Katie (the barkeep) would be asked to bolt the door so no one could escape. Used to express not giving up til all the work is done.

e.g., When the crowd saw the fire in Joe's eyes, they knew it was katie-bar-the-door.

submitted by David

kattyangle - "opposite angle to a kittycorner, going from one corner diagnaly to another corner"

e.g., The stream goes kattyangle through my property.

submitted by Keena

katungus - Ass.

e.g., Getting an F in history is a real pain in the katungus.

submitted by M. T. Webster

kauaiian - A resident or native of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. This word has six vowels in a row, yet it is not in any dictionary. One dictionary lists "Kauaian" with five vowels in a row.

e.g., He is a Kauaiian.

submitted by Adrian

kavacuolum - The gap between an oven and a sideboard.

e.g., The fork slipped into the kavacuolum.

submitted by Amos

kaw-tay - Alien species in Star Wars Universe to be Introduced in Episode II

e.g., Tiff here is a Kaw-Tay. Watch out, he bites.

submitted by George Lucas - (www)

kawaii - Japanese for cute. Used excessively by otaku to describe things they find to be cute.

e.g., My Ryo Ohki plushie is so kawaii!

submitted by sinic

kay and a half, a - One and a half kilometres; the distance to anywhere from anywhere else; a long way.

e.g., Where's Christie's Beach? About a kay and a half that way. | How far are we from home? We'd be a good kay and a half, I reckon.

submitted by Damon

kay-poh - Used for people who like to mind other people's business.

e.g., Why u so kay-poh? Mind your own business lah!

submitted by longhair

kaycee - Used when someone has pulled a hoax on a large, unsuspecting crowd. Why a Kaycee? A woman fooled tons of people on the Internet by pretending to be a young girl, Kaycee, who suffered from leukemia. This went on for a long time. Finally, Debbie "killed" Kaycee. People who felt they were Kaycee's friends were really sad, but some of the curious did a bit of digging and found out that Kaycee never existed.

e.g., A "fellow" calling himself GeorgeousGuy hoaxed readers of an online list by "stalking himself" and then posting "sightings." Someone reporting the GeorgeousGuy story posted, "GeorgeousGuy was really a Kaycee."

submitted by Andrea - (www)

kayfabe - An old pro-wrestling term that meant to be quiet, or that something was secret.

e.g., 1) Oh god here comes Jerry! Everybody Kayfabe! 2) Hey man, about the surprise, just keep it kayfabe.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

kaythax - OK Thanks, but in a internet form, also a variation of kthnx.

e.g., Can you please stop the racket?Kaythax.

submitted by Tony

kazaam - Very, very etxremely ridiculously stupid.

e.g., Ernie, that movie was kazaam.

submitted by alex

kazook - Another word for very, very cool.

e.g., Me: We should go put on Cradle of Filth, make nachos and snort coffee. Claire: Kazook.

submitted by tear and orion - (www)

kb'd - Knocked back.

e.g., I tried getting in, but i got kb'd at the door.

submitted by hazel

kbo - Keep Buggering On. Never give up.

e.g., When informed of a military setback, a determined Winston Churchill ordered his staff to "KBO."

submitted by Chris B. - (www)

kcool - To be extremely cool. A variation of cool or kool. Typically said as one word, not in the middle of a sentence or phrase.

e.g., "And I aced the test." "Kcool."

submitted by Desu

kd - Kraft Dinner. It is the name (in either sense) that Canadians use for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

e.g., When I was in college, all I ate was KD. I sure love my Kraft Dinner.

submitted by sassy_sue - (www)

kdh - Kill Devil Hills, NC; this is an abbreviation that absolutely nobody in the area uses, but which appears on signs along Route 12.

e.g., To get to where you're going, turn right when you get to the sign for the KDH Recycling Facility.

submitted by ditnis

kdog - Pulling a Kdog. 1. Being absent for a while without any warning. 2. Doing something incredibly bastardly in a Starcraft game.

e.g., Josh pulled a Kdog when he floated that barracks into the back of that guy's base and douched all his scv's. Josh has been gone for a while, I guess he's pulling a kdog.

submitted by Kory

keanu - An idiot. A simpleton.

e.g., I met this guy last night. He was a keanu.

submitted by Len Peralta - (www)

kebabbery - The study of making Turkish kebabs.

e.g., What a loser job he has, working like a robot in a kebab shop. "Don't judge him, he might have a PhD in kebabbery for all you know."

submitted by David

kechledon - Pastry, or other soft, baked sugar treat. Pronounced with a hard c sound: ke CH ledon.

e.g., Looking into the bakery Jill exlaimed, "Boy, this kechledon looks scrumptious". Can also be used to describe awesomness. "That pizza was kechledon".

submitted by Greg S

keck - Drumming in an unorganized fashion (chiefly in drum and bugle corps). Kecking can take place on any available surface including but not limited to: a drum, a practice pad, a table top, the back of a chair, your own knee, someone else's head, a pot, the floor, a basketball hoop, the ceiling of a bus, the floor of a bus, the bus driver.

e.g., Snares, quit kecking while the horn line tunes.

submitted by Colin Hartnett

kee kee bird - A strange and vocal Arctic bird.

e.g., The Kee Kee bird flies around the North Pole crying, "Kee - Kee - Kee-rist it's cold up here." This is true!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

keeblehoffintoffin - A very good baked potato.

e.g., Mom, this is one nice keeblehoffintoffin.

submitted by pat

keefilicious - Awesome, cool, or groovy.

e.g., Going to that party was a keefilicious idea.

submitted by Keefe

keep the needle to the left - To take things slowly and carefully. From the fact that on most spedometers, any speed below the average speed limit is on the left side of the dial.

e.g., Just so that we don't screw things up so badly we can't go back and fix them, let's keep the needle to the left on this project.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

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